11 Cancer Doctors All Found Murdered Within Three Months

Doctors who found natural cure for cancer all found murdered

Eleven cancer doctors were all recently found dead under suspicious circumstances within three months of each other. 

The doctors all had one thing in common: they discovered that the nagalase enzyme protein was present in vaccines administered to humans.

In the video below Luke Rudkowski  interviews Erin Elizabeth of health nut news.

Erin has been the lead investigative reporter into the cases surrounding the mysterious deaths of these holistic doctors. reports:

Nagalase is a protein. In autistic children this protein is present in very high concentrations. Not only that every kind of cancer cell produces this protein. Are you comfortable with that in your vaccines?

Vitamin D is needed to fight cancer and it also prevents autism, nagalase is known to prevent your body from absorbing Vitamin D. Nagalase effectually disables your immune system. It’s also been linked to Type 2 Diabetes. So it makes your ask the question, Why were these doctors killed? Because the results of these Doctor’s research had produced evidence that vaccines that we are being injected with are in fact the cause of our sudden rise in cancer rates and also the rise in autism rates.

Makes you wonder if this is being done on purpose. The doctors that were found murdered in Florida had been working together and were preparing to go public with their research.

So why kill doctors who have made what you’d think were important discoveries that affect all of use. Depopulation is a theory, some people believe poison is intentionally added to vaccines as it’s law that children require vaccinations to attend school. This “survival of the fittest” idea sounds like something out of Nazi Germany, but it seems to be the case.

Dr. Ted Broer was invited to speak about the issue on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. Strangely 1 hour was used up attempting get him on air as the 3 hour long show kept being brought down. Every alternative line was continuously disconnecting and finally their servers crashed.

Despite the cyber attack they finally the were eventually able to make contact via a secured line.

Here’s a short clip of Dr. Ted Broer speaking on the subject.

  • commonlaw

    Bill gates- where are you? You are a wanted man!

  • friendly medic

    Um… nagalase is produced by many of the viruses that these vaccinations target (eg. hep. B and C). Considering vaccines by definition must carry some of viral proteins in order to stimulate and immune response causing long term immunity, it is really not surprising that it is present in low levels in vaccines. These levels are much higher in otherwise healthy individuals that have a mild case of the flu. It’s not ground breaking science that nagalase has been found in vaccines, it isn’t proof that there is a conspiracy of ‘big pharma’ trying to control the population. There are many problems with big pharma, these however are socio-economic or political (the monetisation of health care, government lobbying, research bias), not to do with whether or not modern medicine has a positive effect on the world.

    When was the last time you met someone from Generation X, Y or Z with polio? How often do you come across a child with mumps?

    Sadly (more so in America – I’m British) the latter is happening more and more often, growing at the exponential rate predicted by loss of herd immunity. The rise of ‘holistic’ medicine and anti-vaxxers in the last 20 years has been shocking. The former providing false hope to those most in need of medical attention whilst fuelling a booming industry of expensive, unproven and often dangerous supplements, which also diverts money away from research companies that are trying to produce new and invaluable cures that actually work. The latter putting our children at unnecessary risk. The MMR vaccine, for example, does not convey total immunity to all of those vaccinated. In some it only lessens the effect of diseases like the mumps, which can be fatal, and reduces the chance of spread by reducing the number of susceptible people in the population. As such, not vaccinating a child is dangerous to its own health as well as those of others.

    The concept that vaccines are linked with autism has been shown to be false multiple times by impartial research groups, the original paper has been retracted by the 4 journals that had published it and the author was shown to have both falsified his data and to have had financial incentives to lie.

    Adding cancer to these claims will only serve to increase these dangers and put more and more people’s health at risk.

    These doctors were ‘holistic’ doctors. They did not deserve to die. BUT they were part of a serious problem. They falsely gained the trust of the vulnerable and ignorant and took their money. One of them even went onto Dr. Oz to peddle his wears, a man you has stood in court and said that he lies on TV and pushes products that have no evidence of doing good, that have often been shown to be dangerous, and as they are marketed as supplements do not have to have FDA approval.

    A conspiracy theory that points the finger at the true medical industry only serves to perpetuate already scarily popular false beliefs that results in too many deaths as it is.

    I’m not suggesting in any way that I know who was behind this, a horrific, calculated crime, but that jumping to such conclusions can cause serious harm and that this article is deeply irresponsible. There are plenty of other potential suspects – members of family of those that were effectively killed by those doctors, psychopaths that feel strongly about the cause explained above ect. Journalism is about reporting the facts to the public, not about coming up with ridiculous conspiracy theories about suspects that are not even suggested by those in charge of the investigation.

    • Paula

      You make some excellent points and I agree with you. Also, this is irresponsible reporting.

    • memaw

      you must work for the FDA or Big Pharma,

    • John Harlan

      You really would like to control the information that people are allowed to see, wouldn’t you? You are fascist

    • Greg81

      Medic. Can you explain why many of those small outbreaks happen to people who had been vaccinated for that very thing? Can you explain why there is little to no autism among amish and none of them vaccinate their kids? Can you explain what the worry would be among people already vaccinated about unvaccinated people? If they received the shot then shouldn’t there be risk from people who didn’t receive the shot?

    • Skokkie

      That was sane and credible Friendly medic. My daughter works at Chris Hani Barangwanath Hospital in Johannesburg, testing vaccines that are being developed She is a Christian with a strong sense of ethics. She frequently gets attacked by Christians who have jumped on the antivaxxer’s bandwagon. I do not understand the arguments prevented by antivaxers that say she must pull out of this work or that we should exercise our parental responsibility to make her pull out of the work that she loves doing so much that she is prepared to work for a lower salary working for an NPO Most people can understand a corporate accounting department where there is an accounts payable and an accounts receivable department credits but refuse to believe in a scientific method where there is innovation and iteration – One producing the vaccines and an independent person testing them

      The opposition to my daughter and a tester and not a formulater of vaccines is therefore bigotry on steroids

    • Tom Validakis

      Friendly medic=shill

  • James Smith

    That’s correct the Israel Zionist communist U.N scumbags have been poisoning the American Christian population…

  • Bailey A Hughes

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    • Krystal

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