$25,000 Reward Offered If You Prove Orlando Shooting Was False Flag

Huffington Post offer $25,000 to anyone who can prove that Orlando shooting was a false flag

The Huffington Post are offering a $25,000 reward for evidence that the Orlando massacre was a false flag event. 

The Huffington Post Bloggers Club say that they will give the first person who offers hard evidence that the shooting on June 12 in Orlando was staged $25,000.

Washingtonsblog.com reports:

The attack fits the same pattern observed dozens of times over the last several years; in particulars, the summary execution of the suspect and disbelief of those who knew him best, including his family.

Yet again, the timing of the attack combined with the demographic of the alleged victims and the demographic of the alleged gunman, dovetail too well with the domestic and geopolitical agendas in Washington. The Orlando shooting is simply perfect for at least six top priorities of the Obama regime:

  • repeal the Second Amendment,
  • justify Orwellian surveillance,
  • embolden the police state,
  • fan hatred of Muslims,
  • intervene on behalf of terrorists in Syria while pretending to fight them,
  • distract from the most influential American Muslim of all time: Muhammad Ali.

We seek documents, videos and other material showing that actors rehearsed this incident and/or the alleged victims are not real people.  What ever you have, we are interested.  You don’t have to identify yourself, encryption is fine and we can pay in bitcoin.

If, on the other hand, you have proof that we are mistaken, that the massacre was real as advertised by the media, we would also like to see it.

  • dave

    there is nothing on their site about this take it down. all those people are dead. how the hell can you post this? All the cops all the ambulances all the surgery. get a life.

    • Jean-Francois Dube

      They’re not saying it didn’t happen, plz learn the difference between FAKE and STAGED. And they leave the door open to be proved wrong…

    • Chaz

      Ever heard of Sandy HOok? They perfected their mistakes.

      • http://yahoo.com/ shagstar

        no…they didn’t

      • matt

        Totally aggree…watch the media footage these people get get up an walk away after they believe camera atop rolling they smiling an dancing

    • Mark Meyers

      I find the news coverage in this video quite damning. Yes, we have to tolerate really amateur reporting, but you’ll just have to see this video coverage for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu0wh6LtmDE&app=desktop

    • Ballard Kurt

      Dave you need to open your mind, think for yourself, look at all of the evidence not just what the lame stream media tells you. Think about this, a government plant, CIA/FBI whatever. The double agent is sent in to the local Mosque, BTW he’s of middle eastern decent. Once inside he befriends Mr. Mateen, they start hanging out and become good friends. All the while the plant is pumping Mateen full of propaganda adding to the hatred he already has for gays and America. The plant starts bringing/showing weapons into the mix, maybe he gives Mateen a gun. Once he’s got Mateen’s trust he starts making a plan, he’ll provide all of the firepower. Long story short, whatever the plan is it will be one in which the plant can walk away from without Mateen knowing it. It can be as simple as Mateen enters the front door and the plant enters the back door, of course the plan will be once inside light it up, Mateen won’t even realize he’s alone because I’m sure his attention will be focused on killing people he hates. The plant walks away with nothing to worry about because he knows Mateen is a dead man, dead men can’t talk. Mateen the Patsy, this is CIA and FBI standard operating procedure, look it up. The fall guy is as old as man.

      • Ann

        What I find confusing, is this totally supports Trumps position. If the left planned this, are they actually that stupid to think that we’d be like, oh yeah take the guns, while a maniac employed by a NWO security company passes clearance.

    • Elizabeth Rauchert

      check again no ambulances only a pick up truck!

      • MadameDelphi

        Lots of ambulances, ambulances full, used pick-up truck. This was 4 mi from my house. Jeez Loueez, stop smoking that shit.

      • MadameDelphi

        Did you ever think that you got a highly edited video put out to stoke a conspiracy? Anyone can edit a video. We watched footage locally with lots of ambulances, police cars, news helicopters were flying above getting footage. Your videographer/conspiracy theorist didn’t bother including that.

    • Ann

      Prove there are 49 dead bodies.

      • MadameDelphi

        Why have my friends lost family members and friends? Why is that young man no longer at Publix and his family & girlfriend are heartbroken? Just turn off the news and write fiction.

        • http://www.picassodreams.com/ Kelly Ann Thomas

          And yet no name of a victim that was allegedly your friend? Typical of paid trolls. I was there! I live there! I lost friends! My coworkers lost friends! Never one single corroborating detail. Go crawl back to your rock, you pathetic shill. You are about as intelligent and credible as the crisis actors. I see the government has scraped the bottom of the barrel this time. But then only disgusting, pathetic little people would ever work as a paid troll. Your bio clearly shows that is your profession.

          • MadameDelphi

            Typical that you want to vilify the dead, I wouldn’t trust you with the information as some have been harassed by your type after losing loved ones.

        • http://www.politicalshootings.com/ PatriotMan68

          Someone claiming their friend was killed is the simplest aspect of the false flag. Can you provide pictures of you and your friend prior to him/her being murdered… for a start. Where did you meet them, when did you meet them, when did you see them last, did you attend any classes together or anything that would show registrations of both your names? Omitting of details makes piecing together evidence impossible. Providing detail proves nothing in itself, but if enough information is provided AND the false flag narrative true, then we will begin to see loose ends.

        • AICY

          This is so pathetic. We lost 2 beautiful girls in this shooting. How dare a post like this can go on. No respect whatsoever. I wished it was fake and Amanda and Mercedez would be here today.

          • MadameDelphi

            These people are fringe AICY. They won’t believe us, we live here in Orlando. Not one of these nut jobs lives here, they think everything is a video. My friend Anne Marie lost her sister in law’s sister. Her other friends were there but went to Wall St area downtown 30 minutes before the shooting. Latina ladies who liked to dance at Latin night at the Pulse. Our College Park Publix lost Cory, he saved his girlfriend and took the bullets. She was shot in the leg but made it. These people here are from the dark side, ignore them.

          • AICY

            Yeah I know… My condolences to your friends.. This world is full of ignorance. I pray it doesn’t happen to any of their family member. These people that are writing these nonsense I guarantee you they don’t even believe in themselves

        • Ann

          Show me their obituaries.

          • MadameDelphi

            You’re disgusting. Look it up. You have a list of the dead, go find it. I don’t have to prove anything to your delusional ass.

          • MadameDelphi
          • MadameDelphi

            I got one for you, now do the search per name 48 more times. Don’t forget the girl from Marlton NJ who was shot the night before at the Plaza, the singer. Shot by deranged fan. You really don’t know how to express sympathy for the deaths of people to their families & friends. You have no social mores nor manners.

          • MadameDelphi

            I was going to give you a link to obituary, but I’m afraid you would post disgusting remarks.

          • MadameDelphi

            And I’ll help you with the one I know, worked at my supermarket 1/2 block from my house. Died saving his girlfriend who was shot in the leg. They went there to dance. He went to school at UCF. They had a memorial for him in the lobby. My friends knew his parents.


    • Just Another Happy Humanist

      That’s because this is a fake news site. Seriously people, how are you all falling for this?

  • Chaz

    I just want to know how did an AR-15 get past the bouncers? Also Omar Mateen, the Orlando gunmen was employed with G4S since September 10, 2007.
    G4S is a National Security Service Company headquartered in central London & Israeli owned.
    It is the world’s largest security company measured by revenues, and has operations in around 125 countries.
    How interesting.

    • Joseph Lingerfelt

      thats what I said, this is 2 times in a short period in Orlando that Security has been Compromised 2 night before at a Concert a young Singer was Shot by a Man who had 2 Hand Guns there is No-way he should have been able 2 get them In There if not for Her Brother Wrestling him down before he shot himself No telling how many people could have been Killed they just Wrote it off as a Crazed Fan,, but he 2 had traveled 2 Orlando from somewhere in Florida 2 Commit the Act,,, seems the Security Community has been Compromised Omar knew how the system works maybe He is Part of something bigger,,it is Ramadan from June 5th thru July 5th & Radical Islam has called on supporters 2 Kill as many Infidels as Possible,,Security should always Be-alert But now for Sure

    • Not pro Israel

      9/11 = Israeli security firms at all airports, WTCs and other important areas.

    • Ann

      And was the security firm used by the TSA before 9/11.

    • Stan Drake

      It wasn’t an AR-15. Check your facts.

  • carlacoffman

    I guess I dreamed this, but a couple weeks ago someone called me and said that one of the contestants on The Voice had gotten killed, and I asked who was it, and she said with some pronunciation problems, ‘Grimmie, Grimmie, Grimmie’, and I said I hadn’t heard about it and didn’t remember anyone with that name. Then this Sunday I heard about the nightclub shootings in Orlando on the news. I read that Christina Grimmie was shot the night before in Orlando, also, by a deranged fan.. The person that told me about Grimmie initially saying she’d heard it on the news doesn’t remember telling me that and said I must have dreamed it … I’m on the Twilight Zone apparently. When I read the name Grimmie in the articles, I could hear my friend’s voice saying her name three times in an attempt to pronounce it correctly, but I suppose stranger things have happened. Isn’t that the weirdest thing? I know this is not any kind of proof, but it was real to me. You thinking Obama created this, though, is crazier than I am for sure.

    • MadameDelphi

      My parents friends knew the family from Marlton NJ. They went to console her mom.

  • Joseph Lingerfelt

    I will admit it seemed Un-real when I first heard it, I had already been awake for awhile & turned on local News & didnt here anything Until I got on the Internet & there where post about it,,although many things that have happened in the Past seem to Align for Un-known Reasons I dont think it would help the Obama administration or Democrats if anything it will Push more 2 Vote for Trump who knows what Omar Mateens Real Agenda was it sure isnt going 2 help Muslim Relations Anywhere maybe thats was his Agenda maybe he wants America 2 Destroy Islam its a Agenda & Strategy that has been used before

    • Omar Angel Hernandez

      Maybe they want Trump to win for certain reasons….like driving a divide between the citizens to ensure civil unrest which leads to Martial Law

  • Richard Bird

    What stuck out the most to me was how well groomed the eyebrows of all the men were and how “overdone” their gay stereotype was. I do not and did not feel anything from this – like it really happened. My senses are numb to it and registet nothing. . . Perhaps this is why!

    • Ann

      Those are the ones able to stay out at 5 am.

  • http://hempshare.org HempShare

    Where is a like to the $25 Large?

  • MD Nur Mohideen


    Another False Flag?

    It has now been confirmed, by multiple sources, that Omar Mateen, the shooter in the Orlando massacre, was himself gay. He frequently visited the same club that he committed the massacre in, and he attempted to initiate dates on a famous gay-dating app.
    Additionally, he was born and raised in America.
    His wife, father and community have all claimed that he was not religious in the slightest.
    Multiple eyewitness reports indicate that he would get drunk at the very club he committed the massacre in, and would have to be kicked out because of his unruly behavior.
    Colleagues and acquaintances have mentioned that he was a loner, a social introvert, and prone to make violent statements and threats against other people.
    His wife left him because he beat her and was physically abusive.

    Yet, the media continues to ask questions about ‘radical Islam’ and about Islam’s stance on homosexuality. What blatant hypocrisy!

    He wasn’t a ‘radical Muslim’.

    He was a mentally deranged psychopathic American closet homosexual who was battling with his sexual identity.

    Instead of concentrating on his mental issues, and on the easy gun laws that our country is notorious for, politicians and media pundits wish to cast all of that aside, and choose the easier target of questioning his faith, and of Islam’s stance on sexual issues.

    The guy was mental, plain and simple. Islam’s stance on homosexuality is IRRELEVANT to this massacre, period.

    • Ann

      American Christians struggling with their homosexuality kill themselves. Not a crowd in a club. His struggle came from his oppressive culture.

    • MadameDelphi

      The alternative is that he was casing the place, he even had his wife drive him. He was planning his attack.

    • MadameDelphi

      Also, his family was from Afghanistan. Perhaps his father abused him as a child as boy love seems to be a thing in Afghanistan. Maybe that is why he was so conflicted.

  • Greg Williams

    This from a mirror. They clearly carry a gunshot “victim” until they get to the intersection, where they presumably believe they are off camera, and then they just… put the “victim” down and shake off their legs from the work.

    Note that they are carrying the victim TOWARD The Pulse. So, how did the “victim” who was shot make it from the pulse at least 1 block away? And then why would they be carried back towards that way?

    But mostly, this reveals that the person supposedly shot was not injured and able to support their own weight.


  • present10s

    It’s hard enough getting past the doormen with a mickey of vodka. An assault rifle and a bunch of ammo would be a challenge.

  • http://jamessssmith.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/ James Smith

    So what does that prove? That expected copycat crimes do happen? Is that why communists choreograph false flags in the media in hopes someone would copy them producing some deep cover? https://jamessssmith.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/

  • Ann

    I want Trump to go to Orlando and see the bodies in person. I’d go if I could get there. Way to quiet. They’d be getting burried by today.

  • Mark Taliano
  • kawoodson

    Ok if no one wins. What will you all say?

  • Michael McLaughlin

    That’s easy. The IMDB changed/scrubbed alleged solo Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen’s movie bio twice already that I know of.

  • http://www.niallbradley.net Niall

    Straightforward enough if you’re proving multiple shooters. Get statements from all surviving patrons: most will corroborate each others’ descriptions of multiple shooters. Then get the ballistics evidence from inside the club (which they will never ever make public, so good luck with that!): this would tell you exactly how many shooters there were.

    But the ‘actors’ scenario is absolute nonsense. Heck, I’ll pay $25k to anyone who can provide a rational explanation why they’d stage a fake mass shooting in order to instil terror rather than simply execute a real one.

  • Uno Strawman

    You forgot #7-Instantly garner sympathy and warm feelings for gays. Not that there should have never been good will, just that afterwards, people were more sympathetic.


    Believers and debunkers ask for proof. Here’s an important starting place. Because it qualifies as a fact in the sense of being declassified and released in1997 as an authentic document through the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB); which was given subpoena power through an act of congress in 1992 after people raised their voices in response to Oliver Stone’s movie JFK. It describes a set of illegal military and paramilitary actions to create a PRETEXT for invading Cuba in 1962. The idea started under Eisenhower, who was surrounded by fascist spooks; and then the top generals tried to push JFK into it. He refused. After he was killed, The false flag Gulf of Tonkin Incident led to congressional authorization for LBJ to go whole hog, leading to the deaths of millions and harm of tens of millions in the Viet Nam War.
    It’s called Operation Northwoods: http://www.smeggys.co.uk/operation_northwoods.php?image=10#tt
    (Note: The courses of action which follow are a preliminary submission suitable only for planning purposes. They are arranged neither chronologically nor in ascending order. Together with similar inputs from other agencies, they are intended to provide a point of departure for the development of a single, integrated, time-phased plan. Such a plan would permit the evaluation of individual projects within the context of cumulative, correlated actions designed to lead inexorably to the objective of adequate justification for US military intervention in Cuba).
    1. Since it would seem desirable to use legitimate provocation as the basis for US military intervention in Cuba a cover and deception plan, to include requisite preliminary actions such as has been developed in response to Task 33 c, could be executed as an initial effort to provoke Cuban reactions. Harassment plus deceptive actions to convince the Cubans of imminent invasion would be emphasized. Our military posture throughout execution of the plan will allow a rapid change from exercise to intervention if Cuban response justifies.
    2. A series of well coordinated incidents will be planned to take place in and around Guantanamo to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces.
    a. Incidents to establish a credible attack (not in chronological order):
    (1) start rumors (many). Use clandestine radio.
    (2) Land friendly Cubans in uniform “over-the-fence” to stage attack on base.
    (3) Capture Cuban (friendly) saboteurs inside the base.
    (4) Start riots near the base main gate (friendly Cubans).
    (5) Blow up ammunition inside the base; start fires.
    (6) Burn aircraft on air base (sabotage).
    (7) Lob mortar shells from outside of base into base. Some damage to installations.
    (8) capture assault teams approaching from the sea or vicinity of Guantanamo City.
    (9) Capture militia group which storms the base.
    (10) Sabotage ship in harbor; large fires — napthalene.
    (11) Sink ship near harbor entrance. Conduct funerals for mock-victims (may be lieu of (10)).
    b. United States would respond by executing offensive operations to secure water and power supplies, destroying artillery and mortar emplacements which threaten the base.
    c. Commence large scale United States military operations.
    3. A “Remember the Maine” incident could be arranged in several forms:
    a. We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.
    b. We could blow up a drone (unmanned) vessel anywhere in the Cuban waters. We could arrange to cause such incident in the vicinity of Havana or Santiago as a spectacular result of Cuban attack from the air or sea, or both. The presence of Cuban planes or ships merely investigating the intent of the vessel could be fairly compelling evidence that the ship was taken under attack. The nearness to Havana or Santiago would add credibility especially to those people that might have heard the blast or have seen the fire. The US could follow up with an air/sea rescue operation covered by US fighters to “evacuate” remaining members of the non-existent crew. Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.
    4. We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington. The terror campaign could be pointed at refugees seeking haven in the United States. We could sink a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated). We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized. Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of Cuban agents and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement, also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government.
    5. A “Cuban-based, Castro-supported” filibuster could be simulated against a neighboring Caribbean nation (in the vein of the 14th of June invasion of the Dominican Republic). We know that Castro is backing subversive efforts clandestinely against Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Nicaragua at present and possible others. These efforts can be magnified and additional ones contrived for exposure. For example, advantage can be taken of the sensitivity of the Dominican Air Force to intrusions within their national air space. “Cuban” B-26 or C-46 type aircraft could make cane-burning raids at night. Soviet Bloc incendiaries could be found. This could be coupled with “Cuban” messages to the Communist underground in the Dominican Republic and “Cuban” shipments of arm which would be found, or intercepted, on the beach.
    6. Use of MIG type aircraft by US pilots could provide additional provocation. Harassment of civil air, attacks on surface shipping and destruction of US military drone aircraft by MIG type planes would be useful as complementary actions. An F-86 properly painted would convince air passengers that they saw a Cuban MIG, especially if the pilot of the transport were to announce such fact. The primary drawback to this suggestion appears to be the security risk inherent in obtaining or modifying an aircraft. However, reasonable copies of the MIG could be produced from US resources in about three months.
    7. Hijacking attempts against civil air and surface craft should appear to continue as harassing measures condoned by the government of Cuba. Concurrently, genuine defections of Cuban civil and military air and surface craft should be encouraged.
    8. It is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner enroute from the United States to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama or Venezuela. The destination would be chosen only to cause the flight plan route to cross Cuba. The passengers could be a group of college students off on a holiday or any grouping of persons with a common interest to support chartering a non-scheduled flight.
    a. An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area. At a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with the selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases. The actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone.
    b. Take off times of the drone aircraft and the actual aircraft will be scheduled to allow a rendezvous south of Florida. From the rendezvous point the passenger-carrying aircraft will descend to minimum altitude and go directly into an auxiliary field at Eglin AFB where arrangements will have been made to evacuate the passengers and return the aircraft to its original status. The drone aircraft meanwhile will continue to fly the filed flight plan. When over Cuba the drone will being transmitting on the international distress frequency a “MAY DAY” message stating he is under attack by Cuban MIG aircraft. The transmission will be interrupted by destruction of the aircraft which will be triggered by radio signal. This will allow ICAO radio stations in the Western Hemisphere to tell the US what has happened to the aircraft instead of the US trying to “sell” the incident.
    9. It Is possible to create an incident which will make it appear that Communist Cuban MIGs have destroyed a USAF aircraft over international waters in an unprovoked attack.
    a. Approximately 4 or 5 F-101 aircraft will be dispatched in trail from Homestead AFB, Florida, to the vicinity of Cuba. Their mission will be to reverse course and simulate fakir aircraft for an air defense exercise in southern Florida. These aircraft would conduct variations of these flights at frequent Intervals. Crews would be briefed to remain at least 12 miles off the Cuban coast; however, they would be required to carry live ammunition in the event that hostile actions were taken by the Cuban MIGs.
    b. On one such flight, a pre-briefed pilot would fly tail-end Charley at considerable interval between aircraft. While near the Cuban Island this pilot would broadcast that he had been jumped by MIGs and was going down. No other calls would be made. The pilot would then fly directly west at extremely low altitude and land at a secure base, an Eglin auxiliary. The aircraft would be met by the proper people, quickly stored and given a new tail number. The pilot who had performed the mission under an alias, would resume his proper identity and return to his normal place of business. The pilot and aircraft would then have disappeared.
    c. At precisely the same time that the aircraft was presumably shot down a submarine or small surface craft would disburse F-101 parts, parachute, etc., at approximately 15 to 20 miles off the Cuban coast and depart. The pilots returning to Homestead would have a true story as far as they knew. Search ships and aircraft could be dispatched and parts of aircraft found.
    1. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have previously stated* that US unilateral military intervention in Cuba can be undertaken in the event that the Cuban regime commits hostile acts against US forces or property which would serve as an incident upon which to base overt intervention.
    2. The need for positive action in the event that current covert efforts to foster an Internal Cuban rebellion are unsuccessful was indicated** by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 7 March 1962, as follows:
    ” – – – determination that a credible internal revolt is impossible of attainment during the next 9-10 months will require a decision by the United States to develop a Cuban “provocation” as justification for positive US military action.”
    3. It is understood that the Department of State also is preparing suggested courses of action to develop justification for US military intervention in Cuba.
    * JCS 1969/303
    ** JCS 1969/313

  • http://www.politicalshootings.com/ PatriotMan68

    Where can we fund a larger reward for information? I would like to donate

  • http://www.politicalshootings.com/ PatriotMan68

    How about this for a mindfuc**k? The FBI (or someone patriotic) is staging false flags to ensure that a real patriot like Donald Trump is elected over an NWO puppet like Hitlery. Unlikely but thinking of something like this makes me feel a little better about being lied to.