510 Arrested In Huge California Pedophile Ring Bust

510 arrested in pedophile ring bust in California

Over 500 suspects were arrested and 56 people rescued in a huge California human-trafficking and pedophile ring crackdown. 

The Los Angeles County Regional Human Trafficking Task Forces confirmed the arrests on Tuesday during the three-day sweep named ‘Operation Reclaim and Rebuild.’

ABC reports: During the operation, which took place between Jan. 25 and 27, the task force said 45 adults and 11 girls were rescued.

Among the 510 suspects arrested, 30 are suspected traffickers and 178 are alleged “johns.”

The task force is housed by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and is a collaboration of more than 85 federal, state, county and local law enforcement and nonprofit community organizations.

Speaking at a Tuesday press conference, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell gave details surrounding some of the arrests.

“The message we hope to send to the traffickers is don’t do business in Los Angeles County or the state of California because we will find you and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.

In one very disturbing incident in Milpitas, California, a man dressed in full police uniform – including a side arm – was arrested on felony charges after he sexually assaulted a human-trafficking victim, McDonnell said. The suspect was found to be already on felony probation and wanted by police for additional, similar crimes.

The sheriff said the operation targeted those who use the internet to exploit victims. In one such instance, McDonnell said an undercover deputy posing as a young female on social media was contacted by a suspect, who recruited her to work for him in the commercial sex trade.

After arranging a meeting, the pimp drove from Riverside County to meet with his victim. He demanded $500 from the victim for him to manage her. The suspect would collect the money from the customers and give the victim whatever he decided she needed. McDonnell said the suspect was arrested by task force detectives and found to be in possession of a stolen .357 Magnum handgun.

The task force was established in November 2015 and since that time, 948 suspects have been arrested in connection to human trafficking.

The Los Angeles-based nonprofit Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking is providing help, including shelter and food, to the victims rescued during the operation.

  • D.Plorable

    It will be interesting to see if this operation collides with the “sanctuary” policy of California. It is inescapable that the policy against the enforcement of immigration law has the effect of facilitating these trafficking operations. International crime organizations have been involved for decades. It remains to be seen if politics or sane policy will prevail.

    • Mollie Norris

      International crime organizations including the Clinton Foundation.

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      • Valerie Dowden

        Pelosi and Feinstein as well.

        • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

          Probably not; in any event they aren’t talking.

        • Kevin Snook

          People out there blaming the Democrats, the “Clinton Foundation” (sheesh! It’s been over 16 months since the election…get over her already, you aren’t going to “lock her up”!) Pelosi and Feinstein, etc., find a toy to play with and start listening in on your current president’s foul-mouthed foray into Twitter.

  • Solesredhed

    I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of Communist California especially when it comes to arresting pedophiles.

  • Almost done fishin

    Picture shows the honorable LA sheriff Lee Baca. The LA court with the help of the fake news induced a scandal
    The Sheriff department understands how the LA fascist government works and would like pardon.

  • Paula Heady

    Hmmm… the FBI has a Human Trafficking Division; I’m not too sure about this story or what effect it will have on human trafficking in the US since it is a county operation. Something is amiss in this story. While it sounds remarkable, I’m doubting the effectiveness of much of what I’ve read.

  • Petula9271

    We know the Clintons are involved.

    • Alice

      All democrats are invoved.their which hunt protest,distruction of historic statues and Monuments all sorts of their durty Play were just to privent President Trump and his Administration.But God is with american voters,who wished their Country back in law and order.

    • Que Rob-Jolly

      Try looking into the demons in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue Washington DC. U publiKKKans love child molesters and rapists because demons love other demons but the lake of fire awaits you all

      • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

        You got the wrong party dolt; the KKK is a wholly Democrat operation, and human traffic is also.

        • Que Rob-Jolly

          Hey retardo, we all know in the 1800’s the klan was started by the southern democrats of the 1800’s but after the civil war during reconstruction years and especially in the 50’s and 60’s civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s the kkk migrated to the publiKKKan party. We saw your Babylonian Roman savage brothers in CHARLOTTESVILLE!!!!

          • Que Rob-Jolly

            We saw your commander in chief Donny duck Trumpy Gump called them kkk members and Neo Nazi white supremacists very fine people so who gives a damn where the klan started, it’s in the publiKKKan party NOW SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!

          • Jim Wahl

            You need to go back and read his quote again… that is if you actually read it at all.

          • K Morgan

            you are assuming that he has the ability to understand anything that is not spoon fed to him.

          • whatevermeh

            I doubt it cause he parrots really well. The perfect useful idiot.

          • whatevermeh

            No he didn’t …now you are just a liar, but most regressives have to lie to push their bs. He said the supremecists on both sides were wrong and that there were a few good people out protesting.

          • Dana Westendarp

            I guess MLK didn’t get the memo from his fellow Republicans?

          • Que Rob-Jolly

            Then that means it’s fake news, MLK was against the southern democrats who were klansmen in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia and Texas. 5 states didn’t make up the entire democraic party, u do know northern democrats existed who didn’t think anything like the southern ones! JFK & LBJ regularly met with King as he received so much Federal help to fight against the klan and Jim Crowe of the 50’s and 60’s. Fast forward to today, the publiKKKan party is full of klansmen or klan sympathizers… Charlottesville is our evidence of so called very fine people

          • Mike Laborde

            Dead wrong again, libtard.

          • whatevermeh

            Not wanting history destroyed doesn’t make someone a klansmen. smh You have a brain …so use it.

          • Zinnarae

            Que Rob-jolly I see your a typical liberal that knows nothing……..

          • Paul

            LBJ actually helped Block Civil Rights in the 50’s when the Dems controlled both houses. he only signed the Bill since there were enough voted to override a veto. And for that you give him credit.

          • Mike Laborde

            Sorry bub. It was all republicans that got the freedoms for blacks after the 50’s and 60’s. You have been listening to the propaganda from libtard revisionist. Robert Bird, democrat senator was the Grand Knight of the KKK and that was in the 60’s to the 90’s. Your echo chamber of liars have fooled you lock , stock and barrel. You have been turned into a raving loonitic..

          • mikeb112

            they also freed the blacks from slavery. Never has a democrat ever voted for blacks to have rights….

          • whatevermeh

            Can you name anyone other than Strom Thurman that switched parties? One man does not make an entire party switch over! Bill Clinton spoke over how you could not be a democrat unless you joined the Klan. You need to revise your history. You are wrong in your views.

          • Paul

            Only Thurman left. Yet Byrd and the rest who opposed Civil Rights stayed in the Dem Party. So Much for them all joining the Rep party.

          • Paul

            And that is why Republicans in both the Lates 50’s and 60’s were the ones who Once they had control of Both Houses were able to Pass Civil Rights acts. During Ikes year He tried to pass it several times and the Dems in control Blocked it and refused to even allow a vote on it. Even when passed under Johnson it was Republicans who passed it while Most Dems voted against it. Try doing some research and learn some real History. Sen Byrd stayed a Dem and refused to apologize for voting against Civil Rights. And he Died as a Dem. Dems only use blacks for votes. If that were not true why keep them down with welfare instead of a hand up. More Repubs have High paid Jobs for all races. Most Dms pay Minorities far less as they also pay women far less. Republicans do not care about your color or sex. can you do the Job

        • JJCaro


          Democrats and their “deep state” are wielding a double-edged sword. The purpose of their assault? To bring down America. With one blade they pervert foundational beliefs in repentance and forgiveness in order to discredit honorable patriots. With the other blade they employ dishonorable traitors to engage in every immoral and unlawful crime to undermine the nation’s integrity.

          Democrat Deep State weaponry, however, is outdated and can NEVER work against us. America already possesses the weapon to defend against this attack. God’s love gives us the power to overcome. We must never forget that human imperfection depends upon repentance and forgiveness in order to grow into perfect beings.

          We all sin and fall short. Therefore, Democrats, who do not believe in redemption, think they can throw sin into our faces and convict us, turning our country into the chaos of guilt, self-hate, and mistrust. Its just another means of dividing us to bring America down.

          Two recent skirmishes which America lost: Judge Roy Moore, and Rod Porter should be learning experiences for the future. We MUST rightly analyze the enemy’s tactics and we must also rightly apply our powerful weaponry to defend against it. Our power over sin prevents them from weaponizing our past to destroy our future.

          The sins Democrats accused these American patriots of committing were past. They were NOT committed during public service. They were no longer engaging in them, NOR did they have any bearing on the positions they were filling or attempting to fill. But the deep state main stream media AND intelligence community, employing evil’s very favorite weapon, CONDEMNATION, actually proved effective in bringing down men who were successfully fighting to make America a better place for us all.

          The Democrat Deep State which we now know has roots in administrations going as far back as Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953 to 1961) and probably farther, has been engaged in an ongoing concerted effort to destroy America by corrupting government agencies and institutions which then engaged in all-out espionage and sabotage.

          As a result of the 2016 Presidential election in which Donald J. Trump was elected, the Democrat Deep State is being exposed. The crimes coming to light WERE committed while in office, and in fact could not have ever happened without the express powers and privileges afforded to the perpetrators by the offices they held.

          We haven’t heard this argument yet, but we surely will: “If America is so willing to forgive the sins of conservatives, why are they not willing to forgive the sins of Democrats?”. We must be prepared with our answer: The corruption rampant in past administrations was NOT sin. It was crime. Laws of the land were broken. And while sins of the past are forgiven, crimes MUST be punished.

          If those accused of wrongdoing in the past (Moore and Porter) are convicted of crimes, they still must pay for their actions. But neither of these men were even prosecuted. They were simply accused and convicted in the court of the Democrat Deep State’s opinion. This is a gross injustice.

          For America, in the coming months leading up to the all-important mid-term elections, we can expect a LOT more accusations to fly. It is paramount that we remember the difference between repented and forgiven sins and crimes against the state.

          We are calling for a nation of forgiveness when sins of the past have been repented of and forgiven. Everyone who has made mistakes in the past and turned away from them is entitled to mercy. In cases where crimes were committed and convictions are obtained, even forgiven lawbreakers must pay their dues.

          We are also calling for the strictest enforcement of America’s laws and U.S. Constitution in any and every case where crimes in high office by members of either party and of any government agency are discovered to have been committed against the state or against the people. We recommend the harshest sentences be applied to these individuals as a deterrence from it ever happening again.

          • Que Rob-Jolly

            Publikkkan number one motto, to try and expand white supremacy over all not from Europe… God is so far from you ungodly self righteous JIM CROWE demons, that’s why your plan and each & everyone of you hateful Babylonian Roman savages shall return to pits of hell where u and it came from… Not a democrat right here demon, 22 yr USMC veteran who is an independent voter and law abiding citizen who fought for freedom AND the right to protest peacefully, it’s in the constitution. Sex offenders are in every polical party including yours, we saw u cast your vote for Roy Moore!

          • Mike Laborde

            Your demo crat Marxist party has you just where they want you, headed for enslavement and you think that you are going to Utopia. LOL. U, such a fool.

          • whatevermeh

            Huh? The democrats wanted slavery, the democrats wanted Jim Crowe, the democrats started the KKK What are you babbling about?
            What proof do you have that Roy Moore did anything? Any real proof will do.

      • Jim Cochran

        Sorry but these are all liberals and Democrats.

        • Que Rob-Jolly

          All against u publiKKKans aren’t liberal or democrats, independent voters do exist!!! This one is retired USMC 22yrs!!! So you’re not just up against democrats, u self righteous arrogant demonic evil kkk Jim Crowe Babylonian Roman savage publiKKKans are the most UNGODLY folks on the planet thinking u are better than everyone else just because u are white!!! We all are the same, everyone bleeds the same! There are demonic sex offenders in every group including with the publiKKKans just look at Roy Moore in Alabama who has been a registered publiKKKans all of his life.

          • Jim Wahl

            WOW! Somebody missed his meds this morning!

          • Que Rob-Jolly

            Yeah your mom forget her meds, stop sleeping with your sister and other family members then she can come off her meds

          • Jim Wahl

            Don’t have a sister, mom’s been dead a long time. Your mom told me she wishes you were also.

          • Que Rob-Jolly

            Well my mom is in Heaven, a place your demonic evil kkk Jim Crow publiKKKan ass will never see

          • Jim Wahl

            So exactly what made you decide to attack me as you did in the first place? What makes me a ” demonic evil kkk Jim Crow publiKKKan”?

          • Jim Wahl

            Wow. Been a month and he can’t answer why he attacked me. Typical liberal troll.

          • Dana Westendarp

            You’re not kidding!

          • Joyce H Sulfridge

            NOT TRUE

          • Pete L

            You sound angry………..and RACIST!! get a grip Rob_Jolly or you’re going to “POP”

          • whatevermeh

            You should stop thinking people are evil because they are white. Keep thinking like that and God might turn you white.

          • Paul

            LOL wow Really Moore was Registerd as a Dem until the 1980’s. You really do not Know much and keep talking and prove it some More. Every thing you say is Easily refuted with the Truth. But keep on watching CNN and doing the Bidding of the Dems who care Nothing about you being black Nor Me being Native. So go ahaed and try I am just a White Priv person. Cause it will not work. My people were here Long before anyone else.

      • JJCaro


      • k.b . mcdan

        If you are implying it is our President Trump, you are a f ing fool.

  • Eli Jackson

    If only God had ears…it seems man wants ears, but there is none…once again, start from the original orphanages…there, you will find the hugest human trafficking empire in the world…happy hunting…

    • Malinda Sherwyn

      DCFS are the biggest traffickers of children.

      • James Farnum

        you got that right

  • leveraction

    This is Congressman Schiff’s district. He was/is known to frequent the Hotel involved. Interesting how several people from the Hotel Staff have died recently. A Helicopter crash, mysterious heart attack, etc… The Democrats and numerous Liberals are involved. It will come out eventually unless kept quiet by the Deep State.

    • BlackguardMedia

      so… it might have been “them”, it might have been somebody else.
      we might hear about it, or we might not?

      wow thanks for the bright light there.

      • Heather


    • Joyce H Sulfridge

      YOU must be talking about the Clintons

  • http://www.lifesupportinternational.org Kay Schieren

    For male offenders, there is a very cheap solution. I have been involved in neutering hundreds of male lambs using a very thick, tight rubber band … it will not come off easily, if at all. However, something else does come off.

    • Betsy Raus

      Then there is chemical castration too…hormones…and make a bunch of sweeties out of them.

  • Bruce Baker

    PURE PROPADANDA , What are their names , who are they and who are they connected too ? This sounds like PURE PROPAGANDA. SESSIONS IS PROTECTING THE CLINTONS AND ALL OF CONGRESS , SENATE AND OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP.

    • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

      He’s not that good.

  • Don

    Must not have been any illegals, didn’t notice sanctuary

  • Harry McKnackers

    Hang the pimps!

  • David Wolf

    How about telling the scum bags, “Don’t do business on planet Earth! PERIOD!”
    Get the F*ck off my Planet with that bullshit!

  • The Clinton Crime Cartel™


    Was that the entire state government?

  • Bernadette Sava

    If it was formed in 2015, why is it taking Trump to make you do the necessary work?

  • gibbygtnk

    How many of those arrested are illegals?

    • Gernot C. Armbruster

      There weren’t any. They were all middle-aged white Trumpsters.

  • Sabrina Stewart Ellison

    What’s so sad is that the cops cia, fbi, ceos, and other political figures illuminati scum are the ones doing this.

  • Desiree

    How many arrested are ILLEGAL ALIENS? Where are the Feminazis such as Madonna, Ashley Judd, Oprah, Michelle Obozo, etc? I guess it doesn’t fit their Racist, sexist, ignorant agenda.

    • Betsy Raus

      Very good observation Desiree…immediately I said YES where are they? If they like their pussy hats, why don’t they get out at Berkely with their hats and start marching and rallying for child protection? Oh wait.l They kill babies. sorry. forgot.

  • http://ucy.tv/Default.aspx?PID=99&T=Before%20the%20First%20Cup Bnice2all

    Why does everyone turn everything into a party blame game. I don’t think pedophiles have participants of just one party. This is not political it is criminal. Blaming one party by the other party is not going to solve the problem. Can’t you people see that the two party system was created just to keep us divided so we don’t unite and go after the real criminals.

  • donnakeene52

    I think you are all missing the point here – child molestation. Time to lay the political bashing aside and focus on protecting our children from the perverting pedophiles & slave trafficking. Seems as if they as doing a clean sweep in California and I hope they will continue in the other states.

  • OverSite


    Corrupt law enforcement officials creating criminal activity, so they can claim they are fighting criminal activity.

    At every ones expense…because a fictitious individual is far more valuable than a real one, right?

    Referring to voluntary prostitutes as ‘victims’. Corrupt officials have only re branded a long used tactic and product to impart danger.


  • Lainy

    When will they go after the big fish?

  • Gernot C. Armbruster

    Do you conservative morons have ANY idea how STUPID you sound, blaming liberals for the KKK? Their existence lays squarely at the feet of evil conservative racist idiots!

  • Powertothepeople

    Over 3000 peds and sex traffickers were arrested in 2017. By the way, in a bust down in Florida last year these sick MFers were selling a 6 month old baby and her little sister for $600.00!! The ped monsters that exist within BOTH political parties, Hollywood and at the top of many powerful companies are shitting their pants right now waiting for the knock on the door! What Sessions and Trump have been doing is gathering up the low level peds and traffickers, sitting them in a room and telling them that if they don’t talk, they they will be thrown into cell block C with the general population! These Sodomites are singing like birds!!! and its just a matter of time before the big names that we ALL know will be going down.

  • John Reardon

    It’s nice to see the cops taking down anything that has to do with pedophilia, and it is not my intention to take anything away from them. But this is not a pedophile “take-down.” One hundred seventy-eight “johns” denotes a prostitute sweep. They just happened upon eleven underage hookers. Remember, underage prostitution was decriminalized in California, so there are certainly a lot more teenagers hooking out there than there was before. It’s just good business for the pimps. Pedophilia and child trafficking are a whole other thing. Like I said, “great job” to the cops involved, but don’t think that this is the strike against pedophiles and traffickers that the column suggests. It’s not.

  • bhrush

    am not surprised it is California – the state of sexual perversion. but surprised the State “officials” allowed it . Gov Brown and Democrats didn’t stop it?

  • Ken

    How many Hollywood elites are involved. How many politicians are involved? The citizens of this country demand to know!