600 Million Year Old Sponge Found

Sponge_Fossil Sponge_Fossil

A Sponge Fossil has been discovered in Southern China.

The 600 Million year old minuscule fossil (Two to three cubic millimeters) is 60 million years older than the Cambrian explosion, where evolution of life and species erupted on the planet over 540 million years ago.
The Sponge Fossil is not considered to be the common ancestor of sponges. It’s discovery suggests that life on earth was evolving much earlier than was thought.


The fossil was recovered from rocks in the early Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation in South China. The specimen is tiny. The fossil is approximately 500 micrometers square.

There is sufficient evidence to identify this fossil as the only known sponge or sponge relative that dates before the Cambrian period. The fossil is not considered the common ancestor of sponges and related animals but does indicate that these species existed much earlier in history than previously thought.

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