Abby Martin Explains Why Fluoride Is Poison (Video)

Russia Today presenter, Abby Martin, takes a look at the 50-year-long tradition of adding fluoride to drinking water in America.

In this video she outlines the adverse health effects that ingesting fluoride has, and breaks the myth that drinking it helps to prevent tooth decay.

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  • IDave Earthos

    Greetings to the AbbyMartin@RT_Crew From RTCanada.. #BreakingTheSet Tiss aBestestNewsYet!

  • James Fotheringham

    The Germans overdosed the Jews with fluoride so they wouldn’t complain about digging their own graves and jumping in. It has been banned in every country of Europe. Canadians are seriously numbed and overdosed. It is simply a means to pacify the general public so they (we) are easier to control and manipulate.