Adverse Reactions To Vaccines Reported At Rate Of Six Per Day To UK Agency

In the 10 years to April this year UK agency the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) received almost 22,000 “spontaneous suspected” adverse drug reaction (ADR) reports in 13 routine immunisation categories. These included flu, MMR, tetanus, diphtheria and polio, according to a Freedom of Information response released earlier this month. That’s 6 a DAY.

On top of these alarming statistics, there are now reports of teenaged girls being lied to by schools to force them to have a cancer vaccine shot they don’t need.

When Caron Ryalls was asked to sign consent forms so that her then 13-year-old daughter, Emily, could be vaccinated against cervical cancer, she assumed it was the best way to protect Emily’s long-term health.

Yet the past four years have turned into a nightmare for the family as Emily soon suffered side effects. Only two weeks after her first HPV injection, the teenager experienced dizziness and nausea.

“The symptoms grew increasingly worse after the second and third injections, and I went to A&E several times with severe chest and abdominal pains as well as difficulty breathing,” Emily, now 17, said. “One time I couldn’t move anything on one side of my body. I didn’t know what was happening.”

“Every visit to a doctor was met with rolled eyes,” said Mrs Ryalls. “Every mention of the HPV vaccination was met with hostility and ridicule. We were eventually referred to a local paediatrician who told her to push herself to get back to normal – ‘We all feel tired in the mornings, Emily’ was one of the remarks regarding her complete exhaustion.”

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  • Mark Kelly

    Vaccines are the great curse from our deadly medical/Pharmaceutical complex. Little babies killed and permanently damaged by vaccines that have little upside. The vaccine for HPV has similar death numbers as the disease with the vaccine killing them quickly while the disease kills at 60-70-80+….It would be easy to make two vaccines, a deadly one and a benign one and then ship the deadly one to a certain area or give them to a certain social sub-group. The medical industry has a long and undistinguished history of using “undesirables” as guinea pigs. What they have done in small numbers is now being done by the hundreds of thousands every year. The numbers could escalate to hundreds of Millions world wide as the UN is actively promoting this herd thinning. Guess which systematically abused group would be in the cross hairs.

  • Freda Birrell

    There has been so much activity since all the press coverage over last weekend. We have an official UK Association for families whose daughters have been seriously injured. Caron Ryalls is Secretary of this organisation and I am in the Chair. We are a very professional body of families who are trying to raise awareness of the dangers of the HPV vaccines and the harm that has been caused worldwide by these vaccines. Contact details