Al Gore Claims “Global Warming Caused Brexit”

In a desperate attempt at staying relevant (and staying on the gravy train) climate change crusader Al Gore is now telling audiences that "global warming caused Brexit."

In a desperate attempt at remaining relevant (and staying on the gravy train) climate change crusader Al Gore is now telling audiences that “global warming caused Brexit.”

Gore was speaking at an event organized by Hollywood magazine Empire, promoting his latest global warming propaganda film – An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power. He explained to the audience of gullible leftists that the “Brexit disaster” in Britain last summer was the result of “political instability” created by the “stress” caused by climate-change induced chaos in Syria.

Riiiight. So if it wasn’t for a lack of rain in the Middle East, the United Kingsdom would want to leave decisions about immigration, fishing and light bulbs to their friends in Europe. What were they thinking when they voted to save billions, make those choices for themselves, and regain once proud national sovereignty?

Gore, a pro-sustainability advocate (who travels around the world on a private jet), then when on to outline an increasingly bizarre political conspiracy theory involving climate change, the Iraq War, the European Union,  and WikiLeaks:

One of the lines of investigation [scientists] have been pursuing has led them to the conclusion that significant areas of the Middle East and North Africa are in danger of becoming uninhabitable.

“And, just a taste of this, to link it to some of the events that the UK and European Union are going through – think for a moment about what happened in Syria.

“Before the gates of hell opened in Syria, what happened was a climate-related extreme drought.

“From 2006 to 2010, 60 per cent of the farms in Syria were destroyed… and 80 per cent of the livestock were killed. The drought in the eastern Mediterranean is the worst ever on record – the records only go back 900 years, but it’s historic.

“And 1.5 million climate refugees were driven into the cities in Syria, where they collided with refugees from the Iraq War.

“Wikileaks revealed the internal conversations in the Syrian government where they were saying to one another ‘we can’t handle this, there’s going to be a social explosion’. There are other causes of the Syrian civil war, but this was the principal one.”

This, Gore went on to explain, led to an “incredible flow of refugees into Europe, which is creating political instability and which contributed in some ways to the desire of some in the UK to say ‘whoa, we’re not sure we want to be part of that anymore’”.

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Though it’s true that climate alarmists have sought to blame the Syrian crisis on drought induced by “climate change”, there is little evidence for this.

Al Gore, however, definitely represents the first person mad enough (or greedy enough) to try and convince people that global warming is responsible for British voters reclaiming national sovereignty.

If you’re still inclined to believe what Al Gore has to say about global warming, please consider the fact that since he embarked on his climate change crusade, flying around the world on his private jet, his wealth has grown from $2 million in 2001 to $100 million in 2016 – largely due to investments in fake “green tech” companies and the effective embezzlement of numerous grants and loans.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Black Swan

    There is an environmental crisis but charlatan psychopath Al Gore refuses to acknowledge the reality of the causes of Air, Land and Water Pollution by Industry, Government and The Military Industrial Complex, profits must be maintained at all costs, this mantra will never be challenged by the psychopath’s who rule.
    ” The vast majority of First World Nation Populations are completely oblivious to the unfolding Environmental Cataclysms that are closing in from every side. This unimaginable blindness is unfortunately, willful in most cases. The majority choose to accept any power structure paid for propaganda, disinformation and lies of omission, that enforces their comfort zones. A societal epidemic of normalcy bias, denial of reality does not alter reality.” Dane Wigington

    • Freedoms Waining

      Solar (sun) flare ups, HAARP & Chemtrails, man-made weather modification, and Al Bores hot exhalations.

  • buyaraincoat

    Globalwarming is s load of shit… just something else to keep the morons called the human race distracted…Global WEIRDNESS is REAL… caused by all the bombs that humans have dropped .. the shit is about to hit the fan….hold onto your seats.. and buy a raincoat…lol

  • monica

    Global warming caused Al Gore to loose his mind & start talking shit

  • Jacques Devin

    This f..g idiot Al Gore will say anything to peddle this crap, he is one who first promoted this idea of carbon footprint to get himself into position to collect millions from this scam, this guy need to be investigated and charged with fraud..

  • Freedoms Waining

    Hey Al, Say what??? I think CO2 is rotting your brain?