Google Predicts Trump Winning Election

A computer scientist has devised software showing Trump winning the presidency using Google and Facebook algorithm data

Donald Trump is set to win the presidential race according to computer scientist who released Tuesday’s election results via an advanced computer simulation.

The prediction matches another made by a separate artificial intelligence system, MogIA, that predicted the Republican nominee would win using similar data. This same company has accurately predicted the last three Presidents.

According to a scientist posting on 4chan, a heuristic modelling program based on the Facebook, Twitter, and Google algorithms, shows The Donald winning 40 points over Clinton.

I’m a computer science student working on heuristic modelling. My current model is based on Facebook, Twitter, Imgur, Google and Bing Talk, as well as past elections, voter enthusiasm, primary participation and economic/sociological patterns. 

There’s open source “speech pattern” algorithms that allow you to tell what the subject and descriptors are more accurately.

Here’s what my current projection is.


This data corroborates various polls and early voting data that predicts Trump winning key States in a landslide.

Early voting data in Florida, for instance, shows Donald Trump winning the state in a landslide based on people handing in their ballots early.

Record numbers of voters have also turned out in their droves to vote for the Republican nominee in Texas, according to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

Bookmakers in Europe are also predicting a Trump win on Tuesday, with Europe’s largest bookmaker Paddy Power reporting that a staggering 91 percent of bets are being placed on Trump winning.

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    My the Lord protect our country & constitution and keep us a free nation

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      We have God and his angels fighting a might fight for us; we also have Satan and his angels fighting a might fight for those on the other side; let us be on our knees, praying ,beseeching and thanking God for the country he gave us to live in, to grow in …and ask him for it back..say, “Thank you, dear God, raise your hands, give him the praise and glory he deserves with each breath that we breath.. thanks.

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      Dear Jesus please learn these people some spelling and grammar.

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    This story is hilarious. I appreciate the polling based on speech patterns – why not tea leaves? Judging from the “replies” here below, you have the looney bin vote all tied up for Trump, too. Amen, or, Namaste.

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      We will see tomorrow, and no Jesus does not read message boards, but the software predicted the last 3 elections or did you not read that part? Just checking because that’s quite the track record.

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        I guess God does listen to our prayers. We no longer have the threat of a Killer Satanic Pedophile Related Crook in the Presidency who thinks unborn babies have no rights. God and the People have spoken. We dislike crooked politicians. Think again. I will be praying for you!

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      I guess you will most likely get to know Jesus pretty well once Hillary wins and her corruption trickles down to affect you. When they take your car away, and your air conditioning and computer, you will no longer be laughing. Instead you will be praying for relief from her corrupt policies. Good luck and Jesus knows our every thought, our every prayer and every hair on our heads. But I guess you don’t know anything about that. I would suggest you mind your own business and worry about yourself.

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