I Was An Alien Abductee – What I Have To Say Will Shock You

Alien abductee reveals the truth about extraterrestrials

An alien abductee has come forward and publicly revealed the plan extraterrestrials have for humanity in the next few years.  After being abducted by aliens for the last 17 years of his life, the anonymous abductee says he wants to share his experience with the public so they can learn the truth about extraterrestrials. 

In an online post on a popular conspiracy forum, the alien abductee reveals:

  • How aliens are able to communicate via telepathy with eachother and humans
  • The secrets about Earth’s history hidden from us by our rulers
  • How the universe came into existence (it was NOT the Big Bang or ‘God’ according to these beings)
  • What the future for the human race holds

Full Disclosure: Revelations of an Extraterrestrial Encounter.

My name is [redacted]. I’m [redacted] years old and I’m going to let you know right away, there’s a whole lot to digest about who I am, why I’m here, and what I’ve gone through in my life.

The thoughts that will go through your head as you read this have kept me awake hundreds of sleepless nights in my life.

I’ve questioned my sanity many times over, but I assure you, in every way possible, I am quite sane.

I’m not endorsing this story, or saying it even really truly happened. I’m only saying I believe this happened to me.

I could be crazy. I could be getting used to spread distraction. I don’t know. I’m just going with what’s gone on in my head over forty years, and saying it like it is.

Just keep in mind If i was telling this for any other reason than a true love for this planet, I’d be telling it to a Hollywood agent or book publisher and charging you money to read it. I’m not.

We all have our reasons for being drawn to the esoteric. Mine was UFOS.

Not my interest in them, but their interest in me. It started when I was only 4 years old. And it’s gone on ever since.

My first experience was a face to face meeting with a strange little Being. We communicated by telepathy and that connection remains today.

It’s a one way kind of communication. I’ve asked a million questions but never really got an answer to any of them.

Well except for one I suppose. I guess she must be able to hear me. The one question I asked the most was answered. It just wasn’t the answer I wanted.

Naturally I wanted to know what was going on…and I always heard the same response. “When it’s time, you’ll know.”is

I’ve gone years with no interaction but she always comes back. Yes. The Being was female and quite motherly in her communication with me.

She tells me things. About myself and about them, and about this planet. And it’s history.

Seems I’ve been at this for quite some time too. I’m a very old soul. She’s recently told me a bunch of things that in all honesty, I already knew, sort of.

I know one thing for sure. Amongst other things, i’m a warrior through and through. That I didn’t need to be told. But just how much of a warrior, I had no idea.

Unfortunately having the heart of a lion only gets you so far. And for me, it’s never been far enough.

That’s why I’ve learned to fight with my mind this time. Even though I spent a lot of my life in a subculture of violence this time around, I see now I had to be there to unlearn the ways I’ve always handled my confrontations. In this life too, but more so in my past lives.

I really am tired of all this. It’s been long enough. Too many people have died thinking we could beat them (the elite force controlling the world) in a physical confrontation.

They didn’t start actually “abducting me” until I was 31 years old though. And I prefer to think of myself as “taken” not abducted.

For the last 17 years it’s been an on and off again thing. I’d just gone 5 years without any contact or communication incidents, but in Aug 2016, (like 4 months ago) things got very serious, very fast.

Life was as normal as I think it’s ever been for me. I was right where I wanted to be, and comfortable with everything my life was becoming. Mine has been a life of constant rebuilding and change.

I went to bed one Saturday night just like any other night. But Sunday morning was not anything like any Sunday I’d been through before.

I woke up and realized immediately what happened. I was freezing. And soaking wet. And I felt like I was in a dream. Have you ever been under anesthetic? Same feeling when waking up. It’s like coming back from, hmmm, i don’t know where, but It’s the telltale sign.

But this time there was more. I had a head full of ideas and an absolute NEED to search out and connect to people just like all of you.

And, she was back. Like never before. And she had a lot to say in the last three months. Wow!

What I’m going to tell you was revealed to me, a bit here, piece there, over my lifetime. It really never made much sense to me though, until now. Now I have the whole truth.

And I do apologize to the people I’ve been difficult with, but you can’t imagine the pressure I’m under with this.

It’s really, really hard to listen to theories I know are incomplete or distraction, while having no ability to present what I know until right now. I was told not to tell anyone.

So, before I go any further, I need you to understand something. Read this next line as many times as you need to.

We, aren’t what we’ve been taught to believe we are! Not at all. Nothing!

What I’m going to tell you may change your life. In what way is entirely up to you.

I see it one of three ways, you’ll hate me forever, you’ll embrace this and know me forever, or you’ll call me crazy.

The reality is there’s been some very big lies told. And I’m going to do my best to explain the who, want, when, where, and why that surround these secrets.

So here it is, the real story as I understand it.

This planet was not the result of a Big Bang or the creation of “God” as we understand Him. The Universe came to exist because of The One.

The One is neither alive or dead, male or female good nor bad. IT just is…

The One is responsible for creating all the framework which functions to provide an environment for everything to exist in.

IT created this planet, and all the other planets, stars, moons, and everything in between.

Unlike the story we were told, “God” does not work alone. The One had some help.

The One created several intelligent races of benevolent Aliens that function to serve The Universe. Like The One, they are Immortal and never die. They are tangible Beings though, just not in the same way we are.

These Aliens are the craftsmen tasked with maintaining the integrity of all The One had created.

Planet Earth was seeded with life by a race of immortal Aliens called Centaurians from a planet called Eden. It’s located in the Centauri star system.

And when I say life, I mean ALL of it. Especially us.

The Centaurians are part of the immortal workforce that service The Universe. They are scientists and geneticists. It was theiru job to seed life throughout The Universe.

There is one exception though. The sector where The Six Headed Beast ruled.

Using a master set of plant and animal DNA supplied by The One, The Centaurians genetically engineered a vast living library of life.

Earth was their seed bank and it was called The Garden of Eden. Easily it was the most beautiful of all the planets. The One had really done a wonderful job.

They used a process called gene splicing, and did this work in labs on Eden.

Each new plant or animal prototype they created was then taken to Earth where it was cultivated.

Not all planets have the same conditions or type of atmosphere. So it also had to be determined which species could exist in different places.

This planet was designed to support many different types of environments and climates that mimic conditions around the universe.

Once these new products were studied, logged, and samples were stored, they were distributed to the planets throughout the universe best suited for each species.

However, in the face of all The One had created, even IT was not perfect. The One had made only one mistake. But it was a big one.

I’m not going to even pretend I understand it. But in the beginning, when The One was the only thing in existence, IT became “lonely”.

To combat this problem, The One divided itself by 25% to create another, lesser version of itself.

This new Number Two later realized that’s exactly what it was. Lesser. The One could have split in half and made them equal, but IT didn’t.

And when The One finished what IT had set out to do, which was create the Universe, and the immortal work force to help complete it, Number Two took offence.

Number Two realized The One had provided no role whatsoever for IT to contribute to all that was created.

Upon realizing the sole purpose of IT’s existence, was to keep The One from becoming lonely again, Number Two decided to leave.

At the time, Number Two didn’t realize it, but the choice to leave, introduced some new things to The Universe. Conflict. And Free Will.

Number Two took up residence in a far off corner of The Universe. It didn’t take long to realize though, IT was all alone.

As The One had divided itself to solve the same problem, so too did Number Two.

But Number Two didn’t want to face the same dilemma, so IT divided into 6 equal individuals. And they quickly set out to develop this corner of The Universe into their very own version of what the rest of The Universe would be like.

The result was a galactic society of miscreants lead by what would come to be known as The Six Headed Beast.

The division into 6 individuals had corrupted key bits of knowledge and understanding from the consciousness of the whole.

This lost knowledge was the reason all the creatures that were created to reside on the planets in this sector, had no soul.

Some of these creatures were worse than others, but none of them could actually be considered good.

They are flesh and blood creatures who only live for a certain length of time and die one day.

We were created the way we were, with a soul, for a reason. The Centaurians wanted to create an intelligent worker who would live on Earth and be responsible for maintaining the integrity of The Garden of Eden.

Tending to this garden would be an extremely delicate, and sometimes dangerous program. They needed leverage to ensure compliance to the job.

Also, since free will and conflict had come into existence when Number Two left, it was decided that from this point forward, immortality would have to be earned.

So it was decided that a promise of immortality under certain conditions, would help motivate this creature called a human being, to serve its purpose to the best of its ability.

A unique approach that would allow human beings to exist as two separate halves of one entity, had been successfully designed by an amazing team of scientists on Eden.

And quickly this design and reasoning for it, was approved by The One.

One half of the human would exist on Eden. The other half would exist on Earth.

The two individual halves of the human being are connected by something called a soul.

Inside the body of each half of the humans, flows a pure form of energy that binds both parts to one another.

A telepathic connection that allowed the two parts to communicate back and forth was also a very useful feature for completing the work projects tasked to the humans.

The half which existed on Eden would work in the lab as a genetic scientist to create new life forms.

When these plants and animals were cultivated on Earth, the process would be conducted by the Earth halves of the scientists whose team had invented the specific species.

This way the scientist and the botanist or biologist could share information to ensure a well cared for and properly designed product was the end result of their efforts.

This telepathic connection was also a way to never forget home and in times of struggle, a voice of reason to offer advice. A friend, so no matter what, no human would ever be alone, like The One had once been.

You likely won’t believe me yet, but that voice in your head, your conscience, is actually what’s left of the telepathic connection to our counterpart on Eden.

Of course today we are raised to believe thinking anything other than “it’s your own voice” will get you locked up in a psych ward.

Big threats to protect big secrets. And big secrets are certainly being kept from us about how and why that connection was lost.

To become immortal, the humans had to live by guidelines and rules and show the intelligence, loyalty, and desire to be a productive, honest, contributing member of the Galactic Society they belonged to.

A series of tests, and lessons would be incorporated into their lives that would determine when they would be ready to achieve immortality.

On Earth everything living has an expiration date, meaning one day it dies. This applies to everything except for one thing, the human soul.

When a human died on Earth, the soul ascended to Eden for evaluation. If it was decided the soul was ready, the two halves would merge into one immortal being.

However, if it wasn’t ready, the soul would experience something called reincarnation where it was sent back to Earth in a new body.

The human would then encounter a more difficult path designed to address the issues that kept it from achieving immortality.

This complex two part creature would be the prototype for a whole new approach to the concept of being alive. If successful, humans could be placed all over the universe.

As The Centaurians hoped, the evolution of The Garden of Eden, and its new occupants, was a great success.

After nearly a hundred thousand years of evolution, only one major change was made to how this system would operate.

It was originally the plan to allow unlimited reincarnation and guaranteed immortality eventually. However, there were unforeseen issues that arose from that idealistic view.

The result was a decision to permit ten chances to get it right and earn the reward of immortality.

By limiting reincarnation to nine times, the decision to populate some of the other planets that had been seeded into life with humans, had passed the scrutiny of The One.

By the way, I told you which star system Eden exists in without feeling like I’m giving up a secret.

Unfortunately, there are people here on Earth right now searching for it, and they already know where they should be looking.

The Kepler telescope made a discovery this year not six months ago in August of 2016

There is one particular planet quite close to Earth. Like close enough where the technology here will allow a probe to make it there in the next 25 years or so.

It’s not Eden. But it’s one step closer. So they really need to be stopped before they get there.

As I said before, I’m an old soul. And I’ve tried more than once to stop those responsible for what I’m trying to tell you, during several of my past lives.

Obviously, I’ve never been on the successful side of any of the battles that have taken place in an attempt to gain control of our own destiny.

I’m sure you’ve realized something must have gone terribly wrong someplace along the line.

Earth is quite obviously not being used by The Centaurians as a living library anymore. It’s being exploited, polluted, and soon enough, will be destroyed.

If you don’t know, there are several tyrannical groups of very rich, very powerful, business men, political leaders and Church officials with questionable ties to each other.

They belong to groups such as The Illuminatii, The Roman Catholic Church, The British Monarchy, and The Freemasons to name a few.

It’s widely accepted that these Billionaire Boys Clubs are up not on the up and up and exist to serve ulterior motives.

They have created, implemented, and enforced a system of corruption, greed, control, and hostility for thousands of years.

The roots of these shady organizations have been traced back to the time of Jesus.

The last attempt to confront these corrupt, power hungry, tyrants was in the early 1300’s.

A very wealthy group called The Knights Templar, that was aligned with The Roman Catholic Church, had found out some extremely sensitive information about Jesus, and the Bible.

Having expressed concerns to a trusted government official about The Church withholding the secret knowledge, The Knights Templar were betrayed and for the most part, disbanded and killed brutally for going against The Pope.

And ever since then these elite tyrants have taken full advantage of the fear they instilled in anyone who may oppose them.

Their stranglehold on the resources and human lives on Planet Earth grows stronger every single day we choose to do nothing.

The Knights knew what I know. Unlike me, they never got the chance to tell though.

Once you know why, and what is at stake, you’ll understand why I’ve made it my choice to suggest we confront these men, end these lies, and try again to rid this planet from their control.

The elite tyrants who control us using money, work hand in hand with the ones who destroy some of us by taking our soul.

The Roman Catholic Church is the real controlling influence behind those running the world, enslaving mankind, and destroying this beautiful planet.

There is no one more powerful than the guy with the funny hat, The Pope. None that are human anyways.

The Pope is always chosen from a secret, and very long list of bloodlines that go back thousands of years to a time when giants roamed the Earth.

Yeah I just said that. But it’s gotta be said. And someone had to say it. And that’s always been my role. To sound the alarm.

But this time the call, MY call, will be heard. This time, the world is ready to hear it. YOU, are ready to hear it!

The age of information has brought a new dimension, one we have never had available before. If you haven’t realized it yet, she told me, IT’S TIME!

This time, we have the ability to UNITE World Wide!. And we will. And we are.

I can feel the soul of every warrior who ever lived and died at the hands of The Elite. All of them. They’re all here.

Some already know it, most don’t, but you all will. The universe will not let you rest until you accept the responsibility of fixing what we have ALWAYS allowed them to do to us.

The Elite aren’t exactly like us in case you haven’t noticed. There is an empty, void, hole in all of “them”.

The world really is an US vs THEM situation.

You may believe “we are all one” and some spiritual awakening is on the horizon, but please, know this: There are TWO different SPECIES living together here on earth. Humans. And Half Breeds.

And no, they are not shape shifting reptilians. In all ways they are identical to us, except for one thing.

They don’t have a soul!

When they die, they are dead. That’s it. No more. They are manufactured.

These soulless shells i’m talking about are The Elite. And they know what they are. Predators. Nasty, sick, twisted, Predators.

There is another group of people who also suffer an impairment of their soul but they have no idea anything is even wrong with them.

At least they have a soul, even if it has been shut right off. As long as it’s there, all hope is not lost.

It’s imperative if we want to experience any kind of freedom again, we begin working together. All men. All for One Cause. One World United.

United, we can move forward into a new Age of Enlightenment.

United, we can be free from all the pain that’s been our lives here on planet Earth.

It will not be easy. But nothing good ever is. Just be certain, if we continue to fall for the tactics that keep us divided, once again, we will fall short. Divide and Conquer will defeat us like it has before in past lives.

The Elite have slowly divided the entire world into divisions so small, they feel confident that it’s just not possible for us to lay aside our differences or seek a new perspective on our beliefs.

I’m hoping that deep down inside though, you feel it! You’ve always felt it. You probably didn’t understand that feeling was your other half calling out to you. And your home. Eden. In all ways possible, they both need you now, more than ever.

For some of us, the connection to our other half is starting to be established once more. I’ll explain why later.

It’s the ones caught deep in this web of lies I worry about though. The ones with the soul affliction.

Things on Eden have taken a very long time to fully recover from the Annunaki Invasion.

The reason is the soul affliction that has taken hold here on Earth lately, has nearly crippled the population on Eden.

The half of the human that’s born and exists on Eden, that’s attached to the people on Earth commonly referred to as Sheeple, (people who can’t see anything at all wrong with how the world operates) are basically handicapped.

They don’t contribute to the workforce, in fact, they take away from it, as they require constant care and supervision.

Despite all that has changed since humans came into existence, the soul still continues to develop properly and in unison with its Counterpart on Eden.

The changes to the minds of the humans on Earth however, somehow have caused the autism -like affliction of the mind running rampant on Eden.

So I’m here on a mission. I’m here to wake you up to what you used to be, to what you are.

And what you need to be, if we ever want to free ourselves from this nightmare we’ve all been tricked into living.

I guess tricked isn’t the best choice of words either. They didn’t trick us, they genetically modified us is what they did.

And what I’m about to tell you now, is where things get intense.

What you think you know about the history of earth and its many different inhabitants, are all lies. And it’s the job of the church, to protect those lies.

And the reward from protecting those lies, goes to the enforcers of the lie. The Illuminati. The Freemasons. The Elite.

Their reward is your life of servitude! And every man, woman and child belongs to them whether you admit it, or not.

Because the elite know they are soulless shells of what we are, they hate us.

Once I explain what they are lying about, and how far they’ve gone to protect the lie, you’ll understand just how much hate for us they hold.

The only other things that interest them are material riches and the thrill of feeling somehow superior as they treat us like garbage in a ruthless pursuit of the Almighty Dollar.

And we allow it because deep down we feel like our souls will live on regardless.

But that was the old way. Soon you will realize how, like me, you’ve avoided the trap and reincarnated here, over and over again.

Until we get this done, we will continue stuck in this loop, doomed to watch history repeat itself again and again.

And I’m going to tell you why.

There was an invasion on Eden, and they lost. The Centaurians are peaceful scientists, not warriors.

The Annunaki, a race of soulless creatures from the far corner of The Universe developed by The Six Headed Beast had come seeking knowledge.

They required technology to save the atmosphere of the planet they came from, Nibiru.

But Eden refused to help them. They were not in the business of cooperating with any of the soulless abominations created by The Six Headed Beast.

And the Annunaki replied in force. In the process of taking what they came for, they also discovered the location of Earth.

They left Eden in near ruins, and made off with some very sensitive, essential information about all life, and about Planet Earth in particular.

The Annunaki first arrived on planet Earth during a cleansing period.

Once all of the different species were properly sampled and classified, or if circumstances required it, the scientists in charge would initiate a cleansing. The eradication of the old, to usher in the new.

The idea being to repeat the same process with new varieties of plants and animals, as they were developed and created on Eden.

This particular ice-age was also to repair a structural issue with the drainage system. A series of massive trenches and gullies were needed and the only thing powerful enough to dig them were migrating glaciers.

The humans all relocated to Africa during that time, moved by ships sent from Eden.

Unfortunately this relocation turned out to be the very thing that gave full advantage to the Annunaki.

The Annunaki were quite pleased with initial test samples they took. This planet was rich with monoatomic gold just as the stolen information from Eden had stated.

The information from Eden provided them with the formula used to create, or repair, an atmosphere. Monoatomic gold is the key ingredient. And they needed a lot.

The next thing the Annunaki did was set in motion a chain of events which accelerated the melting process.

There was a large area though where life was thriving. Here The Annunaki found a creature they hoped could be used as workers for the massive job of mining the Earth. They had discovered humans.

However, these creatures were quite different than anything The Annunaki had ever encountered. They seemed intelligent enough, but they were impossible to deal with.

Nothing, not fear, not pain, not even watching their friends die would sway them to what The Annunaki wanted them to do.

It was almost like these humans had one purpose and couldn’t do anything else even if they wanted.

But it was love for their home and an outright refusal to damage, destroy, alter, or manipulate the Earth at The Annunaki’s request that kept them from conforming.

The Annunaki even tried, unsuccessfully, claiming they were the ones who created the humans.

However, at that time The Annunaki were unaware of the connection the humans had to their other half back on Eden. The humans knew exactly who had arrived.

The Annunaki were in fact, very intelligent creatures however. A series of genetic manipulations performed on the male humans would solve the problem, or so it was believed.

One by one, the male humans were captured and injected with a DNA upgrade that would eventually change the fate of the inhabitants of The Garden of Eden. It would just be a matter of time.

The Annunaki, having completed the genetic tampering, prepared to leave. They needed to give the melting process of the ice covered planet time to do its thing.

A small team was assembled and would remain on Earth to manage and maintain the breeding process of the humans.

This task was put into the hands of a top scientist named Enki.

Enki was a powerful member of the upper echelon of Annunaki hierarchy.

He was very interested in studying the progress on the rate of change in these creatures.

The Annunaki had an amazing gift bestowed by The Six Headed Beast which created them. They had the power to shape shift, or transform into whatever they needed to be. So they took on human form.

Enki stood among the humans and watched as the other Annunaki boarded their ship and left Earth.

At that point the changes to the human mind had not taken over yet, and as the ship left, a legend was born about the ones who came from the sky in black clouds that burned in the sky.

And in telling this legend, the first of the changes began to materialize in the hearts and minds of the recently injected men, as fear crept in and filled them with a brand new perspective on life.

This new emotion clashed heavily with the very limited emotional database humans had been living with up to this point.

It only took a few generations of reproduction for Enki to realize something had gone wrong though.

By this stage there should have been significant changes in the way this creatures mind worked. But the change was minimal at best.

These creatures were learning to simply adapt, and somehow they retained the sense of self worth they had always enjoyed.

Frustrated, Enki began a series of experiments on his modified humans. What he discovered, shocked, and amazed him

In ways he could not understand, it appeared this creature was in fact, two creatures.

Enki began to decipher a series of files that were part of his spoils of war from the invasion of Eden. And what he learned, he could not believe.

These creatures had something called a soul. Something he had never heard of. Something that made these creatures immortal. As far as Enki knew, only The Six Headed Beast was immortal. More than anything, he wanted that! In fact, Enki became obsessed with the idea of living forever.

So obsessed, he entirely forgot why he had attempted to change the humans in the first place.

All that mattered was finding a way to implant or replicate one of these souls into himself.

Experiment after experiment failed. And as these further modified humans got released back among the others, the more damaged the integrity of the humans became.

After several more generations, significant changes could be seen.

So much so that they began to change in their physical appearance over time, not only mentally as the modification was initially supposed to be.

The most significant change was the colour of some of the creatures skin. There seemed to be several distinct skin tones and physical attributes appearing.

Though Enki had yet to discover the secret of the soul, he was forced to turn his attention back to creating a workforce for the mining operation.

He was rather impressed with one particular group that stood out from the others. It appeared this group was going to be the dominant one.

This dominant version of a human had changed almost entirely in colour.

It began with deep dark brown skin like they all had in the beginning.

But now it had transformed to become pale and light coloured, very much like Enki himself.

Up till this point Enki and his crew had lived unnoticed among the humans. But it was time for a change.

It was now about 190,000 Earth years since the Annunaki had left in their flying spaceship leaving Enki and his crew behind.

Enki and his kind lived to be about 360,000 years old in Earth terms. Which meant if he was going to complete the actual mission he was here for, he would have to find success soon. His age was creeping up on him.

The ice sheets that had once covered the Earth had been greatly diminished by this time. And the redistribution of the humans could begin.

Enki had sent for The Annunaki to return. The first mission was to gather all the humans of each kind based on their skin colour.

Then, each “race” was strategically dispersed around the world to the locations that were no longer inhospitable.

There were 4 distinct races based solely on skin tone. Dark brown, light brown, yellow, and white.

The first three races were relocated in their entirety and kept together. The white race however was divided into three groups.

These smaller groups of white humans were each placed to live with and among the other 3 races.

And just as Enki had envisioned, the white humans did whatever they had to do so they would find themselves in a position of authority.

It didn’t take long, and with the help of the white humans, the mining operations to amass monoatomic gold, were finally underway.

Turning his attention back to the humans, it quickly became clear to Enki there was no way to actually detect the soul while it was inside the body of the human beings.

It frustrated Enki to no end. He had gone so far as to take 13 human wives and father a large amount of children, half human, half Annunaki.

His intention was that if he could not achieve immortality, he could produce children that could.

However, it was this phase of experimentation that nearly took Enki from a distinguished scientist to an obsessed maniac.

There was no way to know if his experiments worked. The soul was no more detectable in his children, than in humans. Whether he had been successful or not, Enki would never know. At this point, he was prepared to give up.

The mining operations were nearly completed, and soon The Annunaki would leave Earth forever.

It was at this time however that Enki made his most crucial discovery.

By chance, he stumbled across some undiscovered information stolen from Eden. Vital information about the soul.

He learned the soul was, in fact, a tangible item. It could only be detected and seen after the death of the human host.

It appeared that as it traversed The Universe on the trip back to Eden, the soul became vulnerable.

And that’s when everything changed. Enki decided he was going to stay.

The rest of The Annunaki thought it was a strange request Enki made, but decided it was his choice to make in the end.

They packed up their ship, and left. Unknown to Enki, another member of their ranks was still on Earth with him.

Having burnt every bridge with his superiors during arguments over the mining expedition, Marduk was banished to Earth, an outcast no longer wanted among his own kind.

Also, unlike Enki, Marduk was open about his relations with human women. Something very much considered to be unacceptable.

It didn’t take Enki long to create a plan to confuse, distract, manipulate and erase any lingering recognition these humans may have about their soul and its purpose.

Enki didn’t want the knowledge of who they were, why they were on Earth, and what the purpose of the soul was, creeping back into the minds of men. He would give them a new, and totally different, understanding to live by.

It was the act of leaving The One, which Number Two had done in the early years of creation, that gave all creatures free will.

Free will would, in the eyes of Enki, become the most favourable of gifts bestowed on creation by The Six Headed Beast.

And Enki was prepared to take full advantage of many of the gifts he possessed if it meant immortality.

The children of Enki were a powerful group. They had no soul, but they did have some of the strengths that made Enki such a powerful creature.

One such quality they acquired was a lifespan much greater than a human. On average, these children would roam the Earth for up to 5000 years.

Another, was their size and strength. The males in particular reached heights of 10 feet, weighed nearly 800 pounds and had the strength of 10 men.

The reaction of the population towards these massive creatures, who otherwise resembled humans, is what gave Enki the idea which ultimately resulted in our current state of world affairs today.

Enki had his children roam the earth in search of the worst human beings alive.

It was now apparent just how wrong some of Enki’s experiments had gone. Murdereres, rapists, thieves, and tyrants made up a decent part of the population.

When they found these offenders, Enki’s children made an example out of them and slaughtered them all in public settings.

They then told the remaining humans the type of behaviour these bad humans displayed was against what they were willing to accept from this point on.

The children of Enki claimed their role as Gods among men. They presented their absent father as The One, creator of Heaven and Earth. And promised anyone who crossed them or their father, would meet the same fate as the many men they had recently slaughtered.

The humans began to cower in fear at the sight of these massive half humans. And they would go to any length to secure the favour of these Gods if they could.

The reason Enki was going to such great lengths to deceive the humans, should be of GREAT concern to every human alive.

Enki had been successful in his attempts to capture a human soul as it ascended to Eden.

What he learned from this was, and still is, a very frightening prospect which affects us as human beings to this very day.

Enki had found a way to harness, drain, and absorb the unique type of energy the human soul contained, into his own system.

And by doing so had secured a lesser version of the immortality he had sacrificed so much of his sanity to while searching for the secrets to living forever.

All he needed was an endless supply of human souls to drain and absorb. Consume.

For as long as he can secure a steady supply of human souls, ENKI WILL NOT DIE. He is very much alive and hiding on Earth. Though I don’t know, my guess is he is safely hidden in a secret room deep down below The Vatican.

In their true form, the Annunaki were not small creatures. Enki was a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than the largest and most powerful of his children, Zeus.

In his full Annunaki dress uniform and in his true physical form, Enki presented himself to the occupants of Earth.

The weapons of mass destruction he possessed, gave credence to the claim he made to the population in each location he appeared as he demonstrated his powers for emphasis.

Region by region Enki visited all the occupied territories around the world in support of what his children had recently established. The worlds very first religion.

Enki was determined to be their God. Their creator and judge. And ruler of all.

The concept took its place immediately in the minds of the population of earth. To disrespect The One or his many children, meant certain doom.

But serving them with your life, and living to please The One meant great rewards here on Earth. And also in the after-life.

Enki painted a beautiful picture to the humans of eternal life with him. He explained the nature of the Human soul and how it was a part of the “human experience” that could live forever as a guest in his kingdom.

Next, he explained the nature of free will. To gain entry to his kingdom called Heaven, a conscious desire had to be spoken aloud expressing a request to exist there with him.

The humans were forced to drop to their knees in front of Enki . He wanted a pledge, on their life, to abide by the rules he had created for them to live by.

Enki had made some reasonable requests, and the humans were happy to learn that outwardly, Enki appeared to be a fair, and decent giant of a man-god.

Like their father, the children of Enki took human lovers. By the time the first of Enki’s children had grown old and died, his family had grown to be enormous.

By the 5th generation of breeding with humans, Enki’s grandchildren had taken on the human form and were indistinguishable from the actual humans.

Under Enki’s guidance his grandchildren would tighten the hold on humans by introducing governments and the church to all of mankind. Each with its own design to control how the humans lived their lives.

The world was separated into manageable sized sections called countries. Borders were drawn, and several kingdoms established within each country.

The residents of these countries were then divided further to ensure they remained a totally conquered society that would have no hope to ever escape this enslavement.

New churches were allowed to rise up. And new religions. People were all of a sudden concerned with skin color, heritage, and financial status. Anything the Kings could use to divide people, they used.

It was simple, the only thing that could ever cause problems was numbers created by Unity.

The most influential of Enki’s extended family were put in positions of power to rule over the entirety of each country. Kings.

A hierarchy of control over all the humans was put in place. All to secure Enki’s place at the top of it all. The One.

Enki also arranged every marriage that ever happened in his family. He was very insistent certain guidelines be followed to ensure the bloodline his future grandchildren were born into, stayed pure.

And to this day, though we don’t realize or accept it, the descendants of Enki’s children continue to hold control of the world. And they still have no souls.

As observant, intelligent, and cautious as Enki was, it turned out he wasn’t quite as secretive as he thought himself to be. His obsession with the soul had made him careless.

Much to his surprise, he realized Marduk had been left behind and was hiding in plain sight, living on Earth in human form.

And, he had discovered why Enki had gone to such extremes creating this elaborate system of control over the humans.

Being left behind, Marduk was angry. And he hated this planet. He was looking for a way to seek revenge on the human race. Like most deviant minds, he blamed all things, except himself and his lust for human women, for all of his problems.

When Marduk discovered the secret Enki was keeping, he documented everything, including how Enki was taking credit for all creation and falsely claiming to be The One.

Marduk used the evidence he had gathered to blackmail Enki into providing him access to the technology so he could consume souls and become immortal as well.

As miserable, angry, and pissed off at the world as Marduk was, there was no surprise in the way he chose to win possession of the souls he meant to acquire.

He played on the worst of the human traits that had developed in the unfortunate victims of Enki’s obsession with genetic manipulation.

Traits like greed, anger, jealousy and corruption were Marduk’s signature approach.

He would provide material riches such as money, gold, precious gems, and even sultry women. Once his intended victim became obsessed, he would make a trade. A life of gluttony, control and power, for simply agreeing to spend eternity with him in the afterlife.

Marduk painted his own picture of an awesome place to spend eternity, which also would attract it’s fair share of human’s.

Like Enki, Marduk had succumbed to the sex appeal of the women of earth. He had a large family of part human, part Annunaki children and grandchildren just like Enki

He brought them all together. But rather than operate like Enki and create an opposing faction of towns and cities of their own, Marduk decided his approach would consist of infiltrating and corrupting the system of control Enki had established, from the inside out.

In response Enki had the church add a story that told of a fate worse than death for those who would take up sides with Marduk.

To join with Marduk meant your soul would burn and be tortured forever in a truly evil, sick place called Hell.

And just as this battle for human souls really got going in full swing, it came to a sudden stop.

In a stunning display of IT’s intense capability, The One appeared suddenly out of thin air.

In the next instant, swooping from the sky, came a small fleet of spacecraft which landed very close to where The One now stood.

From inside these crafts a group of representatives from Eden stepped foot on the soil of Earth for the first time in well over a hundred thousand years.

Sadness turned quickly to anger as what they saw around them sunk in. They wanted their planet back.

But with something as complicated as The One mediating the situation, it would not be as simple as forcing the Annunaki out.

The One saw opportunity for a test of strength between the soulless creation of The Six Headed Beast and his very own creation, the residents of Eden.

It was the humans The One wanted put to the test. IT had approved the original design of human beings, but now had some serious doubt about the integrity of this mutated creature that was really nothing like it had started out to be.

There were great concerns about gifting immortality to such an unstable life form even if they did have to earn it.

So, to ensure these humans were put to the test, The One decided that the Annunaki would no longer be allowed to reveal themselves in the flesh to humans.

Both Enki and Marduk would have to go into permanent hiding or leave earth, it was up to them.

The residents of Eden were given the same restrictions. They were not permitted to blatantly land in the town center and show themselves to the residents of Earth.

They had to find a way for the humans to see what was happening for the world to end up going from what it was, to what it is now, today, here in 2016.

Enki was quick to approach Marduk with a truce. Considering all that was at stake, the two opposing Annunaki warriors decided to join forces and unite their families.

The One had only asked Enki and Marduk to leave. Their families were permitted to stay on Earth. They had no souls so were of no interest to The One.

At this point Marduk went into hiding. Enki, on the other hand, used his ability to shape shift one last time, as he too disappeared from the face of the earth never to be seen in his true form again.

Enki transformed himself into a fertilized embryo in the womb of a descendant of his own family, a young woman named Mary.

Nine months later Enki was born into the world as a human baby. A baby with no soul of its own. A baby named Jesus. A baby that would forever enslave mankind and provide himself, and Marduk an everlasting supply of souls!

At least that was the plan the two Annunaki had come up with after being confronted by The One.

The Centaurians were also a smart bunch. But this type of mental warfare was not their strong suit. The Annunaki had the advantage since deceit seemed to be the spirit of this contest.

They were not without some tricks and secrets.of their own. The residents of Eden had began abducting humans a couple hundred years ago. They hoped the process of reversing the genetic manipulations that Enki had performed could be discovered.,

It turned out to be impossible. Much of what Enki had done was now a permanent part of human life.

Regardless, they had a plan B. And once more the humans were subjected to further genetic modifications.

It was a tricky process. The human host had to physically die. Then their soul was captured and manipulated.

A jolt of electricity was used to bring the human back to life. And that was it. The altered soul returned to the body. The human was released back to where it was taken from, unharmed.

This method wasn’t the quick fix needed, but in the long run, it would be more effective.

This addition to the soul didn’t change the person who received the upgrade. It was designed to create change in the offspring of the recipients.

It was a process that would take a very long time, but it would eventually produce some very different humans.

They would look the same as everyone else, but their hearts, and minds would be far more in tune with the needs of Mother Earth and her occupants.

And the best case scenario would result in the reestablishment of the telepathic connection of the two halves of which the authentic humans had shared.

And in the early part of the 1900’s, the very first Indigo Soul arrived on Earth, a quirky Australian man named Errol Flynn.

The long awaited results started to trickle in, until the late 1960’s when the first main wave of Indigo Souls were born into this world. And every year since the numbers have grown.

As Indigo Souls matured and began having children of their own, the Crystal children began to arrive.

The Crystal children are to be witness to a great change. It’s their duty and role to document what takes place.

They will use the knowledge of their journey to create a better way of life for the future.

Never again will people suffer the fate the human population has endured so far at the hands of Enki and Marduk.

The union between the children of Enki and Marduk was very powerful. And very corrupt.

For almost 2000 years they have worked hand in hand to ensure the secrets and lies of the past stay buried.

The church knows all the lies. It’s their role to protect Marduk and Enki and keep them alive by ensuring a steady stream of our souls arrive to be consumed.

It was also a key component of the plan to ensure that the world never finds out how two Annunaki madmen fooled the world with the story about Jesus and Lucifer to enslave the world.

If you haven’t caught on, there is only one way to win back the Garden of Eden.

Enki and Marduk have exceeded their lifespan and are vulnerable. The source of their immortality, our souls, is all that is keeping them alive. A recent surge in spirituality, and atheism has weakened them.

The Pope is above all. He commands the legion of soulless tyrants who have taken over the world. They have crafted a web of deceit and corruption in the never ending lust for power and control of the entire planet.

And in doing so, they have enslaved us all. We are bound to them in several ways, the most powerful way is something called the monetary system. The Almighty Dollar.

Value is placed on a worthless object, a simple piece of paper for example.

That object is then provided in great quantity to most anyone with the ability to repay what was borrowed.

By charging a substantial fee for such a loan, these tyrants in control of the monetary system are making a huge profit at our expense for doing absolutely nothing.

They have found a way to control every aspect of our lives. They control food production, food quality and food distribution.

They control energy production and distribution. They control access to water. Healthcare. Education and a whole long list of other essential services. If a dollar of profit can be made, they have found the way to make it.

And they have introduced a massive array of distractions which draw our attention away from everything they do, TV being one of the most potent distractions of them all.

War is another distraction and the profit earned is 10x the return of any investment they would ever allow us to make.

The value of weapons of war are greatly over inflated. The Elite own factories that produce these weapons. Then governments all over the world purchase these weapons using government funding.

Of course it means there will always be a reason for war. And these nasty, sick, monsters have about sucked the world dry of financial security. Money not only keeps us enslaved, it’s the perfect distraction as well.

These distractions serve to create an atmosphere of confusion about, and detachment from, the present moment.

In case it may have slipped past you, the present moment is all we have.

Though their system of time keeping lends a hand to distract you from the fact that time doesn’t exist. It is ALWAYS, right now!

Right now is the time to face these liars. Right now is the time to walk away from their churches, their beliefs,, their laws, their banks, their corporations that monopolize the food industry and their set of principals which guide our entire lives.

Right now it’s time to end this nightmare of illusion and deceit.

Sources used:

  • freeman

    what a load.

  • Naeight

    Where to begin?

    2nd Yoḥanan(John) 1:7 — “Because many who are leading astray went out into the world who do not confess Y’shua(יהוהשוע) Messiah as coming in the flesh. This one is he who is leading astray and the anti-messiah.”

    2 Timothy 4:2-4 — “(2)Proclaim the Word! Be urgent in season, out of season. Reprove, warn, appeal, with all patience and teaching. (3) For there shall be a time when they shall not bear sound teaching, but according to their own desires, they shall heap up for themselves teachers tickling the ear, (4) and they shall indeed turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to myths.

    If this tickles your ears, then be warned—death is not too far off to those who do not submit to the First and the Last, the Master Creator, YAHUWAH(the LORD) Elohim(God) through Messiah Y’shua(יהוהשוע).

    I do not doubt the existence of Enki, Marduk, Zeus, or Aliens(Demons).

    Genesis 6:1-2, 4 — “(1) And it came to be, when men began to increase on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, (2) that the sons of Elohim(God) saw the daughters of men, that they were good. And they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose. (4) The Nephilim(Giants) were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of Elohim(God) came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, the men of name.”

    Anyone who has taken the time to read and study scripture understands that Fallen Angels [sons of Elohim(God)] are another name for aliens/demons. These hybrids offspring between a demon/alien and human female are what the Hebrews call Nephilim. Goliath was a Nephilim of the bloodline Rephaim. King Og in Deuteronomy chapter 3 was around 14 feet tall and over 6 feet wide. Mosheh(Moses) fought against them, so did King Dawid(David). In Numbers 13:28-33 we see the 10 spies who gave a bad report were scared of the Anakim—a specific bloodline of Nephilim. The KJV has censored out these Hebrew terms as put in a generic word “giants.” Upgrade to a NKJV or better yet get an ISR The Scriptures—even better yet buy an interlinear scripture and Strong’s concordance and see for yourself these truths.

    This storytelling guy may have some valid information in certain areas, but it’s hard to sift through all the lies. Clearly he is working with aliens/demons to begin further destabilization of religion. I agree with him to a degree, all religion is trash; be it Christian, Judaism, Islam, or any other nonsense man has made up. However, Messiah is real and is the only way to Salvation. Reading and study of the Scriptures builds your relationship with YAHUWAH(the LORD) Elohim(God). As long as you properly submit and repent through Messiah Y’shua(יהוהשוע), YAHUWAH(יהוה) teaches you and guides you into Messiah. Christians call the Messiah Jesus, but this is a Greek name.

    Strong’s Concordance #G2424 [Iesou, Iesouv, Iesous] is the Greek Name used for the Messiah. Acts 7:43; Hebrews 4:8, and Lucas(Luke) 3:29 also use #G2424, but they talk about Yahushua(Joshua) son of Nun and Yahushua(Joshua) son of Eliezer. This is the key and through this we know how to translate the Messiah’s Name. This means that the Messiah’s Name is not Jesus. It closer resembles Joshua, but understand there is still no “J” letter in Hebrew. The letter “J” is only about 400-500 years old worldwide. Y’shua, Yeshua, Yahusha, Yahushua are all various forms of who we call Joshua son of Nun. We know Messiah is given a Name above all Names, so perhaps the full Name of the Father(YAHUWAH) exists as the Messiah Yahuwahoshua(יהוהשוע). (Philippians 2:9; Yoḥanan(John) 5:43)

    “Scholars” like to say Iesous is where Jesus comes from. However, #G2424 has three variations due to grammar, but Iesou is the root Name. According to their rules Iesou should be Jesu and Iesouv should be Jesuv. Jesu and Jesuv are not common, but Jesus is because it contains a slew of pagan abbreviations of gods hidden inside. Look it up yourself, but don’t let this shake your faith.

    If you are of Elohim(God) then He will reveal truth to you. If you chose to put your trust outside Him, then you seal your own doom. These Name alterations actually validates Scripture, because why else would so much trouble, lies, and time be used to cover up Truth? The Adversary hates Y’shua(יהוהשוע) Messiah and will do anything possible to direct attention away from your personal Salvation and your chance to achieve everlasting life—something Enki, Marduk, Zeus, and Satan have no possession of or chance at obtaining.

    I have had supernatural encounters of my own and Elohim(God) shows me deeper and deeper levels inside scriptures. Everything Elohim(God) tells me checks out as truth. He tells me to tell you to study scripture outside man’s organizations. Develop a personal relationship with Him. Read cover to cover! I suggest getting a translation better than the KJV, but if you must then you must. Understand the man known as King James corrupted truth. The apostle Yaaqob(Jacob) wrote a book, but King James wanted his name in the Bible, so he changed Yaaqob(Jacob) into Apostle James. Look it up for yourself if you are a Seeker of Truth. King James did this name switch, just imagine what else he changed. Regardless, develop a relationship by submitting and repenting, the rest will open up before you.

    This storyteller calls the Messiah Jesus. This is a clear sign of evil corruption. Manmade religion, namely Christian organizations twisted His Name into lies of corruption. The Roman Catholic Church consolidated control in the 4th century. The word Catholic in Latin means “universal” and this is what their goal was. They attempted to create a universal religion from twisting The Way of Messiah taught by YAHUWAH(the LORD) Elohim(God) into a pathetic manmade religion. The word “pope” and “Vatican” are not found in scripture.

    Revelation 12:17 — “And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to fight with the remnant of her seed, those guarding the commands of Elohim(God) and possessing the witness of Y’shua(יהוהשוע) Messiah.”

    Revelation 14:12 — “Here is the endurance of the set-apart ones, here are those guarding the commands of Elohim(God) and the belief of Y’shua(יהוהשוע).”

    Notice it’s not just believing in Messiah, but also those who guard the Commandmets of Elohim(God). Torah(Law) has not been done away with.

    Mattityahu(Matthew) 5:17-19 — “(17)Do not think that I came to destroy the Torah or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to complete. (18) For truly, I say to you, till the heaven and the earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall by no means pass from the Torah till all be done. (19) Whoever, then, breaks one of the least of these commands, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the reign of the heavens; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the reign of the heavens.

    Did Messiah fulfill or complete all prophecy at His Sacrifice? No! Then Torah(Law) is still here too! Hebrews chapters 9&10 show us animal sacrifices are upgraded into a spiritual system.

    Mattityahu 7:21-23 — “(21) Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter into the reign of the heavens, but he who is doing the desire of My Father in the heavens. (22) Many shall say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your Name, and cast out demons in Your Name, and done many mighty works in Your Name? (23) And then I shall declare to them, ‘I never knew you, depart from Me, you who work lawlessness!’”

    Lawlessness is living without rules. Torah is Law. Elohim(God) doesn’t want you to live under Torah because of force. He wants you to do it out of free will. Grace is a concept that has existed long before Messiah walked Earth, but man has twisted Sha’ul(Paul)’s words and the rest of scripture into lies. The choice is yours, time is running out. (Yeḥezqel(Ezekiel) 33:8-9)

    • Rafa

      I completely agree with your comment, as well I thank you for people like you that share the real knowledge that humanity need in this last days but sadly a lot of people ignored and is easy to believe and heard what the media show to keep us far away from the thruth, Satan has been manipulating the humanity since men was created with lies and it will get worst this last days but who ever believe and live under God rules will be save, no doubt.

    • Rose Renouf

      Demons are spirits…

      • Naeight

        Nephilim(Hybrid Human/Demon) are spirits because their mortal bodies have died. Some Nephilim are still alive today. Demons(Aliens) can switch between spirit and flesh. I’ve personally seen this done.

        Albeit, you miss the point brother: Guard yourself by tempering your spiritual armor by strengthening your connection into YAHUWAH(~the LORD) Elohim(~God) through Y’shua(יהוהשוע) Ha’Moshiach(the Messiah). Get a good translation of the Scriptures [ISR, BYNV, Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition] and read cover to cover. (I’ve yet to find a perfect English Scripture translation)

        Truly, truly, repent and seek Him with ALL your being, the rest will be guided as the Ruach Ha’Kodesh [Holy Spirit] fills you. If you are still alive, then you are worthy to submit yourself by repenting. Amein.

        This isn’t a game or some Hollywood movie. Hard work and dedication is needed to achieve needed results. There is no such thing as “once saved always saved.” The Enemy is constantly trying to erode and corrupt you so as to drag you down with him.

        May YAHUWAH(יהוה) open our eyes to see and ears to hear. May YAHUWAH(יהוה) heal us and protect us. All authority is given through His only-begotten Son’s Set-Apart(Holy) Name Y’shua(יהוהשוע) Ha’Moshiach(the Messiah). Amein.

        • gerbilcrusader


    • gerbilcrusader

      NAEIGHT you and other CHRISTIAN NUT JOBS like you are THE REAL DECEIVER. I read and studied your bible and used to be one of you SLAVES. I already know you are a DAMN LIAR and a HYOPCRITE. You are the problem of this world. Your kind and your muslim buddies!

  • quest

    Great Sci-fy

  • Shane

    It’s amazing the similarities this article has with others, more pieces to the puzzle, thank you

    • Cory Figura

      You’re welcome

      • Alex

        interesting about ENKI …..you can find Barbara Marciniak on you tube she also talk about ENKI (-:

  • Arno van Harskamp

    To those of you ‘into’ extraterrestial lore and UFO’s: This piece is in part, significant disinformation that must be realized. Most of it aligns with existing lore revolving Enki, Marduk and the Nephilem. HOWEVER, there are a few mis-info’s in there. Namely,

    Jesus was not th birthing of Enki and Marduk’s final plan to merge and work together, as is stated in this article; much less that Jesus, in this, would be the son of Lucifer.
    This piece is designed by the satanic cabal to throw a significant amount of noise into what’s known, with one prime goal: Propagate that Jesus is the Son of Lucifer (as per Vatican Doctrine). Secondly, it calls for arms against the ruling elilte in a chaotic fashion. This is exactly what the Deep Church (Vatican) and Deep State (Rothschild), together, the Deep System, wants!
    The prime indicator that this piece comes from ‘their’ hand is one number in the introductionary paragraph: 17. For 17 years this guy had been subject to ‘abduction’. 17 is the satanic cabal (ruling elite filth)’s flash-sign, much like the devil’s horns hand-sign. The 17 sign is much more covert though but it means essentially the same. It’s a flash-sign to their buddies to let their buddies know it’s their work, so their buddies know to support their narrative.

    File #17: – The Saoudis were behind the 9/11 attacks (diversion by ‘them’ to blame the Saouds)
    17 Intelligence Agencies: – Hillary trying to be overly convincing on the Russian Hacks.
    hrod17@clintonemail.com : – The email address HRC used primarily to connect with her deepstate peers. Sidenote, the other email used, hdr22@clintonemail is also a flash-sign: No ‘hrc here, the c is taken bij ‘clintonemail’ so it became the d instead, referring to her middle maiden name “Diana”. It’s 3 letters followed by 22. This makes 322, the Scull & Bones signature flash sign. This address was used to connect to Sculls & Bones affilliated peers.
    MH17: – The shot down airliner (whose tail number got reassigned days before the fatal flight), on July 17th, carefully planned.

    You will find the number 17 used a lot anywhere geopolitical items are concerned.
    What’s so special about 17? It is their short-hand version of the number of the beast, the 3 6’es. Grab a prime-numbers table and you’ll see it instantly. Drop 2, it’s the one and only even primenumber, and not even really a prime number. So what’s left? 17 is the 6th odd prime number. 17 is the 3rd 2-digit prime number (3×2= again 6) and the difference between 1 and 7 is… you guessed it: 6. 17, with the prime-number table packs 3 6’es in it. They use it a lot. Watch carefully, if you see a 17 used obnoxiously in any geopolicical issue, YOU WILL KNOW IT’S A FLASH-SIGN to their fellow cabalists, often telling them to support the narrative surrounding the geopolitical issue presented.

  • https://www.shugsy.com Ross Shugar

    This is unfortunately false. I go to the angelic realm out of body. I know the whole angelic realm. This is a newer universe, there’s many universes. Do not listen to this it’s false.

    • Cory Figura

      Tell me about this angelic realm. What did you learn there to have us believe you? You simply state it’s false but offer no explanation or contridiction. Seems odd. If I disagree with stuff I explain why

  • https://www.shugsy.com Ross Shugar

    ‘Nine months later Enki was born into the world as a human baby. A baby with no soul of its own. A baby named Jesus. A baby that would forever enslave mankind and provide himself, and Marduk an everlasting supply of souls!’

    This is the biggest bullshit part of this whole thing. Jesus is known as the ‘Christ Soul’ a planetary form of God consciousness. The creator of all that is is one with Christ. This universe was created later than the other universes. This guy is being told completely the wrong information.

    • gerbilcrusader


  • John Campbell

    Never once does he say to take up arms against anyone. He simply says we
    should walk away from it all. This was not written by some globalist
    deceiver. It was written by just some guy. Not saying he has gotten 100%
    correct info, but as far as he knows, he has. It’s not some evil plot,
    not by him anyway. If there is any ill intent here, its not from the
    writer, its from the source of his information, or even misinterpreting
    what he is receiving. I only know this because I kinda know the guy
    that went through this and wrote this. He believes we should drop our
    belief systems and focus on changing the world for the better, as
    religion tends to be a continual reason for war. It has been the root
    reasoning for countless atrocities. He is angry that the world is so
    divided over petty ideas, and nonsensical superstitions, about God, and
    about one another. He’s not wrong in this regard. Believe X or you
    deserve punishment eternally, sounds like a great way to divide people.
    Race, class, religion, all only serve to keep the powerful in power.
    That is something he is constantly talking about. As far as the other
    stuff you guys are going on about… I have not a clue. Believe what
    you want about whatever he’s said, his intentions are good. I know
    where you guys are coming from, I totally get it, but try not to jump to
    conclusions about everything. You don’t know every part of every story.

  • John Campbell

    Never once does he say to take up arms against anyone. He simply says we
    should walk away from it all. This was not written by some globalist
    deceiver. It was written by just some guy. Not saying he has gotten 100%
    correct info, but as far as he knows, he has. It’s not some evil plot,
    not by him anyway. If there is any ill intent here, its not from the
    writer, its from the source of his information, or even misinterpreting
    what he is receiving. I only know this because I kinda know the guy
    that went through this and wrote this. He believes we should drop our
    belief systems and focus on changing the world for the better, as
    religion tends to be a continual reason for war. It has been the root
    reasoning for countless atrocities. He is angry that the world is so
    divided over petty ideas, and nonsensical superstitions, about God, and
    about one another. He’s not wrong in this regard. Believe X or you
    deserve punishment eternally, sounds like a great way to divide people.
    Race, class, religion, all only serve to keep the powerful in power.
    That is something he is constantly talking about. As far as the other
    stuff you guys are going on about… I have not a clue. Believe what
    you want about whatever he’s said, his intentions are good. I know
    where you guys are coming from, I totally get it, but try not to jump to
    conclusions about everything. You don’t know every part of every story.

    • Cory Figura

      Thanks John you’ve been listening lol cool

    • gerbilcrusader

      as you NOTICED, it is the RELIGIOUS NUT JOBS that are quick to condmen particularly CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS. Just read their history and the wars I fought and present. RELIGION and GOVERNMENTS are all a fraud and a SLAVE SYSTEM. we are all eternal spirits and we aren’t the only humans. In fact we are the KIDS in the block. The ones who are blinds are the christians and religious nut jobs always attacking those they don’t agree like this MESSENGER!

    • Sudi Maharaj

      well said sir… although i still see division as a main element of the original piece…
      it looked like an attempt to cause men to see other men as having evil intent.
      gerbil man has obviously adopted the name for himself based on his brain size…
      an he ent say nutting yet…

  • Cory Figura

    Hi, I’m the guy who wrote this. First, somebody who operates this site needs to contact me. There is no credit given to me and you’ve changed the title with asking me…also this is an incomplete version. This is only half of it. As for this idea I’m evil and in league with satan, that’s a laugh. You people urging everyone to put your faith in Jesus or whatever you wanna call him are the ones responsible for the awful state of the world today. His followers are encouraged to turn a blind eye to all the worlds problems and wait for him to come back to earth and have a battle royal with evil so you don’t have to. Because everyone expects Jesus, who will NEVER appear, to fight their battles instead of getting up and confronting this problem head-on. It’s proof the church and the Illuminatti work together. The Illuminatti does the dirty work, the church keeps the people out of the way so the dirty work goes smoothly. And “The One” in this docere is the same God you speak of, just properly described. You mentioned Moses. Well, the very first commandment says do not worship false idols. Have no other God tag me. Yet you worship Jesus. Jesus is the test, the deception put before you to see if you can follow rules. You can’t. Look at the world. The One is obviously really mad at you guys for that. I’m not the evil…and let’s not forget, just cause it’s written in a book and called a bible doesn’t make it any more likely to be true than a Harry Potter novel. Silly guys, nobody can prove any theory of our past history so go fry an egg…your rigid, closed minds are a sad indication of mans past, wait till you see what opening people’s minds does for our future. I promise life will improve for the ones your type has rejected, abandoned, disenfranchised, cast out, mocked, and even murdered. You can make all the bible quotes you want, regardless, we are here and we will be heard by the masses. Enjoy

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCInuhDJPBttygL73gwaiKCA gredwa

      Cory, how to get in contact with you? I would love to read the rest of
      your story. You can contact me at this username via gmail. Cheers.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCInuhDJPBttygL73gwaiKCA gredwa

        Thanks to Cory who replied to me and provided the full account. He is on facebook, which I don’t use, so if you provide your email there or here, he obviously still reads this thread, I’m sure he will connect with you, as he did me.

    • Gracie

      please tell me the rest i am very interested. can u message me via gmail?

      • Cory Figura
        • Andy Ross

          Hi Cory. Thanks for this article. I’ve just read it at 3am and it makes sense to me, though I need to revisit it tomorrow when I’m more awake. Is it okay to message or add you directly on Facebook?

          • Cory Figura

            Yes send me a friend request on fb this article is incomplete, there is more to it. These pricks accepted it from someone who stole it off my fb wall.

          • Andy Ross

            Friend request sent

          • Leslie High

            I’ll be looking on fb 4 u. My disguise is filled with Scientology but I’m not no more. It wasn’t your article online but now I found out that you have the full story on Facebook I’ll have to read that, it’s late and I just went through reading that whole article online. As far as I know I’ve been being abducted since January 1st or before, if it was if it was the centurions abducting people for 200 years, then who are the ones abducting you and me? I’ve seen kind of like Greys but they look different, and other and others. Can’t really see them with the naked eye all the time. But film captures them and I have seen them in pictures everywhere. There are snout mouths that I’ve seen a lot, everyday. Whoever these aliens are I don’t know why they’re abducting me? I think I’ve become a hybrid hibernating shell for them? There’s a lot more that I wanted to discuss with you.

          • Lee Ingalls

            Cory I would love to share your very interesting story on my website.

            FB has my controls locked because, I spread Truth. I do have several websites that I maintain. Mostly, spiritual and health related but I will shine the light on truth to help awaken the sheeple. Looking forward to hearing from you.

            My website is

            I am not about bragging rights as I always give credit to the source as permitted.

            I would love to hear the entire story if I can. I can’t use my controls on FB as it is completely locked. The friends I have are the only ones I can read their stuff now. I can’t answer email or messages on FB either or find and add friends. The Nazis have me in quarantine it seems.

            My personal email is

            I will copy this email into a personal email to you so you can reply.

    • Leo

      Hey Corey, can you please get in contact with me via my email leob5454@yahoo.com please? I want to know more and also to read the full story. This has got me thinking way to much but I’m interested. Thanks.

    • Jemuel

      I just stumbled across this and would love to know more. JemuelB_@hotmail.com

    • Sudi Maharaj

      1. i realized you were a white christian when i started the youtube video… your inclusion of Nibiru, and eden…. as well as the complete lack of understanding of Glaciation, and its scope, coverage and effects.
      2. what you have attempted here is whatbthe Hindus call an Upanishad, which seeks to explain the evolution of the Earth, its peoples and its conditionalities with God etc… you have failed easily in that, as once again, you place Earth at the centre of all things, with The One as the creator.
      3. Hubble, Laniakea… shows we are in motion, and have come form a Geographic area of our node of our universe, and will likely be returning there… which means, to a simpleton like you, that the Earth wasn’t “always” and will cease to be Earth in a time.
      4. Species creation and understanding… We do not know how many species are on Earth, and we never will, since you cannot analyze forests, deep seas and underground.

      Your offering is weak… it is a realization for Christians though that Jesus is shit, and yet you still hold on to God…
      but that is shit also.

      As an Indo Caribbean Canadian, i refute this shit… and ask you to get education before you process the shit you spew, and also, to lead the Earth to Peace…
      Which is not what you ask be done…

      History on Earth did not start 2000 years ago… the Romans, were not anything special, yet your historical timelime does not include anything really before their time…

      Pangea? Nope. Dinosaurs? Nope. evolution? Nope.
      sorry charlie… its just shit you came up with…

      • gerbilcrusader

        SUDI MAHARAJ, Hey moron! He never said history of the Earth started 2000 yrs ago. He was talking about the CATHOLIC church and what they did to the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. You fucking moron hindu bitch obviously cannot read and learn to comprehend basic english composition. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LOW LIFE TROLL

    • Karla Berry

      Hi Cory how can I get the rest of your story to read? My email address is berrykarla510@gmail.com please contact me with further information. Thank you

      • gerbilcrusader

        can you forward whatever info you get from CORY to me at bruceleeclone@hotmail.com

        • Karla Berry

          Yes I will as I get it , if I get it.

    • gerbilcrusader

      THANK YOU CORY FIGURA! I left the christian religion and all religions and always hated all governments some 25 yrs ago. I never questioned my religion and what I was brought up into. As a kid I always had dreams of UFO’s and come to believe dreams are reality in other dimensions or lives we are living or have lived outside this body. I am trying to put the pieces together with your message, the messages of others like ALEX COLLIER, whistleblowers and NDE survivors. I can tell the ELITES are using the CHRISTIAN and other religious trolls like muslims to attack people like you who are sent as MESSENGERS to us who are awaken or have been awaken and being taken out of slavery.

    • Olivia Klozov

      I knew it!!! HaHa! I knew it all along Cory! Way to go man!! I love you! I started watching that Ancient Alien shit and it all got me wondering for a long time. Not saying that all that’s true. Ya gotta have a sense of humor but I’ve thought a lot about a lot of things in the last few years. I used to want to be taken by them. ^ I wondered what that was like! Cory I have much respect for what you put out there and people need to wake up and get these soulless bastards!! Yippeeiokayee mfer!!!

      • Olivia Klozov

        I would also like to know how to get more of your story. my email is oliviaklozov@yahoo.com Just let me know sweetheart!

    • Olivia Klozov

      OMG! You posted that a year ago? I hope you get my messages below! You are amazing! How interesting as well! Thanks and I will email you!

    • Olivia Klozov

      A Year ago? Damn where I been? Haha! I will FB you and my email is oliviaklozov @yahoo.com You’re awesome! I wish I could go with you next time!! LOL!

    • Tinks Twin T. Marie

      Cory Figura you have stated your original writtings were stolen and that there is much much more to…. I personally would be especially honored if you could post in its entirety….. I have been spreading this to anyone whom is willing to acknowledge its message.
      A fan from the first sentence tinkstwin T. Marie

    • Syx

      WOW Cory, this is a great piece of Writing!! It pulled Me into it for the duration of the Machine Speak… I loved the journey it took Me on!!The voice has got to be changed though, if it can be. Just My 2 cents…

    • kvklvfklvfkd

      hey corey,great text keep up the great work

  • Michael Rannoojee

    This is all confusing stuff but somehow something deep within me understand it all but I’m still profoundly confused. My beliefs is somehow comprehending all this but I don’t know how, am I also mad? I’ve seen things mainly in my dream-state but I don’t how to understand it all, how come I understand all this and yet don’t know how to process it all?

  • Michael Rannoojee

    Ok, it’s been almost a week now since I found the above article and it messed up my own personal beliefs, and yes I was confused by the article as it made sense to me, but now I must question this, I mean isn’t our mind designed to try to make sense of information overload? Anyway, it caused me some sleepless nights, but not any more because I see now that the article is one of an imaginative fantasy of one man, who by the way refuse to identify himself. I’ve held a theory for a long time that faith/religion was and is a governing body created by “intelligent people” to rule over others, in general. It’s amazing how this “author” seems to target the main players of darkness to people and organisations that are known worldly, but why? I even wondered could he actually be the enemy that we should be afraid of? One particular item that finally made me realise that the author of this article was a great fantastist, and a good one at that was his usage of certain phrases from the Bible, (other religious books are available) but this story of Jesus Christ being from the Annunaki and a direct descendant of Enki, and how they are the evil dark entities trying to deter us from The Centaurians and from returning back to The Garden of Eden, but tell me: there’s many documented cases of normal people who have been subjected to appalling supernatural attacks, but many were saved and able to recover through prayers involving Jesus Christ as their protector, saviour, how did that happened if Jesus Christ is suppose to be the descendants of evil alien entities? At the end of the day, what makes the author of this article above, more special than over 6 billion people of this world? And how come there’s not another person that can give credence to his theory? Why did these aliens only go to him and entrusted him of all this? I do believe there is The One out there, that people call God, Allah, Jehovah etc, but I honestly don’t believe The One has created a belief system but made us free-thinkers to decide for ourselves. I do believe in my own personal faith, and maybe it’s been influenced by my upbringing, but I refer to my The One as Jesus Christ but, don’t get me wrong, I was born into the catholic faith but do not practice it nor follow it’s teaching but the name Jesus Christ has been imprinted into my psychic so it’s easier for me to call my The One JC, and my personal beliefs keeps me grounded and happy but I don’t feel the need to preach my personal beliefs. I believe true faith comes from within and is about your private relations to your God. Hence why I will public declare that I don’t believe the author of the above article but what a brilliant Hollywood blockbuster the movie would have been if the article was turned into a film. I also believe the author may harbour some sort of jealousy and may have an overactive suspicious nature of governing bodies, I mean I do honestly believe that there’s a lot of corrupt people in power, but it isn’t supernatural or extraterrestrial but rather about greedy sods who think themselves something special.

    • gerbilcrusader

      I BELIEVE you are an IDIOT for keeping your stupid religion and beliefs. KEEP BEING A SLAVE moron!

  • Elisabeth Howse

    Cory Figura wrote Full Disclosure.

  • Elisabeth Howse

    The work you have quoted from godlikeproductions, is called Full Disclosure and is written by Cory Figura. I have messaged you about this, and would appreciate if you could amend the article to credit its Author.

    • Leo

      Could u email me the fill story too please if u would be so kind

  • gredwa

    Cory, how to get in contact with you? I would love to read the rest of your story. You can contact me at this username via gmail. Cheers.

  • Tracy Hilton

    Hi could you email me the full story please, would love to read it!!.. tracy.hilton@yahoo.com
    Please get in touch thought this was great, have to hear it all!

  • Matthew Freeman

    You are an utter and complete LIAR. I know the history of the Earth, I know who God is and where he lives. This is UTTER LIES and a deception. Enlil (the DEVIL) must be behind this trash talking nonsense. Enlil is YAHWEH – he is an utter liar who claimed that he created the world and so forth in biblical Genesis. HE IS A LIAR. You will note that Enki created Adam and Eve with a CONSCIENCE!! That is knowledge of good and evil – and that is why Yahweh kicked them out of his garden in Eden. Enki had tricked Enlil who had ordered him to create slaves – and Enlil was very angry about it .. because he is a PSYCHOPATH!!

    This story is also captured in the Greek myths where Enki is Prometheus .. delivering the knowledge of good and evil to mankind was represented by the fire in the fennel stalk. In that tale Prometheus was TORTURED by Zeus (Enlil) by being chained to a mountain and an eagle (symbol of Enlil) devoured his liver (heart) every day.

    Enlil (the DEVIL) RULED this solar system for almost 20,000 years until he was DEFEATED AND EXILED to the surface of the Earth because he LOST the war between the good and evil factions of the immortals. That war was fought between 8,500BC and 6,500BC .. it was fought ON THE EARTH .. because the Gods had been forced to abandon Nibiru (Jupiter) at that time because planet Venus had been ejected from its surface. The gods landed and settled en mass in Egypt .. Enlil lacked all of his weapons and infrastructure on the Earth .. and the benevolent gods rose against him and defeated him. That is not the full story .. but it is the CORRECT story .. not this trash talking nonsense made up crap.

    • gerbilcrusader


  • Matthew Freeman

    If you want the truth you can read my books .. unlike this charlatan I include EVIDENCE after EVIDENCE after EVIDENCE .. I don’t rely on magical dreams – if you had such visions then I will tell you that only the EVIL demons are physically present on the Earth at this time. This is a viscous attack on God and on Christ – this approaches devil worship.

    • gerbilcrusader


  • Rose Renouf

    Demons are spirits without a body aliens have bodies..

  • spanman112

    so you are replacing one bullshit set of stories with another? Don’t get me wrong, i’m against organized religion … but you claim the Big bang didn’t happen even though we can observe it’s afterglow … and that races of aliens have visited earth with thousands of ships as recent as the birth of Jesus and it’s not mentioned anywhere in any history book … you have no tangible proof other than your word … starting to see how this looks like a religion?

    • gerbilcrusader

      big bang is a theory and you have any proof either because PAST HISTORIES were destroyed. You should be smart enough to look at the findings of ANCIENT ALIENS research, NDE who are not religious and whistleblowers from government entities.

  • Jon

    MIxed bag of confusion, my suggestion is half truths to serve the purpose of the NWO, an implanted device may be the way the person is being communicated with, check behind the ears for signs of scars, must use a camera to see it and you may change contrast to observe it better. There is the Universe and it has consciousness, it is not a one unthinking. Call it a being that transcends time and space and matter, God is all around and his Son is there watching.

  • Jehudit Melody

    ….and then Enki, – who was obsessed with immortality – transformed himself to an embryo to be born as Jesus, about whom we all know that he went on to die on the cross (undeniable historical fact)… What nonsense! All this alien stuff is cruel deception… Please everyone read this article also, before you let yourself be deceived: http://www.christianinformation.org/article.asp?artID=55

    • gerbilcrusader

      christianity like islam is a FRAUD LIKE YOU bitch!

  • arvindan95

    How would you explain the Great pyramid and the other structures on the ley lines?

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCInuhDJPBttygL73gwaiKCA gredwa

      All the pyramid structures on Earth are a mystery. I doubt anyone will know the real truth anytime soon, as we don’t have access to our innate history from antiquity. There are so many theories, just be careful taking anything on board. One brief interesting read regarding some supposed recent history of this planet is by Matilda O’Donnell, Alien Interview from 1947, google is your friend. It answers your question clearly, but who really knows? There is much deception in this world, stay strong to your own conscience, and question everything, don’t blindly believe anything or anyone without evidence, it’s OK to say ‘I don’t know’, is about my .02c worth. Cheers.

      • gerbilcrusader

        pyramids are said to be WEIGHTS used to balance a planet. It is found in other planets throughout the galaxy according to several alien contactees.

      • Syx

        I like This from You! “…stay strong to your own conscience, and question everything, don’t blindly believe anything or anyone without evidence…” I say nearly the same things to people a lot like, about ‘You should Question everything and only believe half of what You hear and nothing that You seel’

  • Tinks Twin T. Marie

    Cory you stated your original writtings were stolen and that there is much much more to…. I personally would be especially honored if you could post in its entirety….. I have been spreading this to anyone whom is will to acknowledge it message.
    A fan from the first sentence tinkstwin T. Marie