Alien Hybrid Found In India (Video)

An alien “humanoid” hybrid has been discovered in Rajasthan, India, buried beneath the ground according to locals in the area. 


Villagers in Jodhpur’s Bawadi village were digging a tube well to fetch water when they discovered the alien hybrid creature.

In this video you can see what appears to be a creature that looks like a cross between a human and a reptilian, with four fingers and no thumbs on each hand.


Is this some kind of alien-hybrid creature? Or an elaborate hoax? Let us know by commenting below.

  • Rick Smith

    Looks like half-man, half frog.
    Was mom swimming in a swamp with her swami?

  • Mandy Harenza

    OMG that is an a ancephalic baby…a child born without a brain and top of the skull.

  • Julesvdm

    It looks way to muscular to be a baby. And it doesn’t look like it’s dead either. And you may think it’s an ancephalic baby, but still the eyes don’t look human at all. There’s a lot of DNA mixing going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if they mixed up human DNA with some animal. It’s not like ‘they’ keep no secrets from us… As for the alien matter: I don’t think aliens exist. The ruling few only want us to believe they do, so we won’t all convert to christianity, which is the last thing they want us to do. They’re luciferians, so why the hell (!) would they believe in aliens? To me they’re demons.

    • Gunnar Elí Sigurjónsson

      “As for the alien matter: I don’t think aliens exist. ” ….. so how can you explain us 😉 we are aliens 🙂 and all other living things on this planet …. –

  • LuvFunyuns

    mutant ninja turtle is reallll!!