Almost 60 Percent Of The Dutch Population Want To Ditch Euro


More than half the Dutch population is willing to abandon the euro and create a new monetary union according to a recent study.

The study conducted by the Consumer Research Office of the Dutch Telegraaf Media Groep was published on Tuesday and revealed that sixty percent of Dutch respondents did not want to stay in the Eurozone, nor did they want return to their former national currency.

Sputnik News reports:

Instead the majority of those surveyed said they wanted to establish a new monetary union with countries like Germany, saying that it would have been better not to have introduced the euro at all.

Nearly 90 percent of survey respondents assume that the $20-billion loan that the Netherlands extended to Athens would be lost, even if Greece stayed in the Eurozone, as a result of a new debt agreement, the study showed.

According to the study, only one in 10 Dutch taxpayers is willing to continue providing financial assistance to Greece. The vast majority, however, spoke against the Netherlands becoming further involved in the $350-billion Greek debt crisis.

Since 2010, Greece has been receiving financial aid packages, primarily from the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and some Eurozone nations, in return for certain austerity measures, including cuts to social spending and increased taxes.




  • Erik Grønnestad

    Sputnik News?!? Seriously? Do your research and check the source. Were you able to find this news anywhere else? With the same editorial angle? Dutch press is alarmingly silent about it… Reading the Norwegian version of the Russian propaganda channel every day, I’m shocked by the transparency in their lies and manipulation. Sputnik News was widely spoken of as a joke and satirical site when we got the Norwegian translated and politically strategic versions. The Norwegian site goes on and on about Russian military presence in the arctic, our main issue and most potent conflict area with the Russians. They use Sputnik to normalize foreign politics and what’s better to divide your enemies than using the Euro these days?