Alternative Media Activist Murdered By Police, Cover Up Emerges

John Lang, a Fresno, California man who exposed corruption and illegal activity within the Fresno Police Department, was found stabbed to death inside his burnt down home days after predicting he would be killed by police in his area. The official cause of death was ruled as suicide.

John Lang, a Fresno, California alternative media activist who exposed corruption and illegal activity within the Fresno Police Department, was found stabbed to death inside his burnt down home days after predicting he would be killed by police in his area.  The official cause of death was ruled as suicide.

Now a compelling video has been posted online documenting exactly what happened to John Lang, using the extraordinary evidence he gathered before his death implicating the police in a plot against his life.

Lang was a popular member of his local community, with many of his neighbours expressing disbelief that he could have had enemies. They say they would be shocked if it was a random attack, as the neighbourhood has been getting better.

However according to the predictions made by Lang just days before his death, the attack was far from random.  He insisted that his life was in danger and that if he was found dead the Fresno police department would be responsible.

John Lang had been outspoken about how the Fresno PD were treating the local community.  In his words:

I discovered local law enforcement had been running a license plate scanning scam where Fresno Cops would scan license plates at Retail Store parking lots (Save Mart, Von’s, HomeDepot, etc.) in lower income neighborhoods.

After collecting hits of violations they then would pull the unsuspecting drivers over a few blocks away from the store location in a marked police vehicle claiming they simply came across their vehicle through routine driving patrols. This unethical and possibly illegal activity was simply motivated by “profit” and unfairly targeted Fresno’s poorer residents.

I also discovered the Fresno Bee was sharing chat log data with Fresno Law Enforcement of Fresno citizens who were critical of local Fresno Government and Fresno Law Enforcement.

Lang posted this on a few social media platforms and local news comments sections.  As he continued to try and expose the corrupt local police, he noticed that he started to become a target. A pattern began to emerge – whenever he attempted to make an official complaint, the harassment and intimidation would increase.

Luckily Lang had his house rigged up with CCTV cameras and what they captured is chilling. His YouTube shows Fresno PD pull up outside his house to intimidate him regularly – the crooked cops even begin to condition his dogs to their scent to avoid being attacked.

He was harassed, intimidated, oppressed and eventually murdered in cold blood by the very people who were meant to be protecting and serving him – all for trying to protect Fresno’s poorer residents from a money grabbing corrupt local police department.  On January 19 he was found dead with stab wounds in his back and abdomen, while his house was on fire.

This happened in January and nothing has come of it. No serious investigations have taken place. It has been declared that John Lang committed suicide.

The expertly recorded footage, and the fact Lang predicted his death mere days before it happened, all point towards the fact he was silenced by his local police department. A verdict of suicide is not acceptable. There is a petition to initiate a federal investigation into his death, as it is being swept under the carpet at a local level.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Rosslyn Rose

    The petition has been closed down

    • Debbie Wakefield

      this one single man died for his community and the community won’t speak up for him. thats such a waste x

      • AnotherLover

        Yeah real inspiring, right? Is it too late to sue the department somehow? I don’t know how this stuff works. If people want police corruption — REAL police corruption — then this is it. Every single bit of this case is it. Even with the fake rulings of suicide, this case is more clear-cut than ANY of the hyped-up race cases. I wonder — seriously — what BLM would think of this. Police corruption matters, and making it a black-white issue — well, the controllers came up with that one. I think the body politic of BLM is far more aware than they’re allegiance to BLM would indicate. If ANYTHING shows the neeed for whites and blacks to stand together it’s police corruption. The fact that issue is used instead as a race-wedge shows it is not a legitimate movement but a Soros color-revolution.

        Either which way, there’s got to be something we can do. At least a damn show of solidarity!

  • Angry Grandma

    Three superficial stab wounds and he died from smoke, soot which he had in his lungs, barricaded in his home? Sure sounds like he was murdered, not. Another conspiracy theorists that what, just let his house burn around him and never tried to get out ? Please, enough with these ridiculous ulous stories, get a grip and live in the real world, leave that conspiracy world.

    • feet_ontheground

      Not murdered.. Are you serious… sounds exactly like murder to me.

      • AnotherLover

        I had to triple-take on that sh—!

      • c_chandler

        like the murder of the veteran who knew the crimes of LAPD. they chased and burned him to death as well.

    • yitzakscammir

      Right. Because everyone kills themselves with stab wounds to their back you moron.

      Go kill yourself!

    • George Reichel

      Go away

    • AnotherLover

      Wait a minute… are you seriously arguing it WAS suicide? Get a grip, Angry Grandma. It’s very hard to stab yourself to death. But burning your home down around you? With stab wounds IN THE BACK???

      Angry Grandma, I don’t know if what they say about weed is THAT true — you should definitely switch to a high CBD variety, or else consider just laying off it.

    • knifemare69

      “Please, enough with these ridiculous ulous stories, get a grip and live in the real world, leave that conspiracy world.”

      Looks like the Fresno PD decided to troll this article. Guess what, you Nazi pig bastards? You will get yours, because Karma is a bitch like that.

      Everybody knows you’re a bunch of thieving, murdering thugs. When SHTF there will be NOBODY to help you in your time of need. You made your beds, now lie in them…

  • Defiant

    Interestingly, the van is from a real carpet cleaning company if Fresno…and the phone number on the side is legit. I wonder how the 5-0 got their hands on it.

  • Sn SM

    Just another day in the Failed State that is america….George Carlin was brutally correct…

    “The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

    You need to understand also that the local pigs in blue DO NOT PROTECT AND SERVE….
    They work for the Elites and big business…NOT you. Get a clue please..

  • AnotherLover

    Okay — I’m just hearing about this???? The cameras? Burnt? Confiscated? We can’t let this man be forgotten. We can’t let this murder be forgotten. What do we do? We’ve got to blow this up. I’m immediately thinking of BLM. This case clearly shows all citizens are on the same side of police corruption. This case clearly shows how ignorant it is to make the issue a black-white one. If BLM took up the cause of a white guy’s death they would SERIOUSLY legitimize themselves. Short of that, people need to know this.

    • Mollie Norris

      BLM is a Soros-funded destabilization program that’s exploiting paid black protesters to create chaos and increase mutual hostility between cops and blacks with the goal of civil war and a NWO satanist nazi takeover of the country. Soros is a demon who has used his ‘color revolutions to destabilize governments around the world and encourage fascism in response to racial violence. This is a Nazi-Illuminati-UN plan for a satanic fascist-totalitarian global takeover that’s been in process since before the end of WWII. There’s a lot of published info on this, and Joseph Farrell is one of those who also has youtube videos.. Dr. Dennis Cuddy’s book is online; “The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Coup”, f

      There aren’t very many of these people, and inciting hostility between races, religions and nations weakens us as their opposition.
      Attacks on alt media are escalating enormously, and the EU, as well as the US is trying to define alt media as terrorists.
      The NWO-Soros-Clinton machine is still trying to steal the election;

      John Lang’s murder and the corruption he exposed are horrible. Seth Rich, Clinton’s campaign worker and wikileaks source was murdered, the father of Clinton’s doctor who released records of her senile dementia and seizure disorder was murdered, Julian Assange’s lawyer, Wkileaks director MacFayden, the journalist investigating Clinton’s brother’s Haitian gold mine front for satanic child trafficing, Julian Assange’s anduction from his embassy sanctuary by ‘police’ was recorded, and reddit observers tracked a known CIA plane to a known CIA Florida military base used for CIA rendition. Wikileaks is now keeping the website up with a new IP address as a sting and impersonating Assange in cointelpro posts.
      The manufacturer of shooting range targets (there’s one large one) reported that municipal LE and DHS were buying targets mostly of the elderly, disabled, and pregnant women years ago. I read an article that US LE is being privately funded for training by IDF in Israel, but I have no source. Police have been robbing people of all money they have in roadside stops for several years, and training to round up citizens for FEMA death camps. Local police departments are having serious staffing problems, and we can no longer expect those who keep their jobs to be protectors of the public. This is horrible, but not surprising; there are still plenty of good cops, but thugs is probably a more accurate general term.

  • Synickel

    This will go about as far as the phony Hilary investigation did.

  • Afshin Nejat

    I have completely exposed the nature of the world and the structures of its corruption. But the world, being as I have described it, has not heeded what I said, naturally.

  • Customer Service Kane

    Where is his blog or pictures or links to anything that proves this? We need to see that. How can we spread just a story with no sources?