Leaked Audio: Feds ORDERED Them To Stop Selling Confederate Flag were ordered by the Federal Government to STOP selling the confederate flag despite previous denials by The White House.

An anonymous user has leaked an audio recording from moments ago which offers “unprecedented proof” that the United States government are limiting freedom of speech by imposing unconstitutional orders on private business’, and trying to cover it up. 

As confederate flags have been pulled by various retailers following the Charleston shooting last week, the White House attempted to reassure the public that the controversial decision to stop the sale of flags were “decisions for individual businesses to make.”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest made it clear that no pressure from the U.S. government was involved in the decision of retailers such as Walmart in their removing flags from their shelves.

We welcome those decisions but obviously those are decisions that should be made by individual businesses,” Earnest said.

However, in the recording below, an supervisor tells a very different story…

  • Days_of_Noe

    The feds need to eliminate the south. It is the last great bastion of the protestant religion, which they abhor. Roman Catholicism is now run by the Jesuits. Protestants founded this country with the blessing of the Jesuits, with this end in mind. JFK was resisted by the protestants because of his (reported) faith, yet he was more in line with the protestant belief in freedom than his own church. He was killed for his resistance. The south must go before the first Jesuit priest converts this country to a one-world government and a one-world religion. Believe it, or not.

    • Charles Johnson

      So, should the FEDS eliminate me since I am a protestant from the south?

      • Days_of_Noe

        No, I don’t think they should but it seems they think so.
        (I’m also a protestant from the south).

    • Chad

      ARE YOU STUPID OR joking? Do u live in a cave, or a world of rainbows and clouds!
      I haven’t laughed out loud and so hard over a comment that ignorant probably ever!

  • boB

    You have one unnamed person (presumably a customer support rep from Amazon since she’s answering calls). This unnamed person says multiple times that she does not have any information as to why the flags are discontinued. She refers the caller to their legal department for the details of things she has no knowledge of.

    Then the caller unleashes this semi-veiled threat of pulling all his Amazon accounts if he doesn’t get the answer he wants, and in response to that the customer support rep gives the customer the answer he so obviously wants to hear.

    Oh the scandal! LOL

  • JoeDrager

    Nobody would have to tell Bezos to stop selling the flags. He would gladly do it on his own.