American Jew Stands up for Palestine. What Happens Next Is Awful

In this video a brave young American Jew visits a Jewish festival in Israel to stand up and speak for Palestine and the Palestinian people.

The video was filmed in Israel among crowds of Israeli’s and police. The young American starts off the video by stating, “Israel is occupying Palestine in my name… as an American Jew I’m here to say that is unjustified and ethically reprehensible.

I say to the people of Israel that they must join the world consensus. The entire world has decided that this occupation cannot go on“, he pleads.

Half way into the video, the authorities decide to intervene on this man’s peaceful speech. Just after he calls out Israel for being a “rogue state” – he is treated brutally.

If this is allowed to happen to an American Jew visiting Israel, imagine what they’re doing to Palestinians?

  • Brenda

    The whiny liberals and ungrateful flag stompers in this country should take note of how “authorities” in other countries respect the right of freedom of speech….and to hell with his Che t-shirt too! Che was just a thug – he started out with good intentions and ended up a murdering sociopath – “Upon Guerra’s request that they “end his life quickly”, Che stepped forward and shot him in the head, writing “The situation was uncomfortable for the people and for Eutimio so I ended the problem giving him a shot with a .32 pistol in the right side of the brain, with exit orifice in the right temporal lobe.”

    • Mark Theobold

      Sorry Brenda, I don’t understand the Che comment? Just because he had a T-shirt on?

    • Cuervo

      That’s right Brenda, your country respects freedom of speech. That’s why it is filled with censorship. Go on living with your hypocritical family values and ethics and pretend that Che Guevara is your problem. GO GO USA WE ARE NO.1!!!

  • Hate Israel


    • jonathanshomron

      Fuck you Nazi shit I piss in the cunt of your mother.

    • jonathanshomron

      I piss in the cunt of your mother, you disgusting piece of Arab shit.

  • blohan

    He is as much a chosenite scum as the rest of them.

  • francis makuzo

    he should have just produced his passport. but its unfortunate that he didn’t know Israel is under constant terror attack.

    • Gary Mcscary

      like 9/11?

  • GoingKnightly

    The fact that the education system has failed these people is sad. Instead of studying history and learning the truth, he has bought into the BS shoveled by the Arabs for decades.

  • Shiro Saigo

    That foreigner whent to another country to Do political activism, thats a fact, in front of a locals which happens to be doing a political demostration also a fact. You can call his attitude pacefull, but that man was as provocative as banging your chest in front of a gorila on mating season, and that kind of provocation on a crowded place, should not be allowed. I do not question his freedom of speach somewhere else, but in my oppinion the authorities acted, accordingly with the clear potential risk faced and he should be charged with resisting arrest. But I wasn’t there I might be wrong.

  • Wildwood Castle

    This video is old.You people are being duped by this media. That trouble maker is gay and as I recall got into trouble when he returned to the US…

  • N Chew

    the biased American media as his only source of news, it’s not surprising he behaved the way he did.

  • SteveC1

    REGARDLESS of the actual age of the video – this moron went to a foreign country, DELIBERATELY caused a public disturbance there, then ACTIVELY resisted local police who then physically removed him from the scene using the EXACT same legal holds and procedures that police in his own country use. Then he turns to say that he wants to phone his pastor “right now” – as if his pastor could then help him. Such anti-Israel churches and their “leaders” should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Don H

    Balfour Declaration..

  • js

    gay or not he has the right to freedom of speech u backward fuck nugget

  • Dimitrije Jovanovic


  • Salvador G. Jimenez

    More than a political statement from him it is your typical American ignorance at work here..

  • Tommy Barnes

    I wonder what would have happened if he had went to Palestine and told everyone there that he was a gay Jew?

    • Gary Mcscary

      someone would have pulled out their cock and made him suck it……….you fuckin idiot

  • Richard

    I don’t understand why people think Israel is occupying Palestine, was Judea, then Palestine and occupied by the British had a short and biter war for independence in1948 and became Israel, then 1000’s of Arabs from Jordan were kicked out of Jordan, taken in by Israel and then they started claiming land. All Israel is doing is keeping it’s own land. Land which the Jews have lived on for 4000 years. Fucking world full of idiots.

  • Salvador G. Jimenez

    How much more “learning about Israel’s hatred for Palestinians” do the Jews of Israel have to learn any more ? You guys been learning about the tactics and policies of your government for last 30 some years and nothing but empty rhetoric seems to be all you Jews can come up with ?

  • jonathanshomron

    Too bad they didn’t beat him to death.

  • Larissa Vanderbilt

    The new Nazis . .