Anonymous To Release All 33,000 Clinton Emails This Month

Anonymous to release Clinton's deleted 33,000 emails

Anonymous have announced that they will release all 33,000 deleted Clinton emails this November in the run-up to the election. 

According to reports, the emails will be released in 4-5 different batches, along with six videos.

In one of the videos Hillary is seen being racist towards a female African-American, shouting obscene racist abuse at her.

According to anonymous sources:

“All 33,000 deleted emails are going to be releasedNovember 1, probably in 4–5 sets, these emails are going to be the complete undoing of the Democratic Party. We are purposely holding them back so they cannot have time to replace Hillary.”  

“Also we are NOT Russian, despite what CNN tells you, we already have inside info that Obama is literally going to start a war with Russia to cover up the crimes that are in the emails.” reports:

It was Anonymous that released enough information / e-mails that gave cause for Comey / FBI to re open the Clinton Investigation. Through this was also sample proof that Anonymous has the 33,000 deleted e-mails. They also made it clear to the FBI that it was they, “Anonymous” that released the Padesta e-mails, and not Russia.

Obama heavily included in upcoming release.

Camera Videos, along with documents will also be released showing Felonies being committed, Bribes, and Threats to Election Officials, and Media Sources. They said these will make the ones circulating now look like J-walking offenses.

Other information in e-mails is Hillary’s / Clinton Foundation transfer of $1.8 Billion Dollars to Qatar, and information from White House official regarding a high ranking White House official, of having a palace being built in Qatar for them. Obama?

Might be, other information includes Obama leaving after or before the election?

  • DGar411

    Been waiting for it all day…. starting to be disappointed….

  • mike

    it’s high time to drain the swamp NOW

  • OliverF

    Bring it on already! I want to watch that hag burn for her crimes.

  • Andy Stone

    Still waiting. Getting late. Was this a lie?

  • Adam Kelm

    They should have done this on friday if they were serious. I don’t buy they have anything relevant.

  • mike

    THANK YOU Anonymous – your info will save USA

  • Adam_Smithers

    I think that an FBI will have an update on emails this Friday as well

  • VaultDweller73

    I think this is weird. If it’s not released and then purposefully released close to the election then that’s totally trying to influence the outcome. That would not be good journalistic integrity You released the info as soon as you can get it and that’s that.

    • Liberty First

      Maybe they know how dangerous she is….if the emails are real, then that is Hillary’s problem.

      • Mammal

        Release these things we need to put the curupt Clintons away for good. She is so arrogant dancing around with beoncy and ZD I know it’s wrong spelling she needs to be dancing behind bars. The people still voting for her what the hell are they thinking is this exceptable behavior now friggin sick.

  • Michael Saenz

    Anonymous would never reveal itself in this way. All Wikileaks
    Sources are whistleblowers, inside info. We are not whistle
    Blowers. We are your brother, your sister, father and mother,
    We are your neighbor, the box boy at the supermarket, the
    Clerk at the library, we are you, you are we. We are anonymous,
    We are legion, we never forgive, we never forget, expect us!

  • Gawk

    Hello???? a little over an hour left here in AZ, release it already, why drag it out?

  • A.R.

    It’s November 2. Not holding my breath.

  • Cynomus

    Guess it was a BS smokescreen

  • vahtryn

    Links to the information?

  • vexati0n

    so uh… where are all the emails? 😀

  • IHC

    Right on!!! Stay safe my friends because the oligarchs are beyond apoplectic and totally out of their mind. At times animals when cornered will bite or lash out – these aristocrats and the rest of the gang are beyond angry. The staked trillions on the presidency of a HRC.

  • Sabrina Griffin

    They may have them, just been sorting them out…

  • Rebecka Brown

    Where are the emails?

  • Dalton

    Obviously BS

  • skier69

    So where are they Already! Voting starts tomorrow. Guess we have been fooled