Another Alternative Doctor Found Dead, Police Investigation Underway

Another prominent ‘alternative’ doctor has been found dead under suspicious circumstances less than two weeks after the suspicious death of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, the doctor who linked vaccines to autism.  

Dr. Teresa Ann Sievers, a doctor who believed in the holistic approach, was found dead on Monday morning and the police are treating it as suspicious. reports:

Then we have Dr. Bruce Hedendal DC PhD  who died suddenly on Father’s day. Sources tell me that he was found in his car and had died but the car was not running. There was no car accident they say. He was just in his car. Deceased. He had exercised earlier in the day they tell me and was in top shape. In addition to being a DC, he  had his PhD in nutrition from Harvard.  Many say he was a “pillar of health”.  These sources didn’t know the cause of death. Not sure if anyone knows yet. Dr. Bradstreet’s case is still under investigation. We’re not sure about Dr. Hedendal. Both had dealt with run ins with the feds in the past.  In fact, Dr. Bradstreet’s office was just raided by the feds days before he died.

Our hearts go out to both families and their friends and loved ones.

Now we have the beautiful intelligent Teresa Ann Sievers MD here in Florida. Her bio on her website talk about her many accomplishments and degrees as a medical doctor who believed in a holistic alternative approach.  She lived in an “upscale” nice neighborhood where neighbors said they rarely, if ever had problems.

So three doctors in less than 2 weeks are found dead.  We are heartbroken and have more doctors contacting us as my significant other is a prominent doctor also in Florida.

From the breaking news article about her death:

The killing of a popular Estero doctor has left family and friends puzzled and saddened.

The body of Dr. Teresa Ann Sievers, 46, was found Monday morning at her Jarvis Road home after she didn’t arrive at work.

“We don’t know anything but that she was murdered,” said Sievers’ sister, Annie Lisa, 52. She said Sievers, her husband and children had come to Connecticut for a gathering and her sister flew home alone Sunday.

We cannot imagine what the family is going through at this time. The article goes on to say.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office declined to discuss the case, saying it was an ongoing homicide investigation, but assured neighbors that there was no threat in the area, but they reminded residents to lock their doors.

Sadly Dr. Sievers leaves behind a  husband Mark,  and their two daughters who are  8 and 10.  We will update the article as we know more here in Florida. I was just in Bonita Springs visiting the neighborhood where Dr. Sievers lived. I  met so many people in the holistic and medical community.

Another article talks of a reward and has an anonymous number at the end of the piece that you can call to report tips on the murder.

Again we’ll report as more info becomes available and ask that everyone stay safe and alert.

  • SickSadWorld

    Two deaths of alternative doctors makes you think, three is down right suspicious!

  • Tania De Villiers

    Sick and evil.

  • Mitch Mitchell

    heart attack gun?

    • Deede Cohen


  • KoolaidAlex

    Medical Mafia are helping with enquiries to cover up their hit. Word out on the street don’t mess with Pharmo Industry or you’ll be suicided.

  • Seabreezes1

    That three doctors who support alternative or complementary medicine as part of their practice have been found dead under suspicious circumstances in the couple of weeks following the AMA’s pronouncement that they wanted to enact some sort of professional sanctioning of those physicians who don’t toe the AMA line is very sobering. No, I’m not suggesting official #AMA connections to homicide, but there are plenty of vigilantes out there who look for any excuse to justify bullying and worse behaviors. This began when Dr. Mehmet Oz interviewed someone in favor of #GMO and someone opposed to GMO on his show. That resulted in a group of doctors associated with a special interest group writing a letter demanding Dr. Oz be fired for being unscientific. That message has been reinforced by #Skeptics groups in social media. Any attempt to inhibit #FreedomOfSpeech invariably devolves into violence. That is why it is our first freedom.

    Remember, allowing any group to dictate dogma, stifle dissent, and sanction or intimidate opposition is TYRANNY….. this is not what our founding fathers had in mind on the 4th of July 1776.

    • dave64

      Dr Oz is a joke

  • Karen Stasiak

    Is it known whether or not these three physicians collaborated at all?

  • Linda McFarland

    Dr. Sievers was from Florida we know. Does anyone else know where the other two doctors were from? I did not find that information in the article.

  • Ixnay Fungawi

    Its a false flag.. anti-vaxers are now killing alternative doctors to fuel the “conspiracy”.. Prove it aint…

  • Chaffee

    We all know who did this…and their day will come…justice will be swift …and all those Guillotines the US Govt bought…are not meant for the US people… meant for (big hint) Monsanto hires infamous mercenary firm Blackwater to track activists around the world –

    • Myrta

      If the 1% of population disappear evething will be ok.

  • destiny

    I think if any people have any information they need to make it public immediately because they are now loosing their lives and possibly a cure

  • Jake

    Way more than 3 man, since 2011 there’s been lots of mysterious deaths to do with doctors and nasa scientists. They discover something and then die. It’s a shame that the people that really want to help just get killed off :/ in my opinion anyhow. Rip

  • Mggie

    The big Pharma”s don”t want Dr”s treating people naturally. They can”t control it & lose a lot of money if they”re not selling drugs.

  • Bobby Bill

    eugenics begins with its opponents (or alternative approach providers)

  • Don Lovell

    There is such a program, whereby thru-wall neuro weapons are placed in truck van or car, garage doors, out windows and trained onto target and activated. Also portable neuro weapons placed in laptops, vcr, by young males whilst at meeting pointed and activated at targets. Whether microwave or ELF, or hidden ionizing heads hidden and activated at dentist and medical offices against targets, long term harm results.. Clear gel poisons having been smeared or poured into targets home in food, clothing matress/pillow.seems part of same program. A trifield meter and a strong light to detect gels, and thorough clean-up. Please be careful.

  • DavidpVandale