Video: Anti-Tory Protest Has Started In London! Live Stream

Anti-Tory Rally Has Started In London!

The anti Tory uprising has started already in London with thousands of people taking to the streets.

Note: Please scroll down to the bottom of the article to watch a live stream of the protests currently taking place

Press TV reports: Thousands of protesters have marched on the Conservatives’ campaign HQ, parliament, Downing Street and are now marching through central London.

According to Press TV’s correspondent, Narges Moballeghi, the protesters are angry that a party with only about 37% of the vote has a majority in government.

They say the Tory’s will destroy the country even further in the next five years with austerity and the dismantling of public services leaving the poor even more worse off.

They have already been scuffles with police and there is a heavy police presence across central London.

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Below is a live stream of the London Mass Action Against The Torys protest happening right now

  • Andreia Fouto

    Police ” put your sticks away” ,or at least do the decent thing and turn them in the other direction. You are going to suffer dearly too with their austerity measures .

  • Dave Jones

    It’s called democracy assholes

    • Keith Gibson

      I believe it’s called unfair democracy, the balance of parliament is virtually no way representative of the views of the people and this is increasing now that we are not longer in a 2 party democracy. Atleast they’re willing to take some form of action, most people are whinging but not actually doing anything due to cultural apathy.

      • Chris Lowe

        the right to protest is also part of democracy… The sad fact is that our electorate is so ill-informed by the media that 95% of the people i talk to couldn’t tell you what TTIP is or the immigration figures or what trickle down economics means. I played football on Thursday night and 7 people on my team thought the green party were just for tree huggers!

    • Shadow

      Yes democracy! where 51% f.k.s the lives of 49% for whole 4 years and may be extended for extra 4 if possible! Of course we call this justice and fair too..

      3.8 million UKIP voters = 1 Seat
      1.1 million Green = 1 seat
      1.5 million SNP = 56

      United Kingdom = over 63 million 1/3 of those refused to vote due to having a sense of injustice in OUR DEMOCRACY system.

      Remaining 41 voted. children don’t count.

      UKIP and GREEN Equal to 4 million voters.. Let’s say 5 million to make it easy.

      That will be 1/8 of the 40 million.
      So we have Blue 331 Seats, Red 232, Yellow 56, Orange 8, Maroon 8, then we have 4,3,3,2,1,1,1????

      NOW.. If Purple and Green combined got 4 out of 40 million voters and got 2 seats. How many voted for blue and red?

      • Henry Brown

        you cant moan about the electoral system. a referundum on it was offered and refused by the same people now complaining its unfair

        • Thomas Beale

          People simply didn’t understand the AV system that was on offer. I say that as an ex-Aussie living in the UK, who grew up and voted many times under the preferential voting system (nearly the same as the AV). British people didn’t understand it because they haven’t experienced it, and to be fair, it takes a bit of thinking about. The fact that AV was rejected was a tragedy, but it might nevertheless pave the way for a proportional system to come in sooner (AV is not proportional).

          • Jonathan Paul Bruford

            I’m pro AV, but I think the problem with the referendum was the effective loss of the link between an MP and a constituency (that and the fact that most people couldn’t be arsed to vote – 40% turnout)
            That’s not to say that a link couldn’t be maintained, but the anti first past the post camp really did a bad job of putting their case across, which meant it was relatively trivial for the conservatives to skew the vote with the choice of question.

          • Thomas Beale

            There’s no loss of the link between constituency and MP with AV – all AV does is make sure that the MP best corresponding to aggregate voter and party intentions is elected, as opposed to the one with the biggest vote (e.g. a Con with 17,000 would lose to Labour with 16,000 and Lib Dems with 12,000, with substantial Lib Dems prefs going to Labour but not the Cons). The problem with AV is that it still doesn’t address the need for proportionality, i.e. representation for a party that gets say an even 10% across the country but no constituency winners.

        • Lizzie

          Exactly! They didn’t understand it, which questions the voters. People should educate themselves. Personally I would prefer PR but any change would have been a start.
          The lack of understanding of AV goes to show that most people moaning about the currently outcome are simpletons.

        • Shadow

          Are you kidding me? you are defending a hopelessly failing system on the ground of what people say and do? So no logic need to be applied anymore?

      • Jonathan Paul Bruford

        ukip and the SNP were challenging different electorates! scotland has a population of roughly 6 million, 1/2 of whom voted, so the snp’s 1.5 million votes represents 50% of the votes cast.
        the UK’s population is 60million, 30 million of whom voted, ukip got a little over 10%
        apples and oranges

    • WKDNess

      It’s not. It will only be a democracy when the majority’s voices are heard and both Houses (parliament AND lords) are elected…House of Lords (who have final say) is not.

    • shaun jones

      it really isnt, when the system is completely broken and one party needs around 131 times more votes than the next due to seats it holds, ridiculous

      • Lizzie

        And this doesn’t even make sense! You cannot use a linear equation when you are talking about FPTP as this is non-linear!

  • the_Beowulf

    this lot can not do maths or understand democracy, that’s all due to Blair’s dumbing down.

    • Keith Gibson

      There’s no evidence at all in existence to prove what you’ve just said. You just don’t understand their motivations and opinions and so you chose to dismiss them as being dumb. That’s quite a pathetic response.

      • barrry baptist

        thats the typical tory supporter. call people names and child like abuse.

    • Jonathan Paul Bruford

      Can you point to the last government of this country that enjoyed the support of the majority of the population?
      I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t in our lifetimes.
      democracy is a great idea, if only we had it

    • Daniel Harris

      Got A level maths ,I’m sure I get it.

  • Julia Cheetham

    I wouldn’t call this a riot! More, a group of unwashed youths. The narrator says, of a young woman arrested, she’s from my squat. Says it all I’m afraid!

    • Matthew David Robinson

      And your great apathy to people who are suffering is such a great aspect and reflects so well on society.
      So what if somewhat lives in a squat? And unwashed youths?
      There will be more riots. I don’t condone violence from either side but people are really suffering and things are going to get worse over the next 5 years.

      • Julia Cheetham

        What makes you think I don’t sympathise with the plight of others? The fact that I’m not screaming ‘pussy’ at the police? The fact that I’m not desecrating war memorials? The party I voted for lost. I’m a grown up. I’ll live with it!

        • Keith Gibson

          “Say’s it all I’m afraid” – not sure what it says actually, and maybe the guy above misinterpreted too. What does it say to you?

        • Ossian Radovini

          just because you’ll live with it, doesn’t mean that others can, others will have their whole lives and livelihoods ruined due to the actions of this current government, just the fact that you’re not showing your support shows that you don’t sympathise with others, yes i don’t agree with everything they’re doing, but i agree with the reason for their protest, to stand up for the people who will suffer, and just showing support will give the whole movement more power and make change more likely

          • pilot101

            “others will have their whole lives and livelihoods ruined due to the actions of this current government” and others will have their whole lives and livelihoods MADE by this government when they find a job. I don’t owe you a living, there are plenty of jobs out there for people of all abilities and situation, of course there are some that truely suffer and are unable to do anything but for the majority that is not the case. When labour left power in 2010 I was made redundant, 5 years on at the end of the co-alition govermnent I am in a permenant job which puts me in the top tax bracket supporting others who cant be bothered to try themselves.

        • Jaden Konda

          Maybe you should wake up. These people are finally understanding how their country is run and don’t like it. What do you think would happen in the states? This ‘Awakening’ is perfect. It is well-needed and forces the people to stand up for themselves and not rely on the government to achieve ‘happiness’. So, unwashed youths? I’m glad this is happening. They are doing something productive instead of sitting around doing whatever their ‘leaders’ tell them how and when to do something.

          • hal8999

            “It is well-needed and forces the people to stand up for themselves and not rely on the government to achieve ‘happiness’. ”

            So you’re a Conservative, then?

          • John Veitch

            I’m getting on to 60y.o and I am very proud of the youngsters. I used to do all the demos and was a life-long activist. Can’t do it now but I support them and those who are active in other forms, yes, I am very proud of our youngsters.

        • Shadow

          “What makes you think I don’t sympathise with the plight of others?”
          Your chosen words for a start! You chose to give up they didn’t! They seems more grown up than many silent talk for nothing adults Julia..

        • Nicki

          “she’s from my squat, says it all really” Yeah that screams apathy, the Tory form of Apathy! Why should people settle for injustice, where would this country stand on Race/ Gender equality if no one ever fought for it. I do agree that the vandalism and violence are always a step too far, but this war mongering between the people of Britain has been hyped up and encouraged by the Tory campaign. Rich vs Poor, England vs Scotland, never has a campaigned bred more hatred. They only have themselves to blame.

        • Jonathan Paul Bruford

          I think ‘the words you say’ is what we use to judge you to be a heartless tory shill luv 🙂
          doesn’t ‘living in squats’ speak to you about the state of housing?

          i guess not.

        • Daniel Harris

          you say you are grown up but I see no evidence of this..

      • hal8999

        Those people desecrated a memorial to my Labour-voting mother, who lost two brothers in the war. You don’t know what suffering is.

    • Jason Whattam

      Fuck off Julia.

    • shaun jones

      says it all? wow, what a narrow minded outlook on life you have, and a stereotypical view of individuals, disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    Passive resistance does not seem to be achieving much.

    • sam tibbs

      Agreed, I don’t like violence, but maybe that’s what is needed? Its all good to say no one should get hurt but sometimes drastic things must happen to enforce change. Really think the police could handle a violent mob? Even if they could it would send a message. passive resistance will do nothing as it usually does, the police will arrive geared to the nines shoving anyone around they deem not worth listening to. Fuck the tories

  • Daniel Harris

    This is called power of the people . The very same thing that got england kicked out of the states ,and I truly hope cameron makes some real changes before an all our civil war breaks . Good on the protesters

  • Animeman

    I think the our electoral system should be reformed. FPTP isn’t working.

    • Daniel Harris

      too right

  • Jessica Carroll

    If I lived in London I’d be right there protesting with them!

  • David Cameron

    Fucking degenerates

  • Noel Symonds

    Bet half of them didn’t even vote!

  • del

    tyrical idiots go all out to provoke and act like morons and then moan when the police do there jobs, with any luck the tories will bring in a new law so the police can use more force

  • the dumpster

    So its only democratic as long as conservatives don`t win?……..what a bunch of unfair undemocratic unworthy tossers these demonstrators are , made even worse by doing it on VE day..fakin cretins!

  • Daniel Harris

    If you voted tory’s you are anti human and probably agree with the nazi party or Ukip. Enough said

  • Tom

    Crusty jugglers!

  • Barmycarmy

    It’s disgraceful and disgusting that they protest on a day like today to remember those who fought in the war to ensure our freedom. There is no shame.

  • barrry baptist

    police bullies.thats the tories idea of democracy . the police are braindead bullies. good on the protesters .