Ariana Grande Massacre: Authorities ‘Rehearsed’ Attack Weeks Before

British authorities knew about plans for an ISIS attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK, according to reports.

Authorities knew about plans for the radical Islamic terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK that targeted young girls and teenagers, according to reports.

British intelligence and law enforcement were aware of plans to kill as many people as possible at the O2 Arena in Manchester, but rather than apprehend the terrorist, they let him kill 19 people, and the death toll may yet rise.

Britain’s open borders have provided the elite with the useful terrorists necessary to do their dirty work for them. British intelligence and law enforcement ‘allowed’ this attack to happen in order to justify cracking down on the innocent population even further, taking away more and more civil liberties, until we are living in a police state.

The terrified public will allow this to happen. They will choose “safety” over liberty.

The fact is, the ISIS death cult is funded and supported by the United States and its western allies. This is not a wild conspiracy theory. It is admitted by Democrat and Republican members of Congress in the United States.

Just as ISIS cause death and destruction in Syria, Iraq and Libya on the US and European dime, they also cause chaos in large European cities. This is all part of the plan to destabilize Europe and take away civil liberties, privacy and the right to a decent life.

The Manchester attack has eery similarities to the Paris attacks of November 2015. Paris and Manchester are both dominoes that fell, as orchestrated by the New World Order, as part of a masterplan that aims to destroy Europe as we know it.

ISIS claimed responsibility immediately after the attack, just as they did after the Paris attacks, warning that it is “just the beginning.”

Less than two weeks after RT posted footage of crisis actors preparing for a terrorist attack in Manchester, a radical Islamic terrorist carried out a bloody attack on young girls, and it was allowed to happen.

Terrorists are walking freely into our countries and being allowed to perform barbaric acts that terrorize good, law-abiding citizens. In some cases law enforcement and intelligence actually assist the terrorists.

Sources are claiming the FA Cup final next weekend in London is the next target in a wave of Islamic terror that is set to get worse. First young girls, next football fans.

Crisis and catastrophe will be the order of the day, as the elites march us towards a police state and a New World Order. While the terrorists are allowed to roam free, we will be the ones imprisoned.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Black Swan

    In honor for the victims of this tragedy a Global non attendance of crowded events for thirty days would be helpful to understand how we are all being played with by the cult of violence.

    • Zionist Occupied Government

      Zionist love it. Its there sicksatanic agenda to slaughter girls.

      • Black Swan

        It is odd that the City of London square mile in the center of London has never experienced a terrorist attack, and even during World War Two was never targeted by the German Air Force Luftwaffe during what is referred to as the Blitz, initiated first by The Royal Air Force on the civilian populations of Hamburg and Berlin, admitted by Sir Winston Churchill in his memoirs.

  • Harry Mudd

    What utter bullshit.
    Say no to pot, kids!

    • Zionist Occupied Government

      Zionists are cancer.

      • Jay

        YOur brain is full of cancer

        • Karlin

          “divide them against each other” – good job, both of you

    • Hombre de mar

      Pot? you drunk?

      • Hunter Kern

        Pot, weed, the wacky tabacky.

        Mary jane?

        • Hombre de mar

          Ganja. Mota. Yerba 🙂

      • Harry Mudd

        Not drunk enough to buy this bollocks.

      • Fingal Carson

        At least even heavy drinkers have brains.

        • Hombre de mar

          You should check that. Heavy drinkers are like heroin addicts..

          • Fingal Carson

            In your head. Explain the similarities. And being you’re this dumb, I’ll have to remind you a heavy drinker is not a drunk.

          • Opiumbrella 33

            Alcohol works on the same brain receptors as heroin. The effects on the brain are actually quite similar. Your just arguing semantics. What makes a heavy drinker into a drunk? Withdrawals? Either way they are all people.

          • Fingal Carson

            No it does not.

            Alcohol works indirectly on many, likely all, parts of the brain. We “don’t know” because the science has been botched. Alcohol is fermented sugar, use your imagination. What we do know is wealthy and intelligent people traditionally gave their children a small amount of alcohol daily and the influenced brains develop into something that shits all over the modern “sober” sugar and caffeine guzzling man. Virtually all the longest-lived people drink regularly.

            Only alcohol’s notorious sedative effects are direct and that takes a disgusting amount of alcohol to either amplify or overdo. Alcohol is a stimulant before it is a sedative. Anyone who does more than cross the sedative barrier is a moron. Slipping a few times a year at parties is one thing, but most people don’t have a clue how to use alcohol, period. The entire shot-taking and beer-guzzling culture makes a mockery out of sophisticated and historical alcohol culture.

            Marijuana and heroin work in the same way, but on different receptors. That would be a more accurate comparison. And while I agree that druggos are druggos, there are differences. Alcohol is so different it is often categorized and spoken beside the word drug. There is a difference between people who do drugs, and people who are addicted to drugs. Most people are addicts in denial.

          • Opiumbrella 33

            What’s funny is that most heroin addicts are actually amazing people. People who are sensitive, and extremely empathetic and kind have a very hard time exsisting in a world so full of pain, and hate, and suffering. One thing heroin does best is kill pain, especially emotional.
            If people would stop judging, and stigmatizing addiction and addicts themselves long enough to look at them for who they are, and how they got so sick, maybe things could get better.

          • Hombre de mar

            I have friends dear ones that are or were addicts. One off then lost a limb to an infection due to dirty needles. My comparison was that there just addicts. I enjoy psychedelics and weed. And I prefer the company of a junkie than that of a drunk. Good day.

    • Hunter Kern

      Pot is so fucking lit tho my dude

      TBH I wouldn’t do it after 18 tho cuz it’ll make you not have any options in your future.

      • Karlin

        u got none now!! I like Hunter’s idea better than “oh but we need to keep doing this out of fear”

      • Opiumbrella 33

        Actually it’s best to do after 18, because the few negative effects it does have impact growing brains quite negatively.

    • John William Cornett

      Just say NO to SICK “order-followers”

    • Fingal Carson

      Hope you’re not sarcastic. With marijuana rampant, everyone will believe everything they are told. It eventually makes people as dumb as board and people truly believe the fantasies on the news and in their head as reality. That is why pop culture wants everyone stoned 24/7.

      • Raphael Frank

        what are you talking about…?

        • Fingal Carson

          You logged into your new troll account just to ask me that question? LOL!!!!

          Paid shill. Fake random compressed image from google. Lame. People like you are a dime a dozen.

          How much are you paid?

  • Frank C

    Welcome to Theresa May’s NWO Britain…

    • Zionist Occupied Government

      She is Zionist shill.

  • Zionist Occupied Government

    Zionist are responsible.

  • vics_toew

    Illuminati confirmed.

  • mushhead

    You bunch of sick twisted little tragedy whores. I hope that you all burn up in a self inflicted arson attack in your mum’s basement.

  • Tim Fulton

    LMAO Mass casualty drills. You can tell who’s never been in the military.

  • Paul Glenn Cawley

    Attention Evangelical Christians!!! Read it and WEEP!!! And I DO mean…..CRY!!! Cry out to the Lord for forgiveness, wisdom and courage to ACCEPT the truth about modern Israel and the so called “Jewish people” who in fact have absolutely ZERO ancestral connection to the ancient 12 Tribes of Hebrew Israelites and the tribe of Judah. Jesus wasn’t “Jewish” He was a Hebrew of the Tribe of Judah and Benjamin and thus the reason He OPENLY REBUKED the Pharisees and other religious leaders of the time, who were NOT practicing the religion of Moses known as the Law and the Prophets (which is NOT “Judaism”)….Judaism is based on the Babylonian Talmud that Jewish Rabbis brought back with them AFTER the Babylonian captivity in 600 B.C. Today in modern Israel, all (about 97.5 % of the so called “Jewish people”) are European and have absolutely NO Ancestral connection to the 12 Tribes and THEREFORE have NO RIGHTS to the LAND or ANYTHING ELSE in Palestine today and are the OCCUPIERS of stolen land and are only WAR CRIMINALS and THIEVES!! Amen

    • Mark Jacobs

      God gave the land of the Earth to all people on the planet. Stop segregating people into groups who are worthy of Palestinian occupation and those who aren’t. Everybody should be allowed to live in whatever country they want to. Country boundaries are being slowly dissolved by the internet, and hopefully, we should be rid of countries and have a single, united planet in the next few decades. Until then, chill back with this hostile attitude – only God can judge who deserves and who doesn’t. You and I certainly cannot!

    • Karlin

      Religion is a problem, I agree. It is yet another tool to divide us – look how YOU attack other religions for not being “the ONE TRUE religion”, and how many “only ONE true god”s are there? Remain sheeple – Keep voting mainstream, go to church, and let the Elites do as they wish to us.

      • Paul Glenn Cawley

        Karlin I am not “attacking” anyone. I am calling on ALL Christians to EXAMINE the Biblical and Historical FACTS about modern Israel and the LIES and DECEPTIONS that have been exposed by Jewish insiders and other Biblical and Historical researchers for DECADES. This isn’t my “opinion” but the FACTS about Israel and Zionism and the totally exposed LIES that the so called Jewish people have ANY Ancestral Connection to the ancient 12 Hebrew Tribes of Israel. Do they? The answer is absolutely NO. They are NOT related ancestors to the Hebrew Israelites – in fact, 97.5 % of all “Jewish” people living in Israel today are Ashkenazi Europeans so they are not even Semitic! And ALL 12 Tribes and ALL ancient Hebrews are dead and long gone! So they are NOT Abraham’s descendants by blood in any way shape or form and that is a FACT! A BIOLOGICAL FACT. So they HAVE NO “special” Rights to the land there in Palestine like they claim and have actually STOLEN the Palestinians land from them with their FALSE CLAIM of “ancestral rights” when it is the Palestinians who are actually Semitic and have lived on the land there for CENTURIES. Also, in regard to your statement on the “ONE true religion” belief – let me be clear –
        1. It is our Lord Jesus Christ Himself who CLAIMS to be the ONLY Son of the Living God (not me, I don’t claim that and not ANY OTHER religious leader or religion even makes this claim…only Jesus does) 2. It is our Lord Jesus who makes the CLAIM that ONLY He is “the way, the truth and the life, and no one goes to the Father except through me” and so…. it is not I who claim to believe in the “ONE true religion” but JESUS claims to be the ONLY WAY to the TRUE and LIVING God. All of us must decide for ourselves if we are going to TRULY CALL on the Living God found ONLY in our Lord Jesus Christ and “believe” in Jesus and what He said about Himself or we will reject Him. The choice is up to each of us to make on our own. Again, I urge all of you to educate yourselves and call on the name of the Living God found ONLY in and through our Lord Jesus Christ just as He claimed….and don’t fall for the deep state (aka the Iluminati, New World Order, shadow Govt, Zionists and Neocons et al) and their Oligarchy rule… reject their global Govt push coming and cling to Thy Kingdom Come and Thy Will Be Done Amen because He is your TRUE Creator and LOVES you IMMENSELY! That’s why the “Gospel” means “Good News” because The Son of the Living God PAID for our sins HIMSELF and THAT is why He is the WAY…the way to the Father God who is an eternal spirit of perfect union with the Son and the Holy Spirit which proceeds from the Father and the Son. The Son is the eternal Word of God that became flesh in Jesus so He could BARE our Sins but now He is in a glorified human body like the ones we will receive after we die. A spiritual body that is able to experiment ALL the senses of the physical too but in some kind of glorious light and limitless possibilities!!! Amen Here is some must reading to start and navigate through this website and read the other articles too they are EXCELLENT I promise:

  • pl

    The problem is that people read and see whats in the news and they believe it. Plain and simple. Why on earth would terrorists attack a concert?? Its far from intelligent to think so. It was clear to me when i heard it that this was NOT a terrorist attack just like the 9-11 was declared to be orchestrated by and from the U.S. People need to do their research and not listen to the news so much. Research things like the operation northwoods the declassified document or the 9-11 truthers. The fucking thing with muslim terrorism is getting old..

  • What nonsesnse

    “Baxter” – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – stop the bulls**t, you’re an embarrassment and are ruining this site with crude clickbait like this. Please just go away, it’s beyond a joke now.

  • uravinalaf

    Yes, they did have a rehearsal but that was in 2016.

  • Terry

    Yeah crisis practice instead of prevention. Not working out too well. The people should close the cities. Refuse to go out to resturants, concerts, Holiday events and other social activities. Refuse to stand before these leaders who tell them this is not who we are when they are allowing this to happen.
    They need to demad they deport these troublemakers in force other wise Theyll single them out with PC BS. and take their children on basis of violent domestic unstable jihadists based abuse making them insane stealing their childhood and raising them with no future but to be suicide bombers. Time to kick some as.. s …

  • Terry Silliman

    Tell that to my sister neice asshole she was killed in the explosion…If you don’t know the facts , shut the fuck up and posting your fake news …

    • Def Curry

      If it’s your sisters niece then technically it’s your niece as well. Nice try shill boy.

      • debbuch

        Actually…not so… If the “niece” is the child of her husband’s, sister & husband…she is no relation to him yet a niece to his sister….

  • John Eric Dedden
  • AgeoftReason

    Sorry but it’s been a police state for a while mate

    • AgeoftReason

      USSA is no better and statistically might be worse.

  • J. Nev

    THINK… Manchester bombing = They knew who the suicide bomber was right away, WHAT WAS LEFT OF HIM TO IDENTIFY SO DARN QUICKLY…

    • Nohmadd Wolf

      Good point. It is in what they don’t say the truth will be found. Europe is falling to the New World Order that will allow a few to enslave us all.

    • Marty Zitter

      They found his rosary.

  • Lisa Yumul

    The smell of extinction grows stronger with each passing day.

  • Matt Agorist

    the drill was over a YEAR ago. come on guys… this sloppy shit is bad for the name of alt media.

  • Peter Robinson

    Omg and they let it just happen wtf

  • Smilin’ Jack

    Do they have Five Guys in England? Why does everyone wear hearing protectors and eye protection? Who are those guys in the blue vests with white stripes? So many questions…

  • Fingal Carson

    Duh. Only fools and tools act impulsively. Intelligent people rehearse, premeditate, do trial runs, learn all facts, realize all odds and ends, etc.

  • Boris D. Raghunter

    The O2 Arena is in London, not Manchester.

    The police anti-terror excercise was held in public as a message for people to be careful at ALL the city’s concert venues plus the 2 major sports stadiums.

    Manchester has been fighting terror for over 100 years, whether it be the Fenians, The Nazis, The IRA or Islamist militants.

    We ain’t newbees at this.

  • Gerard

    It’s all about putting fear into the sheep, this is how they control them.

  • grismar

    I’m a software developer, I primarily develop for the web. But there are days when I wish the Internet wasn’t there to expose us to the incredible amounts of stupid out there. It’s probably always been this bad, but there’s something to be said for the stunningly inane to remain relatively unheard.

    • Opiumbrella 33

      Or to find those who are just as bat shit to validate their thoughts.

  • Marty Zitter

    The Irish Republican Army, the Illuminati, and the Freedom Caucus conspired and did it because they believe that Ariana Grande is the Bride of Satan.

  • Noel

    Wake the fuck up people…. These “terror” attacks ARE FAKE AS SHIT!!!

  • Jay Dillon

    This is a weird statement by a Moslem apologist, probably an enemy operative.

  • Fred Snurd

    Same with Sandy Hook! The FED’s had a rehearsal. Coincidence? Not!

  • Vox Populi

    The intelligence services had this guy on radar because his father was a pawn of British Secret Service (MI6). His father was funded by MI6 for years prior to overthrow and assasinate Libya’s Qadaffi. And now his son comes back to England from Libya on May 16th, waltzes right past UK customs and no one in British Intel keeps tabs on him until he blows himself up at the concert? Yeah right? If you believe this pack of lies then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Lies, lies, and more lies. This is all part of the theater for the military industrial complex to sell you fear, loss of liberties, and more zionist wars.

  • J. Nev

    SHE DOES NOT CARE!!! @ArianaGrande is doing this concert to BENEFIT herself, an American Hating PIG… #OneLoveManchester