Army Officer: “Shapeshifting Reptiles Raped Me On The Moon”

An army officer has claimed she was raped on the moon by shapeshifting reptilian entities

A former female US Air Force worker has made the shocking and bizarre claims shape shifting reptilians raped her on the moon “countless times” during her work as a radar tracking officer. 

Niara Terela Isley claims she was abducted by a tall humanoid alien with a tail, and taken to a secret base on the far side of the moon, where the reptilian entities would regularly conduct sexual rituals with their victims. reports:

Ms Isley told how she worked at the Tonopah Test Range, in Nevada, but said she could recall very little detail about her time there.

She claimed security guards raped her in front of an audience after she was jabbed in the neck with a mystery drug while in an underground lair.

Army officer Niara Terela Isley says she was abducted and raped by shapeshifting reptilians on the moon
Army officer Niara Terela Isley says she was abducted and raped by shapeshifting reptilians on the moon

And then she was raped on the moon, she said.

Ms Isley described the bizarre and shocking series of incidents under hypnosis.

In taped interviews with aquarianradio, she claimed she was taken into space eight to 10 times over several months when she was 25-years-old.

She said the aliens put her to work, having her operate electronic machinery to excavate the darkest parts of the moon.

Describing how she was used for sex almost every night she was on the moon, she said she was regularly passed between the reptilians.

In addition, she said “grey aliens” were present, helping with the work, as well as human “personnel” who were also forced to help the reptilians do their bidding on the moon.

After the abductions, she said she couldn’t remember much of what had happened, including aspects of her work, leading her to think her memory had been wiped.

The incidents stopped in 1980, she said.

She sought hypnosis in an attempt to fill the holes in her memory and it helped her uncover more details about the abuse she experienced on the moon.

Describing her abductor, she said: “He was humanoid and did have a tail.”

She said he had yellow eyes with vertical slit pupils.

On the “dark side” of the Moon, she said: “There was a lot of sexual abuse.”

She also said there was excavation work to expand the “military base”.

It was then that she had to carry out manual labour including “moving boxes”.

Ms Isley, a mum-of-one who now lives in Colorado, said: “At night I wasn’t allowed to sleep and was passed around for more sex.

“I was scared. I knew I had to get back to my daughter so I was pretty compliant. I just didn’t want to do anything that would get me killed.”

Many alien conspiracy theories suggest that the US government is in on abductions, often helping “the greys” do the work.

Theorists claim that is why officials have not fully investigated claims of their own employees and former staff.

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    If a species that advanced existed, they would have robots that would handle all that kind of work. They would have no need to have a human operate excavation equipment.

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      This is the Republican wing of the aliens, they don’t pay their workers at all. Plus, they are all against women so they just use them as chattels. As crazy as this sounds, any more I can believe about anything. Anything that is except that they took $60 billion dollars from Social Security

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    The Military experiments with drugs on their own people and have for years. The higher ups even like to play dress-up, and not just cross dressing either….. Psy-ops, psy-ops, psy-ops, drugs, hypnosis, mind control experiments and sexual abuse …..helps to cover up their criminal activities,so the person targeted gets smeared and discredited…..– BE ALL YOU NEVER WANTED TO BE IN THE US MILITARY!

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    She must have been doing classified work and had her memory replace with this…..