Ashley Judd Claims Trump’s Victory Was Worse Than Child Rape

Ashley Judd says President Trump's election victory was the worst thing that has ever happened to her, worse than being raped as a child.

Ashley Judd claims President Trump’s election victory is the worst thing that has ever happened to her, describing the experience as even worse than being raped as a child.

“It remains for me the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime,” Judd said of Trump’s election victory. “Raped as a child – bad. Re-raped by a political system that ordains a clown – really bad.

The Hollyweird star made the claim in a Huffington Post video titled, “Ashley Judd describes being triggered by Trump.”

Wearing a so-called “Pussy Hat” popularized by feminist activists, Ashley Judd said the same male family member who failed to protect her from being sexually assaulted as a child betrayed her again by voting for Trump.

And the fact that there were adult men in my family – who failed to protect me as a child – voted for him, was really re-traumatizing in saying, ‘You’re gonna put me out there again. And the idea that you would protect me has evaporated.’ And it was incredibly painful. Incredibly painful,” she said.

Immediately I began to weep, because it’s not ok. It’s not ok,” Judd added. “For me it’s not about the wall, it not about any of that stuff. It’s about, you voted for a pussy grabber. You voted for someone who calls his wife a piece of ass, whose daughter is his favorite sex symbol. It really boils down to me to the sexual assault and the misogyny piece.”

At the Women’s March in Washington, DC, Ashley Judd used her celebrity platform to deliver a demented, rambling speech, telling thousands of protestors that President Trump has sexual fantasies about his daughter, Ivanka.

I am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes,” Judd said, doing her best imitation of a high school mean girl, creating accusations out of thin air to try and smear an enemy.


Hollyweird continues digging up fading celebrities to try and rally the people against their Presdient.

Jodie Foster has told protesters Saturday that it is “time to resist” during a rally against Donald Trump’s hard-line immigration policies.

Speaking ahead of the Academy Awards on Sunday night, the Oscar-winning actress warned of an “attack on democracy” and urged people to “engage“.

The Silence Of The Lambs actress told the crowd “it’s time to show up” as the US President seeks to revive his travel ban.

Foster was addressing a 1,200-strong crowd outside the Beverly Hills headquarters of United Talent Agency (UTA), which cancelled its annual Oscars party in favor of protesting Trump and staging the demonstration.

Anytime is a good time for illumination,’” Foster said. “And this is the time for illumination. I believe this time is filled with light.”

Hollyweird has dug up a high witch to rally the troops, spouting code words for the Luciferians as they begin cranking their machine into gear before the Oscars. The next few days will be filled with all manner of guff and propaganda, fearmongering and emotional blackmail.

Do yourself a favor and #ResistHollywood. Boycott the celebrity nonsense until they learn their place and shut the hell up.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • photonic

    These people are a spear head representing the decadency and downfall of this once great moral country. To attack the President in such manners and talk is unheard of, far surpassing even the abuse of the last President by the other side. So you see, no matter which side your on, the mental attitude, the ethical and moral standing of those high and those low is deplorable followed by disgraceful, shameful, dishonourable, disreputable, discreditable, unworthy, shabby, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable; reprehensible, despicable, abominable, base, sordid, vile, hateful, contemptible, loathsome, offensive, execrable, heinous, odious, revolting, unspeakable, beyond contempt; and these are the backbone of US citizenry mind sets across the board. what has ever happened to Honour, dignity, pride, respect, brotherly love, outgoing concern for others, sympathy, empathy, honoring the and respecting just laws, helping your neigbour, not wishing harm to your enemy but seeking peace and solutions of amicable terms, etc etc. Nope! you wont find it here, move along, move along.

    • Frank C

      Wow, that’s a lot of adjectives! I am not even going to try to add any more.

      Everyone has the RIGHT to say what they think, but why do others feel the need to publish the insane ramblings of idiots?! “…worse than being raped as a child.” Really?!

  • David Stanley

    That nasty snatch is a Satanist who thinks Child rape and torture Podesta molesta style is ok but Trump is no good.

    • Eudoxia

      It’s most certainly how it appears. She’s showing her true character now or rather lack of sound character. These people who swing toward malignant nasty behavior in an effort to berate and tear down another’s character are showing their own narcissism up front close and personal for all the world to see. Those who preach hate and depravity are only drawing those who do likewise into their toxic net. Like attracts like. If these Hollywood and other types continue to attack Trump in the manner they are doing they will only shed a light on their own deplorable attitudes and behavior. Decent, caring people won’t stand for them and will shun them.

  • Alabama Mothman

    Maybe she should turn to her satanist friends

  • Ted Maul

    that bit has had more c0cks in her than a chicken coop

  • Jimmy Yost

    There’s an old saying (I think it may be one of Murphy’s Laws) that a woman’s beauty is inversely proportional to her common sense. Ashley Judd has proven it to be true time after time.

  • josefa menendez

    Hey Restalyne face Ashley, ( trying to look good for oppressive white men?) How many abortions did you traumatize YOURSELF with and are promoting other women to have to validate your own depravity?
    You are a sad joke. Nonsensical political activism is the graveyard for all “has- been ” actresses.

  • Djago

    I did fancy her for her acting, but now shes acting stupid, get real!

  • walcon

    Pretty on the outside- dumb as a box of rocks on the inside.

  • Mr_B

    what a bunch of cowards we have become..we adults…

    Its bad enough we as adults stood by while systemic pedophilia ran rampant across the globe – now we call them names like ‘snowflake’, put them in commercials and have them speak for us…

    …and we equate a new president to ‘child rape’…what a sad profile we cast on ourselves….

    We frack their future water supply and in-debt them with usury for a lifetime, to obtain knowledge that is inherently and rightfully theirs to begin with…

    …and to top it off we turn ‘their’ oceans to plastic radioactive sludge; not to mention ‘endless religious war’ to line our greedy pockets, stick them with autism and feed them mutated foods…

    …but at least we get to voice our selfish needs into a megaphone and vacation in the Caribbean, and ‘hero worship’ every sunday.

    The narcissistic and dysfunctional adults need to stop using children to meet a political end…it only instills our roles as disgusting cowards.

    I pray these these children wake up, walk to the parents and slap each in the face…for being the f**king failures we all are.

    The 7th Generation will not tolerate the failures we have allowed.


  • Dot

    Where’s Mark Chapman when you need him?

  • Sam Nelson

    Another one of those duel citizens. Keeping your enemy close has just about proven to be: the tactic of a fool. Had enough yet?

  • hiphop

    I am beginning to believe liberalism is a disease which affects the mind and renders these people mentally disturbed and candidates for a mental institution. Our children are being taught by people like this who do not have an original thought or idea, but are programmed robots.

  • kek

    The insane Left engages in and defends pedophilia. Pizzagate is real and Hollywood and Washington are home base to child trafficking crimes.

    Ashley Judd looks like one of those deranged TV Evangelists as she stomps across the stage spewing hate and nonsense. She uses her vagina as a weapon of mass stupidity.

  • handsignals4theblind

    Stick to acting Ashley. And by the way she could have used a far better analogy. What a silver spoon bore of a celeb

  • Rick Morrow

    So she preferred incest and being raped to Donald Trump being elected president of the USA. I think her values are all mixed up.

    To me, the election of Hillary Clinton, who sold American foreign policy and military might to foreign governments, would have been much worse. Donald Trump is the first Republican or Democrat candidate for presidency that I wholeheartedly endorsed. He will be the best president since George Washington.

    Get be hind the president or get out of the way.

  • BigMamaCougarPurr

    I just saw a video where Trump said he was going to crack down on human trafficking big time. Plus, didn’t over a thousand people involved in human trafficking just get arrested since Trump has been president? So… Maybe it’s all for show, but Trump seems to be against human trafficking and child rape…

    So why is Judd so fussy? She doesn’t like Trump fighting the child molesters? Hmm. Wonder why. Maybe because the country music scene is rife with human trafficking?

  • Tony

    The Dixie Chicks are calling from 14 years ago. They want those voices in their heads back…. and their careers.

  • disqus_F4LAnhGEIL

    Ashley Judd is deranged but worse than that has a filthy soul.

  • Lawrence

    Well….I gotta say, she might have a teenie-tiny credibility problem considering that she supported a candidate who enabled a serial abuser of Women for more than 30 years because it was expedient to stay married to him.

  • vincent marquette

    She can go to hell.

  • liberal hater!

    What. f……g douchebag! Hey Judd go back to making porn with the test of the filth! POS!

  • Brian Harris

    Judd, Foster, and the rest of the hollywood elite who peddle in sex and violence movies, peddle in fear and paranoia, and peddle children for sex and violence (one in the same with pedophiles) don’t care about anyone but themselves. Judd’s extravagant pearl necklace on her neck (not the one on her face) is a reminder to the sheep that they should worship the extravagant life of the rich and infamous.

  • Charles Hurst

    And who would listen to this. . . those who are trained to sit in safe spaces

  • Black Swan

    Lip less lizzy Jodie Foster has refused to make Contact with reality.

  • sinner

    So why are these hollywood types silent on the child pedophillia that goes on in tinsel town. But they are outraged with Trump. What a bunch of hypocrites.