Auschwitz Prisoner Says His Story Was A Lie

Auschwitz prisoner admits his story was a lie

A 91-year-old man who claimed for years that he was a former holocaust survivor and prisoner at Auschwitz has admitted he made the story up. 

Joseph Hirt from Pennsylvania had toured the U.S. lecturing schools and colleges about his experience at Auschwitz. However, a Hirt recently admitted in a letter to the LNP newspaper on Wednesday that his stories were a lie and that he never set foot in the Nazi death camp. reports:

“I am writing today to apologize publicly for harm caused to anyone because of my inserting myself into the descriptions of life in Auschwitz,” Hirt wrote. “I was not a prisoner there. I did not intend to lessen or overshadow the events which truly happened there by falsely claiming to have been personally involved.”

Hirt’s admission came weeks after his story of escaping from Auschwitz was questioned by Andrew Reid, a history teacher in Turin, New York. Reid and several students attended an April presentation by Hirt and the educator concluded that many of the speaker’s claims didn’t add up.

He launched his own investigation, which culminated in a 25-page letter he sent to media outlets and organizations that had written about or hosted Hirt. Those organizations unknowingly perpetuated “his false claims to an even greater audience,” Reid said.

Among other findings, his research indicated that the identification number tattooed on Hirt’s arm was actually that of another prisoner from 1944.

Hirt apologized to Reid in a phone call earlier this month, according to Reid, who said he pushed Hirt to make a public apology.

In his letter, Hirt recounted a visit he made to Auschwitz several years after World War II and said he was determined “at that moment to prevent the loss of the truth” about life and death at the concentration camp.

He said he was wrong to lie to discuss the “the important truth of the suffering and death of so many” at the hands of the Nazis. Hirt said he was wrong and asked for forgiveness.

  • and

    Hmmm , so how many more lies will come to the surface , could the whole truth be spoken without penalty in this world?
    Seems like truth in our time gets one a funeral before the last words are spoken.

    • Djago

      You are right, and now we must wait for the jewish reaction, how will they atack this story? who`s to blame?

  • Powerplay

    What else is new?

  • ImajWalker

    When you research the Holocaust.. you will find there were no people GASSED! The ovens were for disinfecting clothes and people’s clothes were taken for the same reason.. They STILL show (in their museum) a windowed room of shoes, clothes, hair etc.. to keep the lie going.
    Typhus was a threat then… but a few people have done really good HONEST documentaries on the events and
    TRUTH prevails..
    We’ve been LIED TO all our lives..
    The brainwashing needs to go and people need to start to THINK for themselves now.

    Their ZIONIST agenda was to keep the people in Fear… is it working? LOL

    • DNA

      you are an idiot……when Eisenhower visited one of the camps as the allies were liberating them, he said he wanted EVERYTHING filmed so some asshole in the future could not claim the holocaust never happened. It happened. I am so sorry it does not fit your narrative…but life sucks for those that are too blind to see the truth. Keep drinking that kool aid

      • danie

        search HELLSTORM

      • Ben Lawrinson

        Eisenhower was a god damn so called Jew, he sent white Americans to slaughter white Germans! 275k (jews, gypsies etc were killed during ww2) NOT 6million! Besides historical facts show that MORE THAN 12MILLION Germans were murdered at the orders of Eisenhower! Rhine Meadows death camps (movie on YouTube) shows this FACT! HOW DOES THE LIE OF 6 MILLION Jews murdered out weigh and supercede over 12 million Germans murdered in ww2?! ?!?!

    • michael labelle

      Unfortunately yes

  • ImajWalker

    Here’s another good video…SHARE FOR EDUCATIONAL Purposes