Australia To Forcibly Vaccinate Citizens Via Chemtrails

Australia approve GMO vaccine to be forcibly administered via chemtrails

Australia have approved the license application from Big Pharma company PaxVax that will allow them to intentionally release a GMO vaccine consisting of live bacteria into Queensland, via chemtrails. 

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) says that the vaccine qualifies as a limited and controlled release under section 50A of the Gene Technology Act 2000. reports:

PaxVax is seeking approval to conduct the clinical trial of a genetically modified live bacterial vaccine against cholera.

Once underway the trial is expected to be completed within one year, with trial sites selected from local government areas (LGAs) in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. PaxVax has proposed a number of control measures they say will restrict the spread and persistence of the GM vaccine and its introduced genetic material, however there is always a possiblity of these restrictions failing and infecting wildlife and ecosystems.

Aerial vaccines have used in the United States directed towards animals by the use of plastic packets dropped by planes or helicopters.Sanofi (who is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world) has subsidiary companies such as Merial Limited who manufacture Raboral, an oral live-virus poisonous to humans yet distributed wildlife in the masses.


In 2006 Michael Greenwood wrote an article for the Yale School of Public Health entitled, “Aerial Spraying Effectively Reduces Incidence of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Humans.” The article stated that the incidence of human West Nile virus cases can be significantly reduced through large scale aerial spraying that targets adult mosquitoes, according to research by the Yale School of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health.

Under the mandate for aerial spraying for specific vectors that pose a threat to human health, aerial vaccines known as DNA Vaccine Enhancements and Recombinant Vaccine against WNV may be tested or used to “protect” the people from vector infection exposures. DNA vaccine enhancements specifically use Epstein-Barr viral capside’s with multi human complement class II activators to neutralize antibodies. The recombinant vaccines against WNV use Rabbit Beta-globulin or the poly (A) signal of the SV40 virus. In early studies of DNA vaccines it was found that the negative result studies would go into the category of future developmental research projects in gene therapy. During the studies of poly (A) signaling of the SV40 for WNV vaccines, it was observed that WNV will lie dormant in individuals who were exposed to chicken pox, thus upon exposure to WNV aerial vaccines the potential for the release of chicken pox virus would cause a greater risk to having adult onset Shingles.


In February 2009 to present date, aerial spraying for the WNV occurred in major cities within the State of California. During spraying of Anaheim, CA a Caucasian female (age 50) was exposed to heavy spraying, while doing her daily exercise of walking several miles. Heavy helicopter activity occurred for several days in this area. After spraying, she experienced light headedness, nausea, muscle aches and increased low back pain. She was evaluated for toxicological mechanisms that were associated with pesticide exposure due to aerial spraying utilizing advanced biological monitoring testing. The test results which included protein band testing utilizing Protein Coupled Response (PCR) methods were positive for KD-45. KD-45 is the protein band for SV-40 Simian Green Monkey virus. Additional tests were performed for Epstein-Barr virus capside and Cytomeglia virus which are used in bioengineering for gene delivery systems through viral protein envelope and adenoviral protein envelope technology. The individual was positive for both; indicating a highly probable exposure to a DNA vaccination delivery system through nasal inhalation.

Pentagon Document Revealed Aerial Vaccination Plans

In the Quarterly FunVax Review in June, 2007, the report lists the objective of a project listed as ID: 149AZ2 as a preparation of a viral vector that will inhibit/decrease the expression of a specific disruption gene (VMAT2) within a human population. It further indicates in the abstract that six method of virus dispersal were tested including high altitude release, water supply release, insect transmission, and various methods of diffusion.

This article was originally published in 2016 and is updated regularly

  • Dio Jones

    Vaccines today, death chemicals tomorrow…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

    • The Wrath

      My last post says how to stop them in their tracks it works a charm of 15 bucks

  • Jonny

    Where are your sources?

    • KateC

      For the record: As usual fact has merged with conspiracy. The cholera gmo vax trial is real, it is potentially happening in Australia but it is being administered at various hospitals in various states – not via chemtrail. Not that I think this is a good thing.

  • Anon Ymous

    You know you really do a disservice to the anti-chemtrails/geoengineering activists by posting misleading articles such as this. You basically just reposted the entire article.

    • The Wrath

      Oi fellow anon! Greetings.
      Its all in the last post stop them for 15 bucks a peice

  • scotty

    Sorry just cant see it as there hasn’t been a case of naturally occuring cholera in Australia in the past 25 years – just a load of bs

    • René Martin

      ” to test the vaccine on about 1,000 adults, and potentially children, planning to travel overseas to cholera-affected areas.”

    • Mack10

      It is BS. It’s all a global conspiracy by the dark government!

  • Mary Bayliss

    Fucking EVIL Asswipes! They just wqant to depopulate. They are bloody killing us!

    • The Wrath

      Oi its all in my last comment luv

    • La De Da

      It isn’t real sweetie. Do you accept everything you read and blindly believe? This is rather foolish maybe?

  • brothersun

    The last paragraph is from a suspected hoax video about a vaccine “FunVax” (“FundamentalistVaccine”) that would disable the part of the brain responsible for religious extremism. But the first part of the article could be true. The sources are found at the end of the original article: Click the PreventDisease link at the beginning of this article and scroll to the end.

  • Gaye45

    I live in Brisbane, and even though I do not believe in chemtrails, when reading this it scared me, until I realised that like so many of these things, there is no proof in any of it, not even half stories of truth..
    Why would they test something in a land where there is no cholera, if they wanted to test they would use a country with high cholera outbreaks. Testing here proves nothing, unless there was an underlying other reason..

    • Tom Validakis

      Chemtrails I filmed on Brisbane Southside before Christmas 2015

    • TruthTalk

      You don’t believe in chemtrails? So do you think people across the world that see them and have tested them are just making things up?

      • René Martin

        Yes, they are. There is not a shred of evidence that there is a world wide conspiracy involving tens of thousands of people to “chem trail” the population

        • TruthTalk

          Right but nasa recently admitted to it but I guess that’s a lie too

          • René Martin

            Really? Recently? It’s on their website dummy:


          • TruthTalk

            GOOFY there’s a difference between rockets and airplanes. Their use of tracer rockets for atmospheric tests is not the same as their use of airplanes to spray chemical chemtrails 3 to 4 times a week. Your not going to find this info out in the open on their website. I don’t know what type of brain you have to think spraying arsenic, canadmium, chromium, lead, selenium, sliver and lithium over populations or the environment is ok but in the eyes of the sane this is far from being ok. Doctors have confirmed lithium is a dangerous drug used to treat psych patients by altering the way they think by changing the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine secreted by the endocrine system, basically making them more obedient to following directions and orders. Look up the effects of the other chemicals on your own. Let’s not act like the government hasn’t been caught more than once performing chemical tests on it’s own citizens. Oh but I guess that’s a lie too.

          • René Martin

            If you have evidence, sue the government, the airlines companies, the pilots and the Bilderburgers!

          • TruthTalk
          • René Martin

            With just as much success as dogs have while barking at the moon…

          • TruthTalk

            Doesn’t matter regardless because if your not part of the elite you’ll be effected in one way or another by the evil they’re doing too.

          • René Martin

            Is that the elite who are wearing special nose filters to prevent them from inhaling the toxic chem trails?

        • Colin Young

          The very definition of ‘conspiracy’ includes secrecy.
          Those who do the actual bidding needn’t know what it is they are doing, or why. They simply know they have orders to follow.

      • chamel77

        Airplanes are built in tandem hangars, if someone was fitting planes with “chemtrail” tanks, everyone in the public has access to see them. Why has no one seen them then? Additionally, if you were instructed to poison your family and fellow countrymen, would you? Why do these pilots and those involved willing to go along with it then?

    • René Martin

      “”The study in Australia will only be looking at the immune response or
      the antibody levels and the safety from taking this vaccine,” he said.”

    • Isabel

      Hi it looks like you didint see it, and don’t believe either if u dont see it. I ve seen it on the gold coast, and my friend saw in Brisbane and has even a video. All this ‘trial for cholera’ is obviously another reason. people should open eyes and dont be naive, and see more. Unfortunately there is many things those corporations due not necessary ‘humane to us.
      People should stand against ‘these trials. I have seen near my home once in the morning, and hew days later my friend saw in Brisbane.
      Not surpsrise that I have dry nose, itchy eye, and problems with chest infections all the time recently.

  • Gaye45

    And I forgot to mention, it is so hot here in Queensland with every day full of sunshine, and what does sunshine do to viruses????

  • Gary Edvans

    Tere would appear to have been a run of chemtrails here at Lightning Ridge NSW AU about three weeks ago am an x pilot and there is no way in the world that they where contrails they persisted and spread in a boxed pattern that persisted for two days

    • Linda Johnston

      Why would chem trails behave differently to contrail? Both are vapours.

      • Colin Young

        A chem-trail is a trail of chemical spray. It’s made of particles that remain particles whether they’re cold or not.
        A con-trail (condensation trail) is a trail of condensed water vapour. Why does it dissipate? Well, it’s best for you to figure that out when you breath out on a cold day.

        • eccles11

          How the hell would particulate matter remain in a visible trail pattern in the sky for days?

          • Colin Young

            Keep going; you’ll figure it out.

          • eccles11

            Because conspiracy theories don’t need top abide by the laws of physics?

          • Colin Young

            Which particular law of physics did you have in mind or are you just yelling “science” in a crowded forum?

          • eccles11

            Try this in your home. Create an aerosol. Use whatever you want, do it in a room and shut the door. Come back two days later and see if it’s there, visible and in the same shape as you left it.

            When particles are small enough, they will dissipiate through brownian motion, they will move from an area of high concentration to low concentration. When the particles are large enough, they will fall to the ground.

            Another thing Gary would have realised, if he was a pilot worth his salt. After looking at hundreds of aviation Area Forecasts over the years, is that high up, you never get still air. Even just a few thousand feet up, a 10 knot wind is considered conveniently calm when planning a flight. So even if we take the lowest estimate of his “boxed pattern that persisted for two days” and say he was observing at midday on day 1 to midday of day 2. that “boxed pattern” could have traveled from Lightning Ridge to the next town, St. George in that time.

          • Colin Young

            So, you think that what the photos show is just water vapour, then? If not, what?

            p.s. You still haven’t articulated the actual law of physics you invoked earlier.

          • eccles11

            “p.s. You still haven’t articulated the actual law of physics you invoked earlier.”

            Sure I did, I’ll go over it again. Look up diffusion, it will explain how particles move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. An artificially created cloud* will dissipate over time as the particles spread out.

            If the proported particles in chem trails are too large to be jostled around by Brownian motion, then they are big enough that they will fall to the earth.

            And even if neither of these principles were true, the wind would have blown our friend’s alleged chem trails as far away as another town in the course of one day, even on a calm day. So no matter what a trail created by an aircraft is made of, it won’t last two days.

            *If you want me to explain how regular clouds such as cumulus clouds appear to remain in some coherent shape for some time, I will do that for you.

          • Sam Brosenberg

            You’re wasting your time. These idiots will never understand, no matter how much information you spoon-feed them.

          • Rachel

            On the contrary…you should know that there are MANY things in this world that do NOT “abide by (any known) laws of physics. Research string theory, it too is called a theory because it can’t be proven with physics…does that make it a conspiracy?

          • chamel77

            Look up what a scientific theory is, you got it completely wrong. A theory is anything that has a supporting body of evidence.

          • Matt Flannery

            and nothing to disprove it thus far

          • Matt Flannery

            that’s not what Theory means

          • rod hogno

            you have seen smoke in the air …

        • David Loewen

          “particles that remain particles whether they’re cold or not.”
          Just like all particles.

          • Colin Young

            You have to put things in that manner for people like the guy below.

      • Ric Carter

        Consider a crop duster. You see the spray immediately behind the wing as it is releases. Contrails form well back from the wings, as the temperature drops enough to form vapor. So if you don’t see spray coming directly from the wing (nozzle), it ain’t chemtrail.

      • Joe Zaparoony

        Chemtrails are nothing but a hoax. All those trails are just condensation trails. Follow the money on the hoax and it leads you to Dane Wigington, Alex Jones, and Kirsten Meghan, who have all made a fortune off of donations to the hoax. They could afford to easily send a plane up to take samples, but they never would because they wouldn’t want to lose the chemtrail income they get from people who donate. Take a spectroscopic analysis of any of the trails and you will get a reading of mostly water.
        Don’t get sucked into the scam. No one’s ever admitted to chemtrails (or any of the other “buzz words” like geoengineering) and any talk that was about them has only been either in theory or in a hypothetical situation of the possibility of reducing of global warming in the future IF it ever gets to that point.

  • The Math

    Laser beams? Magnifying glasses? Are you fucking kidding me?!
    I would be surprised if you could even incur a gentle breeze, never mind ‘wrath’.

    If you want to better Australia, then follow these 3 easy steps:
    1) Get an education.
    2) Get a job.
    3) Shoot yourself because you’re too fucking stupid for steps 1 & 2.

    • The Wrath

      Hahaha your chit judge. And obviously know shit about about anything. I could bet you i went to better universities that you.
      But only one way to explain this to a fuk wit.
      And that real simple. U Stupid human.
      Looks like they like to be haxed.

      • The Math

        By all means, hack me monkey boy. You can barely string a sentence together, so I highly doubt your “better universities” education can top my 17 years as a software engineer. You talk just like every half-wit script kiddie I have ever met, I doubt you even know how to code.
        Oh, and you’re the only one here who thought it was real.
        You can’t even spell ‘laser beams’, yet you think a 6v laser with a magnifying glass is going to do shit? I play with 400W CO2 for shits n giggles… they run @ 25,000 volts. The lasers you are talking about will likely fry under a 6v load, but you wouldn’t know that because all you do is talk shit.

        Want to play war games? I’ll happily oblige. Enjoy my 4 stage firewall… at least until your motherboard goes night night.
        See you soon 🙂

        • The Math

          I saw you come knocking… seems your computer isn’t online anymore… gee, I wonder why that is?

          I suggest you start grinding your drives before the police arrive 😉

      • L1ttl3j1m

        Ok, my IP address is – do your worst.

        • ultralight meme

          Mine’s ::1

  • The Wrath

    The math is a fuk wit hahaha sociopath choc a block up him self hahaha

    • The Wrath

      If you were as smart as you think you are, you would done your research and found this is bullchit. Fear porn made for people like you! Math

  • L1ttl3j1m

    The link on PreventDisease. com is broken. is the actual notification from the Gene Technology Regulator.

    Favourite quote “Up to 1000 healthy volunteers, covering different age groups, will participate in this clinical trial. All volunteers will be given extensive information about the GM vaccine prior to consenting to participate in the trial.

    The vaccine will be administered by qualified health professionals in clinical facilities. Clinical trial participants will be given the vaccine as a drink. The vaccine will not be injected into participants and it will not be sprayed into the air.”

  • Monica Anne Bauer

    you really are this stupid aren’t you

  • Randal
    • Erwin Alber

      Suzanne is awesome – great activist!

    • chamel77

      What’s the difference between a homeopath and a quack homeopath?

      • Matt Flannery

        the bill?

      • Michael Hoppe

        Same thing.

  • Truth Seek
  • justine edwards

    just how much are these companies paying the australian government to test and trial for a disease that does not occur normally in this country, wouldn’t it make more sense to test this in africa or asia. And by the above article it would seem they were hoping someone was affected, so they could test for the effects of nasal inhalation. Let’s be honest here how much more money would these companies make releasing it into the air than having to package and distribute also what about quality control , it’s not like they can do a product recall. I noticed that the trials here are done through liquid form and the effects are very different btween oral, injection and aerosol

  • Martin Pritchard

    Hang on, let me fetch my foil hat and gas mask.

    • Chris Freethinker

      Look for an actual functioning cognitive brain while you’re at it.

    • Michael Hoppe


  • pagliaccio sconcio

    just like the CIA did in new york spraying the pubic public.Live bacteria airborn i`ve had those shots as do all of our army in the nose or in the arm?.I don`t think they are hurting people I think they are fighting a gas type war that some bad guys are wageing.I got gassed by a cop car in the midwest and lost 20 pounds in two days and could`nt eat for weeks.Just like the good old days the 1960`s when they gassed us hippy kids

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    the gas the midwest cop used was run out the tailpipe in a can under pressure.I know what type of weapon it was and what type of gas and where it was built at but I could`nt stop that no matter whom I talked to or what I did.I could`nt regain control of my downstairs.I was eating and nude for weeks in the bath room nonstop and i was eating like as many hotdogs as I could to get rid of thier bacteria weapon eating my food away.after a few weeks I regained my control,but it was`nt the first bioweapon that I lived though.I was hit with flesh eating bacteria and had a blackhole the size of a 25cent.It was diving though layer after layer of skin and I was fighting it 247 after about eight weeks it was dead for the most part.So was my best friend who was eaten alive by it NBC was braging about it interactively off TV broadcast imprinted with subtexs

  • John Adams

    did a quick investigating into PaxVax and see Jewish involvement. JEW
    Linda M. Rubinstein is the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice
    President, PaxVax Corporation.

  • René Martin

    Pity, it’s at best a half truth, no spraying at all merely a trial involving 1000 volunteers:

  • Bob

    FFS this is not true… you silly hippys..

  • Alex Macintyre Gore

    Kept this real hush hush the mongrels

  • Marie Hassibelius

    So I can’t see in this article where it says an aerial delivery vector was to be used. Am I missing something?

    • Matt Flannery

      nope, the conspiritards are though

  • Mark Cresswell

    Due to the actions of our brave pilots, we have been able to introduce quantum delivery of vaccines through aerial spraying. This will eliminate the need for needles in the near future.The International Chemtrail Association appreciates your appreciation. Please remain home for the next 4 days. Members of our HAARP Reeducation and Training Division will visit you to provide further information on the ICA program , our new quantum delivery viral eradication program and how you can do your part in achieving a better world. Thank you for your participation.
    Dimmer skies are safer skies.
    Vaccinated skies for a New World

    • Chris Freethinker

      You are an effing moron! Brave pilots? How about idiotic dumbed down satanic pilots.

    • Michael Hoppe


    • Cat Jones

      It just gauls me how people think they have the right to force poison on people. What a load of bunk, rhetorical bullshit. You creep me out Mark.

    • Athena Moser-Bey

      Wow are you serious bro?

    • Inga Benthaus

      Love your sarcasm…..

  • David Loewen

    Citation, please.

  • Matt Flannery

    This is great, eradicate the disease in a few passes. If only there was such a thing

  • Matt Flannery

    you made the ridiculous claim, the burden of proof is on YOU

  • Gerardo Payumo

    The label “quack” was invented by John D. Rockefeller to push his pharmacy based medicine and to obliterate his opposition – the homeopaths.

  • Adam Riland

    This bloke and his writers need help. Psychiatric help.

  • Mark Clemens

    wish they could spray $100 bills.

  • Mack10

    GREEN Monkey virus? BS!!! It’s all over the USA also!!! They try to hide it, by spraying @ night a lot of times!!

  • Michael Hoppe

    That anybody in their right mind would believe this bullshit is absolutely astounding.

  • Mark Cresswell

    We of the Aquatrail Sunrise Society,having fully incorporated the new SRM technologies, wish to assure the public that we have implemented an updated process to combat the use of earth water to remove Chemtrails from the sky. Aqua trails are now being dispersed more efficiently useing new stealth ships.Trails will in fact result in better water by making it denser and so requiring less energy to float on and preventing the loss of water due to evaporating and being shed into space. it is also anticipated that the larger predator species will be reduced thus creating more fish stocks for humans.
    What you are seeing is merely the wash action created by our harmonic mixer.Do not be alarmed.
    Remember – Denser Seas are Safer Seas

  • Mark Burchell

    I fear no destruction man can bring onto me, be it by the hand of fellow man or satan. I shall not turn to a panic state and weep for we are doomed regardless.. we have neglected our one true job on earth to protect all animals and their kingdom, instead we have done the unimaginable.. I too am to be blamed, I use a cell phone, eat take aways and drive my car but not with misguided intent to dominate for wealth and power, no ounce of a megalomaniac resides within my spirit or body.. my faith will be my saviour, whether or not im forced to just accept with what we have become as humanity itself is lost and mankind not only fast forwarded extinction of many beautiful creatures of this world, but our own too.. I wish I lived in a world worthy of making a family in but my spirit knows better and my heart weeps as the destruction in our wake becomes worse everyday..

    will man only know peace when theres nothing left to enjoy?