‘Hellboy’ Dinosaur Found In Canada

June 5, 2015 Edmondo Burr 0

The remains of a dinosaur nicknamed ‘Hellboy’ has been identified in Alberta, Canada. The fossils were discovered a decade ago by Peter Hews who stumbled across them sticking out of a cliff along the Oldman River […]


Give Anti Gravity Yoga A Go

June 4, 2015 Edmondo Burr 0

Anti-gravity Yoga has reached British shores. After many decades of traditional Yoga inspired by the East, specially the Indian subcontinent, we now have a reformed version from the West. Aerial yoga as it’s known is […]

US Tanker

New US Tanker Plane For South China Sea

June 4, 2015 Edmondo Burr 0

A new generation of US tanker planes are being deployed domestically by 2018, with an eye on extending their operation capabilities overseas to help Japan’s Self-defense Forces (SDF) and other allies. The deployment of the […]