Baby Twins Die Simultaneously After Routine Vaccinations

A pair of identical twins, aged just 3 months, were found dead shortly after receiving 'routine' vaccinations by a doctor.

A pair of identical twins, aged just 3 months, were found dead shortly after receiving ‘routine’ vaccinations by a doctor. 

According to an official report on PubMed, the girls were delivered via c-section and then found dead laying in their crib, both laying face up. reports:

Not surprisingly, both babies were healthy will no serious medical history.

Two days before their death, both of the girls had received their second dose of oral polio, DPT, and their first dose of hepatitis B vaccines.

They had a fever the day after the vaccines and were given a teaspoon of acetaminophen.

All that and yet, “the death scene investigation, judicial investigation, parental assessment, macroscopic and microscopic autopsy findings and the toxicological analysis didn’t yield any specific cause of death.”

Because the case was so rare it was referred to a board of multidisciplinary medical professionals at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, in the Ministry of Justice, in Istanbul.

And yet, the Board still decided that the data they had was consistent with SIDS.

(Let this sink in: a medical journal is reporting that twins, who were recently vaccinated both died, but it’s nothing more than the luck of the draw. Unexplainable. That makes about as much sense as pediatricians who claim some kids “just get fevers all the time.”)

  • freeman

    Trust none of them.

  • rick lonzy

    Infanticide brought about by the Vaccine Cartel aka Big Pharma. Drug companies make billions now off of vaccines, while they also serve the evil agenda of de-population. I don’t take the flu vaccine as healthcare worker here in the US, i just fool my employer.

  • Amaris

    these vax programmes should all be stopped immediately. . They are covering up deaths , autism etc which are caused by these vaccines. CDC and Big Pharma guilty as charged. The good thing i God has two more little angels up in heaven, because this world is just too evil.

  • Starburst

    RIP little babies. So sorry for all that love you.

  • Black Swan

    The doctor who recomended the vaccine, the nurse who injected it and the pharmaceutical company C.E.O. and the Scientists who developed the poison should be indicted for 2nd degree murder by poison injection.