Belgian Mayor, Working Against EU Pedophile Ring, Found Dead

A Belgian mayor was found dead with his throat slit after he vowed to "publicly shame" an "elite gang of Satan worshippers and pedophiles".

A Belgian mayor has been found dead in a cemetery with his throat slit open, months after vowing to “identify and publicly shame” a “powerful gang of Satan worshippers, killers and pedophiles” that he claimed was running European politics.

The body of Alfred Gadenne, 71, Mayor of the south Belgian town Mouscron, was discovered by his wife on Monday evening at Luingne Cemetery, where he carried out voluntary duties as a part-time caretaker.

He had been out to close the historical cemetery for the night when he was brutally murdered, leading friends and associates to claim he was taken out after revealing his plans to publicly identify and shame members of the European Parliament in Brussels.

He said he had proof the European Union was being run by Satanists with an advanced agenda of death and destruction, and an appetite for the darkest crimes. He said Brussels was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, preaching love and openness, but actually a den of depravity,” a friend and former employee said.

He was working on an enormous exposé that he said would shake Europe to it’s very core.

Mr Gadenne was the conservative mayor of Mouscron, an industrial town of 57,000 located south of the European Parliament in Brussels, headquarters of the European Union.

His death has shocked the country, with Belgium’s Prime Minister expressing ‘horror’ at the death of the retired national lawmaker.

Local news service SudInfo, citing unnamed sources, said a suspect had handed himself in to police, but the motive for the brutal murder remained unclear.

According to the Daily Mail, the case was handed to a local prosecutor rather than to national counter-terrorism investigators.

I have learned with horror of the brutal death of Alfred Gadenne,‘ Prime Minister Charles Michel, a liberal, said on Twitter. ‘All my thoughts are with his family and friends.

Among the many others offering condolences was Martine Aubry, the former French Socialist party leader and long-time mayor of metropolitan Lille.

Philippe Courard, president of the parliament for Belgium’s French-speaking south, tweeted in French: ‘Terrifying. What kind of world are we living in?’

Emergency services work at the Luingne Cemetery in Mouscron, on September 11, where the city’s mayor Alfred Gadenne was found dead.

Emergency services were at the scene on Monday evening.

Mr Gadenne had been out to close the site for the night when he was murdered.
Baxter Dmitry

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    • Lemonfly

      You don’t know the story…woaw, people believe that?!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAKE NEWS

  • PeggyO

    Did he protect his report and give copies to others to hold as insurance that it could still be submitted if something like this would happen? It will be considered a robbery and brushed aside since it can’t be called a suicide.

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    disgusting all the insects, butterflies, bees, animals and birds on my
    property are gone, none to be seen they are all dead. The criminals
    control the world, they control from behind the curtain all the secret
    society’s, head politicians, military, courts, law enforcement and all
    agency’s. They have weaponized the weather and culled the patriots in
    Texas with the recent storms, they are building sanctuary and city’s
    underground, this morning in Michigan they are spraying toxic Chemtrails
    as thick as soup. It is time to for each of us to wake up and fight and
    turn this evil globalist takeover around.

  • Ghislaine Virginie Honay

    Where did you find this info?
    Mr Gadenne was working on a satanist pedophile file in the European Parliament?
    It is interesting but we talk about it nowhere on the net and in Belgium we are not aware! Give noys links that talk about it please! Thank you !

    • Teleia Adams

      Type the subject matter into YouTube. Look for David Wilcock’s videos.

  • Carol Tirey Bach

    Now here’s a shocker. There pedophile ring most likely ties with ours which has Clinton all over it.

  • Dorji ramgyal

    There is an unelected cabal in Brussels called the Org:

    A “Faceless ‘’ soulless, ruthless, nebula of dark heavy

    It issues rules, injunctions, and political decrees, to those Fearful of a bite from a faceless mouth that never shuts;

    it spews hot air at the world and cold invective at those it refuses to acknowledge as classless and free.

    There is an entity in Brussels representing less than =.1% Of the
    global population, telling you to do the bidding of the machines they

    A couple of hundred years ago they invaded the Castle of Dark mothers in Belgium, installed there since they’ve not been idle.

    Producing remorseless hungry beasts with impaling horns and gnashing
    teeth, in faceless mouths that bite the hands that feed them.

    has endless corridors, countless rooms with numerous names and numbers
    defying calculation manipulated by machines working on autopilot night
    and day for the laggards in control of destiny.