Bernie Sanders Suggests Election Is Rigged, Unendorses Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders says the election is rigged and unendorses Hillary Clinton

In an unexpected announcement Bernie Sanders has suggested that the Presidential election may be rigged, and has unendorsed Hillary Clinton. 

In a cryptic Facebook message posted on Sunday, Sanders warned American citizens of a rigged system and criticised the overly powerful elite who run it.

That was not Abraham Lincoln’s vision of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” Sanders complained.

His entire message reads:

“Let’s be honest and acknowledge what we are talking about.

We are talking about a rapid movement in this country toward a political system in which a handful of very wealthy people and special interests will determine who gets elected or who does not get elected.

That is not what this country is supposed to be about.

That was not Abraham Lincoln’s vision of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people”

  • mike

    Bernie Sanders finally woke up from a coma

    • DRoberts001

      But you, apparently, have not.

      • mike

        fully awake – never asleep like most

  • Juniper Bartlett

    Where does he say that he unendorses Clinton?

  • jadan

    If that’s all he says, the headline for this story does not follow. He hasn’t “unendorsed” Clinton and he won’t. I wish he would, but he won’t. Avoid bullshit if you possibly can. I like this site but I’m really tired of bullshit.

    • DirtDiver

      Why? He is a male version of hillary. If you voted for him, the you are part of the problem..

      • Michael Williams

        No. he was left version of trump.

        • DirtDiver

          Not even close… lol he was an old white self loathing liberal socialist.. 30 years in office and nothing.. Trump actually had business’s

          • Michael Williams

            They were both Anti Establishment. Just Anti Establishment in completely different ways why I said the left version of Trump. Then again Bernie took a short term loss in endorsing hillary to survive to get a another run later or he was threaten with death.

          • DirtDiver

            No he wasn’t. .he sold you out

          • why bother

            Thanks for recognizing that some socialists are not liberal. In fact most Republicans are socialist because they fore redistribution of wealth from us taxpayers to the big defense companies and use it to murder millions of designated “enemies.” Also there are liberal gun owning, capitalists, and I am one of them.

          • waymas

            The only thing worse than a kool-aide drinking, evil, socialist lib is an ignorant, kool-aide drinking, evil, socialist lib

          • DirtDiver

            no..just no

          • S.R Lee

            Lmao. You wouldn’t the difference between a liberal and a ‘socialist’ even if they were two dildos stuck in different holes. And Trump owned businesses alright….5 of which went bankrupt. Gtfo here uneducated asshat. Smfh

          • DirtDiver

            all modern socialist are liberals..and as for the rest of your drivel he lost 5 out of 600. mover out of nana’s basement there sport before you lecture anyone on basic business..mmkay

      • Danyelle Robinson

        Trump is NOT an outsider. Trump is part of the other side of corruption in politics — the lobbyists and PACs — Donald is one of them. He has bragged that he has bought and sold politicians his entire career. He’s just trying to get rid of the middleman.

        • DirtDiver

          He is a business man.. Bernie was as crooked as the day was long.. you guys got burned…lol.

          • Thomas Milligan

            You obviously know absolutely nothing about politics. It’s so sad that it’s the people around halfwits that have to suffer rather than the halfwits themselves..

          • DirtDiver

            i think you’re right about are near me..^^ the rest is just nothing

      • david

        He was the leftest version of trump but not even close to hillary. the most bought and paid for politician in all of american history. even though I could not endorse one of his plans, I still felt he had far more integrity and honesty than Hillary ever has or ever will.

        it may seem a leap but it actually would make more sense for his followers to go for trump than hillary since both are “anti-establishment” candidates and hillary is the most perfect example of an establishment candidate

        • Deb Smith

          According to wikileaks, Saunders actually won the primary, Hillary and the DNC had rigged it so much that he lost 190 delegate votes which would have put him well over Clinton. Now she is trying to do it again with Trump except she can’t buy him off like she did Saunders. Trump is not going to let her do it to him, and he has the backing of most of the Country behind him. Look at the videos of Hillary’s rally’s and Trump’s rally’s. She pays people to come and they are still mostly empty, He gets huge stadiums and arenas filled to capacity every time. Says a lot about the voice of the People.

          • Carol Mccollough

            Also Trump got 75k viewers on Facebook live yesterday and gets above 25k on almost all his live events. I don’t have the statistics on all live events, just the ones I watched.

  • David Allan Cole
  • Edward Ayoub


  • Green Party Radio

    Like this site? It posts nothing but ridiculous articles in which facts are optional at best.

  • Greg Miller

    I’m not seeing an unendorsement any where, what are you people smoking?



  • DRoberts001

    Misleading, dishonest headline. His post is about the system in general. Where does he mention that the system is rigged? Where does he unendorse Clinton? This is a bullshit, low intelligence website.

    • Laurel Clark

      Do you not understand what cryptic means? of course he’s not going to out & out say it.

      • Danyelle Robinson

        You can’t infer any thing regarding Clinton from this statement. It simply says nothing about her personally. Get a clue.

  • DirtDiver

    I didn’t see any un-endorcement. He has been a part of this from the beginning of his 30 years in politics.. he is only saying this because it’s his corrupt party that has been called to the floor..

  • JD

    lol, this website is so terrible.

  • Lee Yarbrough

    Editor-in-chief posting bullshit headlines like this?
    Where did you learn to edit news?
    I’m guessing at Chuck-E-Cheese.

  • Heather Ward

    Haha I guess Hilary didn’t pay him enough.

  • Sugarlarry

    Do you guys even try to fact check? Or do you just post any bullshit that comes across your desk?

  • Kenneth Dreger

    WHAT’S TRUE: Bernie Sanders made a Facebook post in which he criticized a “political system in which a handful of very wealthy people and special interests will determine who gets elected.”

    WHAT’S FALSE: Sanders did not rescind his endorsement of Hillary Clinton and has continued urging his supporters to vote for her.

    This site is a total waste of time……out of here….and marking it as a unfavorable site..

  • Terri Thomas

    He is saying this election is being taken over by elites who wish to destroy our country. He is telling his supporters to vote Trump because Lincoln was a republican. If you listen to a Trump rally at the end he says he is for the people, by the people.

  • peter town

    Then why is he campaigning for the witch in Arizona? This is BS!

    • peter town

      As for their being an elite in America. This is a moot point at best. The one with the best funded campaign,intelligence gathering prowess and mud racking expertise will win. Americans are so gullible they will believe anything if it seems to get them out their desperate inborn station in life. The poor will always be screwed over by the rich. They always have and always will. There is no equality and true Freedom it is all Capitalist slogans to keep you from rebelling. Slavery did not end with the emancipation proclamation. It was replaced by minimum wage and slums. Slave masters actually treated their house slaves better than some companies treat their employees. It was security , a job for life. The latent function of education is to keep people out of the work force as long as possible until the fat cats retire . Many jobs that require a degree or diploma formerly were attained through high school and internships, on the job training and starting at the bottom and advancing. As populations grew and the economy went into its inevitable cycles or boom and bust new means were necessary to raise the bar as it were to increase competition for available jobs. America is the classic case of Capitalism : which is a great “War of all against All Others.” Your freedom as you so-call it is nothing more than the freedom to screw whom ever you please whenever you please as long as you don’t kill anyone in the process. Some democracy you got their. With a democracy like that , who needs fascism..Bottom people to get back to the main question at hand is simply this: all politicians are owned by the Multinational corporations and Big Banks. It is called an “Corporatocracy”, Your vote is only “window dressing” to keep you feeling like you live in a democracy. Besides not all of you vote anyway, You do not live in a democracy people, you live in a Corporatocracy. You are being fooled into thinking you can make a difference. At the end of the day your effort in the voting process counts for squat. It is: “Meet the new Boss same as the old Boss”(to quote Pete Townsend of the Who from the rock anthem “Won.t get fooled again” Sad you ladies and gentlemen of America always get fooled over and over and over again. Wake up!

  • Carol Weedon-Kaiser Pleake

    Guess who I’m voting for?

  • Danyelle Robinson

    BAD FORM — You need real reporters, or new headline writers. The context of Sander’s statement does not say ANYTHING about unendorsing Clinton, nor does anything else in the story.

  • Charles


  • julieanna

    When was this written – ? Yes, the DNC rigged the Primary; THAT is when BERNIE should not have conceded until the fraud was cleared up…and it may have indeed taken a long time – even requiring an emergency extension of the present President’s term.

  • Jeanne Longo

    Feel the Bern!!…
    I don’t know why Bernie Sanders got voted out of the running…He would have been a FAIR President…
    How on earth did it get down to Hillary and Trump???

  • Gloria Peace Lee

    You Mr. Sanders are as crazy as the rest of the Democrats. I am not voting for the corrupt, lying, murderer Hillary Clinton. They should have thrown her in jail.