Bernie Sanders Supporters Flee To Trump After Clinton Endorsement

Bernie Sanders supporters flee to Trump en masse after Hillary Clinton endorsement

Bernie Sanders supporters have vowed to quit their support of the Democratic party in favor of Donald Trump, in response to Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. 

Voters are disappointed that the Vermont senator agreed to back Wall Street queen Hillary Clinton, and took to social media to express their disagreement. reports:

“So disappointed. Bernie sold out millions and many of us fell for it,” one former fan tweeted. “Never again.”

And this tweet in particular revealed the great divide between populist Bernie voters and Hillary Clinton:

“Personally, I don’t think I will support Hillary. I don’t trust her,” Sanders fan Lisa Friddle told Fortune. “I can’t see backing someone I don’t believe in.”

Twitter was flooded with ex-Bernie backers with similar views:

And a large portion of Bernie followers will dump the Democratic Party altogether by either joining the almost non-existent Green Party or voting for Donald Trump in the general election.

As we’ve previously reported, a huge percentage of Bernie Sanders supporters would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Why would Bernie voters support Clinton, the establishment candidate who stole the election from Sanders with the help of big banks?

Simply put, there’s more to like about Trump than Clinton, many Bernie voters are finding out.

While noble – and populist – the Bernie movement was doomed from the start: it’s impossible to expand the state to fix inequality when the state, which produces nothing, is the creator of inequality.

“We have monopolistic state money, a central planner in monetary affairs (central banks), and banks that receive special privileges from the state,” economist Philipp Bagus of the Mises Institute pointed out. “…It is the state itself that causes increasing inequality, which it pretends to fight.”

  • White Forever

    Bernie has sold his soul to the Wicked Witch of the West… we need Trump more than ever.

  • Dan Jones

    America needs JESUS not a SAUL….

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark.c

  • sara

    I want to say thanks for former Bernie sanders surporters.for surporting Donald trump

  • ela

    welcome Bernie supporters to the Trump train. HRC is all about what made yo turn to Bernie instead. Now that HRC has been exposed, you like her even less but your wishes have been tossed aside. At the end of the day, I don’t think you are much different than Trump supporters….wanting a safe place to raise your children and grandchildren. HRC doesn’t care about that one iota. So, we fight together.

  • Kevin Curl

    This country would be in chaos if Hildebeast ever got the nod . She is the worst of the worst of the corruption in Washington .

  • nobleknight2

    If we are going to flee anywhere – we will flee to Jill Stein or Gary Johnson – NOT Donald Trump. He’s not progressive enough. Sorry.

    • Tambra Garlick Driscoll

      Then you are wasting a vote…and the chance to have some input into who runs the government. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson…what a joke. They are a pimple on the major party’s collective butt….they are not a serious threat to either of them. Such a joke….thanks for the laugh.

  • Joe

    Horrible Hillary is everything wrong with DC Taxation without Representation – we need another revolution

  • Joseph r carreiro sr

    When you just manufacturer the truth your followers eventually leave you for good. What a show though Bernie.WAs interesting. Think. Opinion.