Bill Gates: Polio Vaccine Program Causes 47,500 Deaths

Bill Gates’ has heavily invested funding into eradicating polio in India via a polio vaccine. His vaccines were given to Indian children with deadly consequences. reports:

From “Polio programme: let us declare victory and move on” by Neetu Vashisht and Jacob Puliyel at Medical Ethics:

“In 2011 there were an extra 47500 new cases of NPAFP [non-polio acute flaccid paralysis]. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Through this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated.”

The Oral Polio Vaccines were given to Indian children. The CDC dropped the OPV from its vaccine schedule in the US because it was causing polio.

“In 1976, Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the killed-virus vaccine used in the 1950s, testified that the live-virus vaccine (used almost exclusively in the U.S. from the early 1960s to 2000) was the ‘principal if not sole cause’ of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961 [44]. (The virus remains in the throat for one to two weeks and in the feces for up to two months. Thus, vaccine recipients are at risk, and can potentially spread the disease, as long as fecal excretion of the virus continues [45].) In 1992, the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an admission that the live-virus vaccine had become the dominant cause of polio in the United States [36]. In fact, according to CDC figures, every case of polio in the U.S. since 1979 was caused by the oral polio vaccine [36]. Authorities claim the vaccine was responsible for about eight cases of polio every year [46]. However, an independent study that analyzed the government’s own vaccine database during a recent period of less than five years uncovered 13,641 reports of adverse events following use of the oral polio vaccine. These reports included 6,364 emergency room visits and 540 deaths (Figure 3) [47,48]. Public outrage at these tragedies became the impetus for removing the oral polio vaccine from immunization schedules [36:568;37;38].”

Did Gates not know the OPV had been dropped in the US as he suggested he wanted to bring the same good health to third world countries as Western countries enjoyed? If he did not know, is he pushing vaccines on the world’s children without such basic and truly critical information?

Neetu Vashisht and Jacob Puliyel at St. Stephens Hospital in Delhi address the question of eradication:

“The charade about polio eradication and the great savings it will bring has persisted to date. It is a paradox that while the director general of WHO, Margret Chan, and Bill Gates are trying to muster support for polio eradication (22) it has been known to the scientific community, for over 10 years, that eradication of polio is impossible. This is because in 2002 scientists had synthesised a chemical called poliovirus in a test-tube with the empirical formula C332,652H492,388N98,245O131,196P7, 501S2,340. It has been demonstrated that by positioning the atoms in sequence, a particle can emerge with all the properties required for its proliferation and survival in nature (23, 24).” [Emphasis added.]

“Wimmer writes that the test-tube synthesis of poliovirus has wiped out any possibility of eradicating poliovirus in the future. Poliovirus cannot be declared extinct because the sequence of its genome is known and modern biotechnology allows it to be resurrected at any time in vitro. Man can thus never let down his guard against poliovirus. Indeed the 18-year-old global eradication campaign for polioviruses will have to be continued in some format forever. The long promised ‘infinite’ monetary benefits from ceasing to vaccinate against poliovirus will never be achieved (24). The attraction that ‘eradication’ has for policy makers will vanish once this truth is widely known.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is apparently out of touch with what the scientific community has known for 10 years, as its website’s page on polio indicates”

2011 Annual Letter from Bill Gates: Ending Polio

Aid for the poorest has already achieved a lot. For example, because of donors’ generosity, we are on the threshold of ending polio once and for all.

And then the Foundation continues about how terrible polio is and how many children it paralyzed and killed.

Polio is a terrible disease that kills many and paralyzes others. Fifty years ago it was widespread around the world. When you talk to people who remember polio in the United States, they’ll tell you about the fear and panic during an outbreak and describe grim hospital wards full of children in iron lungs that maintained their breathing. At its peak in the United States in 1952, polio paralyzed or killed more than 24,000 people.

But in 2011 alone, the Bill and Melinda Gates’ polio vaccine campaign in India caused 47,500 cases of paralysis and death.

  • mothman777

    The Bill Gates polio vaccination program caused 47,500 incidences of paralysis in vaccinated Indian children in 2011, not 47,500 deaths, though several hundred deaths did occur through paralysis of the muscles that normally enable the lungs to function. You need to rewrite your article.
    The WHO states that one in every 200 people infected with polio is left paralysed, so if we multiply 200 by 47,500, we find that 9.5 million children were actually infected with polio by a vaccine ostensibly intended to prevent infection by polio, which is a definite indication that the vaccines were in fact maliciously designed to do that very thing.

    • inorganicmolecule

      What an insane thing to suggest. You are out of your fucking mind.

      • mothman777

        Who are you? I suppose you must think you are Bill Gates himself.

        Try considering Henry Kissinger’s statement that the main thing that the US government will need to be concerned with is reducing the Third World Population.

        Ever heard of hidden chemicals in vaccines that result in deliberately induced sterility and miscarriage? You should have, as they are provenly used even on blacks and native American Indians right there in the USA, not just in other countries, and if you think these politicians are not malicious and racist enough to do that kind of shit, then you are not only a complete coward, you are a traitor to all humanity. Don’t waste my fucking time obliging me to reply to your chosenite little insults. Do the research, speak the real truth, and quit fucking covering it up for TPTB.

        • gingercake5

          Here’s an article about those “improved” vaccines that are making women sterile in Africa. Gates sure looks like a good guy, but once again looks are deceiving.

        • kiddoc

          No… I have not heard of that…. I’m a pediatrician who has made sure my own kids are vaccinated. Why would I give my own kids something harmful just to convince you to give it to your kids. You wacked out trolls……

          • mothman777

            Really? Show me your credentials as a pediatrician. I bet you’re just saying you are one.

          • mothman777

            So ‘Doc’, have you got nothing to say in favor of vaccinations anymore after reading that article I sent you the link to?

      • gingercake5

        He looks good, doesn’t he? But either he and wife are racist and want to (only) reduce the population in Africa, or they are testing the tetanus vaccine there for eventual use (maybe even forced use) around the world.

        • kiddoc

          Get a life, and a job, you wacked out troll conspiracy theorist. Are you one of those losers sitting in your mommy’s basement in the dark, with an imaginary life on the internet?

  • robert

    Looks like you should do more research and have a better understanding of the situation. It seems irrisponsible if you do not have all the information and write something like this. The Selfless acts of the foundation that Bill and his wife Melinda started deserves better than erronious reports. The foundation has improved the lives of millions and is doing positive things for humanity.

  • Monica

    On the face of it, this story reads like misinformation and propaganda. I seriously doubt the “largest democracy in the world” would tolerate having an outside organization killing its children. As close as I can tell from some cursory research, prior to 1988, polio crippled 200,000 children in India annually. By 2009, India still reported half of the world’s new cases. Today, from what I read, there has not been a new case. Sounds like a success story for vaccinations. Your story is, yet again, proof not to believe everything you read on the Internet. The editors should pull this for being factually incorrect?

  • betterfredthandead

    Ninety nine & 44 one-hudreths % pure…BULL EXCREMENT!

    Need proof! Look at the ‘photo-shoped’ pic of an American Humanitarian: Bill Gates

  • inorganicmolecule

    This is the mosts wacked out batshit crazy nonsense I have read in a long time.

  • Gail Seib

    Rather than contribute to the vaccine argument, I would like to suggest that if Bill Gates wishes to help the Third World countries then feeding them and establishing proper hygiene is more urgent than vaccinating them. There are people dying because they don’t have enough food. Whether you have an immunity to polio is neither here nor there if you don’t have enough food to live. Let’s deal with the biggest issues first.

    • gingercake5

      Gates’ “miracle” vaccine in Africa is the tetanus vaccine. Instead of giving it once every 10 years or so (like here), they give it every month for awhile. Amazingly, this tetanus vaccine is only given to women. Strange, eh? Then the women become infertile!! If they are pregnant, they miscarry. This is what Gates means by “improved vaccines will lower the population.” Surely you’ve seen that from his TED talk? If not, go back to this site and see the places I’ve posted the short video. Or go to google and type Gates vaccine, then look for the TED talk.
      Either they’re testing the tetanus vaccine first in Africa to see that it works before they bring it everywhere, or they are truly racists and only want Africans to suffer.
      For now, I’ll post this article about people in Africa figuring out what the Gates have done to them:

      • Gail Seib

        Thank you I watched the TED talk. Sometimes I’m surprised that I’m not surprised by any of this. I think everything that I ever believed about the World is gradually being eroded and I am seeing with disgust what money and power can do. There will come a day of reckoning and it can’t come soon enough.

  • Adrian Molenaar
  • Rich Prendergast
  • addressinternetlies

    there would be millions of deaths and paralysis without the vaccine so which would you prefer. Also your figures of side effects include anyone with even an itch after getting the vaccine so, along with the majority of your data, it is way skewed.

  • Drew M-R

    This article is so hilariously false. That statistic arose from a website called NSNBC, one that uses a similar name to a reputable news source in order to fool readers. 1 in 2.7 million people who receive the polio vaccine experience paralysis or muscle failure. Even fewer die. Don’t believe everything that you read on the internet, folks.

    • mothman777

      Made you laugh did it?

      Even though the truth or fiction site would support your assertion, as would this WHO site and

      This following site demonstrates a serous spiking in polio and diphtheria cases following the introduction of vaccines for these diseases.

      Statistics can be played with to prove almost anything people want, but the Dr Wakefield study on MMR vaccines that he said led to autism was never genuinely debunked, though his many detractors continuously and dishonestly state, quite despicably and reprehensibly, given the acute suffering caused by the MMR vaccines, that MMR vaccines are perfectly safe, and that Dr Wakefield was wrong in his assertions, when real science proves that vaccines really are implicated in the rising incidence of autism.

      Given that Henry Kissinger is recorded as stating that the most important policy of the USA over the coming years would be to limit Third World population, and that Bill Gates is on record as stating how, with what he calls ‘family planning’ and ‘vaccinations’, world population could be reduced by around a billion, a very serious and hugely genocidal figure, we must seriously question whether there might be something in vaccines that might do that.

      We do know that vaccines have definitely been found to have ingredients included that are deliberately intended, not to vaccinate against disease, but to cause spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, hidden for instance in tetanus vaccines given to women of child-bearing age who are considering having a child, usually before they conceive, without those women having any idea that they are effectively being sterilized by genocidal racists who wish thereby to steal the physical resources of the peoples to whom those women belong, for those of their own genome.

      And why should those 47,500 children vaccinated against polio for instance, then IMMEDIATELY come down with disease of ANY origin resulting in them becoming PARALYZED? Strange coincidence eh?

      Why should children vaccinated against one disease that causes paralysis then become prone, quite obviously as a direct result of that vaccination, to become IMMEDIATELY damaged by any other disease, most especially BY ONE THAT CAUSES PARALYSIS? That is surely no mere coincidence at all, and surely something that is occurring as a result of deliberate and malicious intent. For anyone to attempt to assert otherwise is a total insult in addition to the horrific injuries that these children have already suffered.

      Even if we allow ourselves to be persuaded to consider the extremely unlikely possibility that such cases of paralysis as those of the 47,500 vaccinated children in India in 2011 are indeed nothing at all to do with those children having been vaccinated (what an ‘odd’ coincidence), surely it must still eventually be acknowledged upon further analysis and consideration that there must still be something in the vaccines that is compromising the immune systems of those affected by paralysis. One would surely expect that those receiving some supposedly beneficial medicine would actually be made stronger against not only polio, but against ALL similar disease, so the polio vaccines are obviously based on fraudulent science in the first place.

      As Bill Gates is obviously putting the intended ruthless genocidal practice of racist Kissinger into action, is it really likely that he is actually trying to HELP these peoples of other races? Have a good think about that.

      The vaccines that Gates used, on the Indian children in 2011, were as I mentioned earlier, of a type no longer considered safe for children in the West, so why are such inferior and dangerous ‘medicines’ still being dumped on the Third World?

      Smooth-talking WHO representatives and others attempting to palm us off with statistics to ‘prove’ one thing or another about vaccines can all be viewed with the gravest of suspicion in the light of such revelations, as they are a patently dishonest and highly sinister bunch of genocidal racist maniacs. If such means of population reduction are such a good idea, then let them practice the same ‘medicine’ on those of their own genome.

  • vinayshivakumar

    Nice clickbait !

  • ysunsets

    Where are the references….cant click on them