Bill Nye: Old People Must Die To Stop Global Warming

Bill Nye says old people must die to help tackle global warming

Liberal environmentalist Bill Nye has told the Los Angeles Times that old people must be killed in order to help stop the spread of global warming.

The self-professed ‘science guy’ said in a bizarre interview on Wednesday that the older generation are to blame for destroying the planet.

“Climate change deniers, by way of example, are older. It’s generational…We’re just going to have to wait for those people to ‘age out,’ as they say. ‘Age out’ is a euphemism for ‘die.’ But it’ll happen, I guarantee you – that’ll happen.” reports: These musings are not only pathetically immoral, they’re anti-democratic – the notion behind a representative republic is that people can be convinced on the issues.

If Nye has failed to convince people that global warming is a catastrophic threat requiring massively burdensome government intervention, that’s his own fault – perhaps he’s too busy producing songs about “My Sex Junk” or cartoons with polysexual ice cream scoops.

But the fantasy of the Left that the demographics of the country will move in their direction if they can just get rid of undesirable populations has a pretty dark undertone: hoping your political opponents croak so that you can win legislative battles without having to win the argument smacks of nastiness.

While conservatives sometimes joke about Leftists having fewer children and then losing the argument through demographics, we’re not actually rooting for it, nor do we think that lack of children from Leftists would be a necessity for political victory.

But on the left, the hatred for those old white Americans is quite real. And it’s one of the driving factors behind that constituency’s hard turn toward candidates like President Trump.

  • Christian Thomas

    Perhaps the ‘old people’ aren’t clueless morons and recognise Climate Change for the hoax it is. Bill Nye is a certifiable idiot.

  • Brendan Mcallister

    I agree we should star with Bill Nye,and stop their!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frank C

      You stole my comment!!

  • Matt

    Lets hope Bill Nye The Weimar Guy includes himself in this planned extermination.

  • Eye4one2

    Do the liberal environmentalists ever consider all of the additional CO2 they cause, by simply opening their pie holes with this tripe and ultimately causing millions of people to bleat and moan in disagreement!?

  • Black Swan

    ” He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot! Groucho Marx

  • mary

    another Kissinger piece of crappola voicing the useless eaters rhetoric,i am 75 ,years young ,and would punch this guy in the nose if I met him

  • Purplkrush

    Hahahaha! Classic misdirection and a disturbingly malicious intent to deceive there… let’s set aside for the moment that psychology and biochemistry have proven time and again that propaganda in favor of a currently held view creates and near opiod-like chemical cascade in the brain. Changing the minds of people who refuse to accept the science by now simply isn’t going to happen.

    However, back to this crap-journalism… Nye never advocates killing anyone nor “removing any populations. He simply stated that we’d have to wait for them to die off. Which they will do, just like every generation before them. Quit lying to people and maybe they’d be convincable.

    • Photonic

      I think you miss the point, this individual ‘thing’ was trying to be politically correct and color his point, but the intent or spirit with which he said it was quite correct; heading was correct in its interpretation of the motives of this entities heart.

      • Patrick Elliott-Brennan

        Actually it’s not correct. It implies a series of things which he neither said nor alluded to.
        He merely pointed out that the age of the larger number of deniers of the facts is greater than those who can comprehend facts.
        He didn’t say “We cannot stop global warming until all the old people are dead’.
        Therefore the header is misleading clickbait.
        Not surprising that.

        • James Guthrie

          Global warming stopped in 2011 when solar max ended, and we are now in an ice age that might last more than 200 years, MORON’s. gore was wrong on every thing he said would happen, and the exact opposite happened. No ice on either pole by 2015 even in winter, and now the ice is thicker than ever in recored time. Humans are STUPID (REAL FUCKING STUPID), and if one one single human believes in this communist scam then that is proof I am right too.

  • John Derry

    Let him volunteer to be number one live on national tv

  • Patrick Elliott-Brennan

    OMG. English actually has the capacity to inform IF you have comprehension skills.
    You? Zero.
    Anyone who cannot read what he says as a literal fact – you age and die – should return to primary school to recommence English for the non-English speaker classes.
    The facts are also that AGW deniers are older. They are also generally less well educated.
    Sad but true.

  • Kathryn Davidson

    This is just bad, bullsh$t , sensational click bait that is meant to catch your eye, reel you in and expose you to the advertisers. That is all…..too bad it’s so slanderous

  • James Guthrie

    bill needs to get dead very soon, and al gore too.