New Bill Will Authorize Police To Kill Protestors

New Indiana bill proposed that will authorise police to kill protestors

A new bill has been introduced that would allow police to put an end to demonstrations by killing protestors if it is deemed necessary. 

The bill, introduced by a Republican state senator, allows police in Indiana to deal with protestors obstructing traffic “by any means necessary,” even at the point of costing lives. reports:

The bill set off a backlash of criticism, as we have already seen extreme brutality on the part of police at the Standing Rock camps, without an anything-goes type bill. The passing of a bill like this will absolutely result in innocent lives lost.

The bill is known as SB285 and was introduced earlier this year. It reads, “A responsible public official shall, not later than 15 minutes after learning of a mass traffic obstruction in the official’s jurisdiction, dispatch all available law enforcement officers … with directions to use any means necessary to clear the roads of the persons unlawfully obstructing vehicular traffic.”

The bill was written by conservative Senator Jim Tomes. Tomes has been a controversial figure in the past, introducing legislation that made it easier for those convicted of drunk driving offenses to obtain firearms. He also tried to have transgender individuals thrown in jail for using the “wrong” bathroom.”

The bill is obviously meant to quell dissent and shackle free speech. Taking it one step further, the bill ultimately allows for police to mow down protesters with fully-automatic rifles if they so desire.

The bill, as it is written, is an obvious violation of civil rights that have long been established. Although it is unlikely to pass, the introduction alone shows the direction that conservative minds are taking when it comes to the First Amendment.

“I find it very disturbing and I don’t see a need for this as we have had some large protests here but there was never any problem with them,” stated Sue Ellen Braunlin, a representative of the Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice.

According to Braunlin, none of the many protests that have occurred in the state have ended in disaster. “We have stopped traffic for a short time during protests, with police cooperation.

Often they will let us stop traffic and we have not had a problem. We’ve had a women’s rights march and a Black Lives Matter march and it was all very peaceful and coordinated with the police. This bill doesn’t make sense.”

Indiana has had some crazy or not-so-crazy laws passed, depending on how you look at it. In 2014, the state ratified a bill that fundamentally made it legal to shoot cops who entered your home unlawfully.

It was a very specific amendment to the Indiana version of the Castle Doctrine, which gives individuals the right to “stand your ground” against would-be intruders. Police organizations lobbied against the bill, as they deemed it to be open season on cops in private homes.

Regardless of how you view the law, it is a sign that Indiana isn’t afraid to pass generally unpopular bills. The treatment of protesters around the country, and introduction of laws like the one by Senator Tomes, show that the battle for free speech is only just beginning.

  • mike

    FINALLY !!! lets get rid of these low lives , especially the ones that get paid to protest & destroy properties – we don’t need them (make sure you also get Alex & George Soros while you are at it)

    • Dan Smith

      You’re an idiot… Just wait till they come for you next because once tyranny starts it never ends good… ask Cuba…

      • anonymous

        Tyranny has already started with the so-called protests turning into full-blown riots, destroying buildings, cars, private and public property. Denying first amendment rights, blocking traffic, disrupting business, physical assault and the list goes on. Preventing ambulances from passing. I’m wondering what you would think if your family member was in an ambulance and died due to the cowards in masks blocking safe passage. At some point, the issue needs to be addressed otherwise it becomes the norm and acceptable and it’s far from acceptable.

        March, carry signs, chant, yell, whatever, but do it peacefully without disrupting traffic, business, etc. If that’s not possible, then accept the consequences.

  • Bob

    OHHHH if only this were true…. actually arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning the obvious leaders would be a start.

  • DeeDee2Die4

    Der Homeland will be free from dissent! Now make this applicable for the Lugenpresse!

  • Dan Smith

    And Trump will back this, just watch…