Thousands Of Black People Given 90 Days To Leave Israel Or Face Prison

Black people expelled from Israel, given 90 days to leave or else face prison

Thousands of black asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan have been given 90 days to vacate Israel or else face a guaranteed prison sentence.

The Interior Ministry’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority has begun an aggressive deportation program to target the country’s black refugees, on the orders of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. reports: The cabinet vote on the deportation campaign has been postponed due to a budgetary dispute between the treasury and the Public Security Ministry.

In the first stage, certain groups will be exempted from deportation: children, adults over 60, parents of minor children who rely on them for support, those with serious medical or mental health problems and victims of human trafficking and slavery. Individuals in these groups are exempt from being sent to the Holot detention facility in the Negev.

People who have applied for refugee status but have not received a response will also be allowed to stay, for now.

Thousands of other African migrants who entered Israel illegally and who have been detained at Holot in the past, or who meet the criteria for detention there, will receive notification that they must leave Israel within three months the next time they go to Interior Ministry offices to renew their residency permits or face indefinite imprisonment. Barring changes to the law, Holot is scheduled for closure in less than three months.

There are an estimated 27,000 citizens of Eritrea living in Israel, as well as 7,500 Sudanese nationals and 2,500 people from other African nations. Some 5,000 children have been born to African asylum seekers in Israel.

Netanyahu has told Interior Ministry officials that he expects many of these people to leave Israel within a short period.

The Interior Ministry estimates the total cost of its deportation operation at some 300 million shekels ($86 million) a year. This includes wages of Interior Ministry employees, deportation flights and money given to those who leave. For now, every asylum seeker who leaves the country will receive $3,500, but this amount will be reduced in the future.

The actual cost to the state will depends on the program’s success, or lack thereof. The estimates do not include the cost of detention for asylum seekers who refuse to leave Israel. This is the major cause of the dispute between the finance and public security ministries. The latter says it was not consulted in advance on the plan.

The Israel Prison Service, which is under the Public Security Ministry, estimates that hundreds of African asylum seekers will have to be jailed in the Saharonim detention center, an expensive proposition.

On Wednesday, representatives of the Interior Ministry told the Knesset Finance Committee it spent 68 million shekels to remove 4,500 African asylum seekers from Israel in the past year. This money went for airplane tickets and the cash grants. Haaretz has found that the actual number was just under 4,000, meaning the state spent about 17,000 shekels for every African asylum seeker who left, whether to their country of origin, to Uganda, or a Western country.

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      Better to be concerned about “… And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel …” You are going to need them. I heard that some have already traced their lineage back to Levi and Aaron.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    If the Israeli dual citizens that control America want the U.S. to have open borders, you better believe Israel better have open borders too. If they claim that terrorists will attack them, hey, nobody’s had more terrorism committed on them than America. We’re averaging about one false flag a week!

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      Try coherent expression.

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      What crack pipe are you smoking. ” hey, nobody’s had more terrorism committed on them than America”
      You have been attacked by foreign terrorists twice in 242 yrs. Once Britain and the second on 911. You are wrong sir.

  • tom_billesley

    Those to be expelled have requested asylum, had their asylum request examined, and had it rejected.
    Why is this article being given a spin to make it all about race?

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    This is what you call anti-blackism !!! No different from anti-Semitism !!!

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      Why should it be different? It’s their country and if they don’t want African blacks, they aren’t obligated. I don’t want African blacks either. After all Zimbabwe (ex-Rhodesia) didn’t want European whites a few years ago, killed a bunch and confiscated all the land. Now they are letting some come back because the blacks can’t make it work.

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        So you are agreeing with the anti-Semites in Europe who wanted to drive out the Jews ??? If so, you are bad bad boy !!!
        And why should the people of Zimbabwe serve white landlords in their own country ??? Rhodesia has been under severe Western Imperialist pressure since its supposed independence. And bringing back white landlords is the wrong way forward. The people of Zimbabwe should be their own masters.

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          Actually the war was because the germans were taking other countries. The jewish issue occurred after they found out about the mass murders (which also happened to millions of others too not just jews-) Europe sent them to Israel to get them out of Europe and the Jews wanted Israel anyway so they were not unhappy to move. Palestinians were the ones who talked Hitler into exterminating Jews in the first place citing the Armenian massacres as an example of how history ignores such things. (He was concerned about his image it seems-lol).Foist by their own petard I’d say.

          • Edwin Subijano

            It was the Rothschild family that financed the removal of the Jews from Europe using the Zionist organizations. The Zionist actually cooperated with the Nazis in the removal of the Jews because it was in both their interests. Many Jews did not want to leave Europe but after WW2 many of them were homeless and unwanted. And the Zionist needed them to populate Palestine with jews and to hell with the Palestinians (who were actually expelled from their land) in 1948 !!! And what you say that the Palestinians were behind the extermination of the Jews by urging Hitler to do so is nothing but BS !!!!

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        They shouldn’t go there. Let blacks sort it out . If they got what it takes they will eventually succeed . We should step back and give them time to do that. (It will take time -old habits they were trained to accept are had to change). I think the african countries should want their people to come back to them. It will be the best place to be when the ice caps melt anyway (though not on the coastlines).

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    What hypocracy….

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    Without diversity, Israel cannot survive. Remember, diversity is our strength. Besides, the last country that insisted on being ethnically/religiously pure was Germany, back in the 1930s/40s, and the entire world went to war to fight against such evil.

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      Tell that to the Palestinians

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      Actually they didn’t. That was for later. We went to war with them because they signed a pact with Japan and England talked us into helping. The mass murders weren’t actually in the light at the time. It wasn’t the original reason but later became the reason.

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    It’s easy to give away millions when your entire GDP is stolen from other countries by puppet governments.

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    Do this in the US now!!!

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      Absolutely not. American blacks earned their place in our country. They belong here.

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    Jews want open borders for everyone else but not for Israel. This goyim knows the truth about Jews.