Bombshell: Arizona Secretary Of State Admits Election Fraud Took Place

Arizona's Secretary of State testified that election fraud took place: “This was something that I know happens. It’s not hearsay."

Arizona secretary of state Michele Reagan admits election fraud took place during primaries

Arziona’s Secretary of State, Michele Reagan, has confirmed that election fraud took place during the Arizona primaries on March 22. 

During explosive testimony given at the Arizona state capitol in Phoenix, Reagan confirmed that election fraud had indeed taken place when asked about the deliberate tampering of voter registrations before the primary election took place. reports:

Thousands of voters were given provisional ballots, which aren’t actually counted, due to their party registration mysteriously showing up in the system as “independent” or “no party declared.”

Reagan answered “yes” when asked if she knew for certain voter registration had been changed prior to the primary election, then followed up by saying:

“This was something that I know happens, and I know it happened to people in this room. It’s not hearsay. It happened to someone in my own office. One of my employees was registered as a particular party, went to go vote, and I don’t want to divulge his personal details, but it happened to him.”

While Reagan didn’t give confirmation that the voter database was hacked, as Anonymous has suggested, she did say the elections division was cross-checking all of the voters who cast provisional ballots and seeing how many had been registered as one party or another prior to the March 22 primary.

In one particular case, a voter named Bianca, who has documentation proving she’s been a registered Democrat since 2014, didn’t show up in her county’s voter registration database on primary day. One day before going to the polls, Bianca was still in the system, as she used that information to determine where she needed to go in order to vote.

Because Arizona is a closed primary state, those who aren’t previously registered as Democrat, Republican, or Green are prohibited from voting in primary elections. In its investigation of voter suppression claims in Arizona, Anonymous made the case that because Arizona stores voter registration information in easily-hackable SQL databases, it would be easy for any hacker to gain access to databases and change voter registration from one of the approved parties to independent. This would render thousands of votes impotent in the primary and drastically change the outcome. In this video, a man is seen teaching his 3-year-old child how to hack an SQL database.

The enraged voters who flooded the state capitol building in Phoenix yesterday are largely calling for a re-vote, as the problems with the primary extended far beyond the party registration mishaps alone. Reagan has promised provisional ballots will eventually be counted if they can somehow determine that party affiliation had been improperly changed, but has flatly denied the possibility of a re-vote thus far.

  • Dan Jones

    Really??? No way…

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  • commonlaw

    Time for ALL elections-paper ballots-1vote-picture ID. No delegates!! Popular vote takes it. Redo-

    • JanPB

      Yes, and all hand-counted. No machines of any count (they introduce the man-in-the-middle attack). This is how the entire rest of the planet does it. While you’re at it, make voting on weekends.

    • SKV2

      Only if they reach out to people and make getting picture ID totally free and without expense.
      Otherwise it’s a poll tax, and that’s illegal.

  • bfealk

    So what are they going to do about it? Nothing, I’m sure

  • Mike Lundin

    This wouldn’t happen if the parties didn’t control everything. It should be that if you are a US citizen then you show up to the polls and cast your vote for whomever you want. You shouldn’t have to flip flop between parties to do it. One person, one vote!

  • TheRufus70

    Let’s see now: election fraud in AZ, now election fraud in Brooklyn …and I saw two vans loaded with Diebold voting machines — the company whose machines allegedly gave Bush his second term in Ohio — being delivered to our new courthouse. Just in time for the spring primary….as commonlaw says below, time to do away with delegates and have all elections determined by popular vote. (Remember that Gore beat W by 500,000 votes in 2000 and, thanks to a Supreme Court member appointed by Bush’s father, we got the worst president (and vice-president) in U.S. history…

    • Jay Mucci


  • Jay Mucci

    Arizona and New York were both a national disgrace! This is what our election process has come to in this country. Sickening!!

  • Kevin Schmidt

    So when are people going to get arrested for election fraud? When will Bernie get more pledged delegates in AZ?
    Don’t tell me there was election fraud, and then not do anything about it. This happens every two years like clock work all over the country. Exposing the problem doesn’t solve the problem if no one ever gets prosecuted and no fraudulent election ever gets reversed.
    If the Secretary of State can’t do anything about it, then she should resign immediately. The accountability starts with her!

  • Seabreezes1

    I have to say, that this is even worse than Watergate, and since the person who benefits is Hillary Clinton, it casts a serious shadow over her fitness to be the Democrat’s candidate. I suggest the fraud in AZ and a few other states should be investigated and if proven used to disqualify her. Not the way, I would have preferred to see Bernie win, but if she or her team cheated the system, she should be out.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Yet TRUMP won anyway. He was not involved. But they tried to screw him and still failed!

  • Markito

    Contact the Department of Justice and ask
    them to open formal inquiries into AZ & NY voter disenfranchisement.…/your-message-department-justice
    also ask the United Nations to inspect and observe our next elections until the
    end in November:, model letter: Dear

    I am requesting formal assistance for U.S. Primary and General
    Elections to be monitored. Voter suppression and disenfranchisement is
    occurring as evidenced in Arizona and New York. Please advise me of the steps I
    must follow to have your involvement in all of our state elections. Please
    respond to me via email.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Kind Regards,

  • RevJack

    How about flatly denying Reagan the possibility of staying out of jail. Isn’t election fraud a felony? And of course her party will reward her with money and position for her loyalty so she has nothing to lose for betraying the public’s trust.

  • RevJack

    And of course the fraud goes far beyond the election as those we elect pretend to but don’t really work for us, unless that us is a big corporation or a billionaire, then you can write your own laws and tell YOUR representative to pass it.

  • Mike

    After reading this…Why vote ?? Why bother ?? I have relatives in California that had the same happen to them.Its all one big sick rigged game.Our vote counts for what exactly ? Voting or the right to is just an illusion.We don’t really get a choice or voice in the matter.I think that much should be clear to all by now.Remember its not the vote that counts,Its who cants the votes that matters now isn’t it ? As for the popular vote..We will never ever see this in this country.Maybe after a revolt we might but not till then.The founding fathers never wanted the ignorant masses to vote.Fact check.Only wealthy white male land owners were allowed to vote in their time and they had no intention on letting the common man or peasant have their say so -ever.Not to much has changed now has it ? Hence forth the delegate process and the electorate college which assures the outcome the powers that be want .The results are then released by the media before polling even closes once again driving voters to vote for the presumed winner or just not bother at all.For years the media has been told not to call a vote and for years they don’t bother to do the right thing.Its long overdue that we start holding our elections like other nations like Canada does because obviously our system sucks ! The problem is so bad that the UN has been asked to send election monitors because the results are so fraudulent.In any other nation if the results varied by even 2% there would have been riots for such irregularities.The fact that they’ve gotten away with this for so long now and nobody is storming the White house demanding change just goes to show how beat down we have become and how apathetic we’ve all grown.This is one of the best reasons why we shouldn’t be thinking about giving up our 2nd amendment.If we have to revolt and change our constitution we may have to do it by force or be forced to defend ourselves when they make the final power grab.Don’t fool yourselves by saying it couldn’t happen here because its already happening slowly,methodically and we are being seduced and tricked into giving them up.Its all part of the plan to pacify our nation.This is not the nation my ancestors fought and died to defend.The enemy is within.