Brad Pitt ‘Horrified’ As Angelina Jolie Pays For Daughter’s Sex Change

Brad Pitt horrified as Angela Jolie forces daughter to have sex change

Brad Pitt has expressed horror at news that his daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, is to begin the process of a sex change with Angelina Jolie’s blessing.

Shiloh began hormone treatment on May 11th, shortly after starting puberty. reports: When she was two, Shiloh – Brad and Angelina’s oldest biological child – still appeared in public wearing cute pink dresses.

As a toddler, the child made it clear that she wanted to go through life as a boy. And Angelina Jolie supported that decision: Angelina spoke openly in interviews, allowing Shiloh to choose how she would dress. Even when their daughter demanded that she be called John or Peter, Angelina obliged. “She can then choose which gender she wants to identify herself later,” she said at the time.

Since 2009, Shiloh has been wearing masculine clothes, but her body always remained female. Not such a big problem for a young child, But now puberty has begun, Shiloh has to make a choice: Let the body go through its natural hormonal changes, making it harder to transition in the future, or start hormone therapy now to become a man sooner.

Hormone treatment

No easy decision for a child of almost eleven, but Angelina support their daughter in her identity. Shiloh really wants to go through life as a man, and so Angelina consulted with a specialist after her birthday. Several media outlets report that a hormone treatment has now been initiated under the guidance of the Younique Surgery Center in Santa Monica. It must ensure that Shiloh’s body does not become more feminine than it already is, and prevents major surgery at a later age, such as breast stimulation.

However, Angelina’s decision to allow Shiloh to choose her own sex has been met with controversy. Apparently, Brad’s parents are absolutely unaware of their grandchild’s gender change. They see the transgender process as something unnatural and fiercely oppose the decision.

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  • Anne Felippe

    This is outrageous, at 11 years old, to permit this. This is complete insanity. I can understand why Brad left Angelina…….

    • Maryjbuzzard


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    • Michelle Hoffman St John

      At 11 urs old, some kids are still wanting to b a unicorn. Praise God that there are still a multitude of prayers who can pry for Shiloh so that she will experience being guarded, guided & protected by some of God’s most cierc & loving wTrjof angels. Please, will anyone join me in praying not only for Shiloh, but out families, community, State, and our Pfesident, President Donald Trump!; especially those “bozos” in Congress, that they actually DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE AND HELPFUL, who h means NOT ONE NEW SINGLE COMMITTEE SHOULD EXIST! FURTHERMORE, if they do not complete their assignments, they get their pay, expense account & their “perks” witheld. Will keep those items in abeyance until such time assignment completed.

    • Diatom

      Dis he really need a reason?

  • itibi ra

    A female can have all the hormone treatments SHE wants, and can mutilate her body to make herself look like a guy – it’s no different than putting on a costume for Halloween and pretending you are someone you are not and never will be. Same thing. BUT she will ALWAYS be a female. Her DNA says so and will continue to say so until the end of her life. End of story.

    Another analogy: you can take a VW bug and customize it at great expense to look like a Ferrari, but it will NEVER be one.

    Sorry snowflakes. Hope you didn’t get triggered,

    • Amaris

      agreed, unless they are too brainwashed, or worried about political correctness shit. Having met people going through the ‘transgender’ process, I am never ever convinced of their preferred sex, that’s like telling your brain, that someone you perceive as being male is actually a female. You cannot cheat your brain, it knows…. no matter how male or female, that person appears to be outwardly. Just look at Caitlyn Jenner, who is convinced he is a woman, even with all the bits removed and new ones added, cos I am not. To me he will always ‘pretend’ to be a woman. Ppl falsely believe that a sex change will make them happier, that will never happen, they are looking in the wrong place.As for Jolie, she is doing her daughter much harm, and I don’t believe for one minute it was actually the daughter’s choice.

      • Tesswpooley

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      • ThisAmerican


    • AmandaTrebiano

      Trannies have the highest suicide rates in the nation as well.

    • Sally Wilson

      Well said!

  • NoGMOs

    I believe she is too young to decide on this life altering decision.

    • Steph

      I agree, that’s why it is child abuse!

  • Amaris

    transgenderism is a globalist agenda, Jolie works for the sickos in Hollywood. Yeah , like a child of ‘nearly’ 11 can decide what she wants to be….this was already decided even before she was born. Yes maybe she likes boys’ stuff and play, but it does not mean she wants to be a man for the rest of her life, you silly SILLY woman. It’s a decision you and she may later regret…, suicide rates being high among transgender people. Although it looks like it is you Jolie who made the decision for her, as she is hardly old enough to do that for herself. Much harm is being done by these so called ‘stars’ with this kind of example being made to the whole world…..In fact these people are not stars, but servants of the devil.
    Has anyone notices just how much there is a drive for this transgender nonsense on the TV, news media and Hollywood?

    • th1gurl23

      Right!! A toddler doesn’t know from a living puppy to actually stuffed dolls… But they know what gender is? Give me a break! So many girls have grown up Tom boys.. Later on embraced their women hood.. Looks like those tom boys will be turned into actual boys and suicide rates will go through the roof because of the destruction of their bodies.

      • AmandaTrebiano

        I agree–I was a terrible tomboy! I told my dad I wanted to be a boy when I was 10 and he told me if I kissed my elbow I would turn into a boy. I was never able to manage that and at age 14 I fell in love with girlie shoes and clothes and makeup and all that stuff. I went from being a major tomboy to being a very girlie girl and thank GOD my dad never took me seriously–although he did say that my grandma SWORE she was a boy until she kissed her elbow–and also passed on the BRCA1+ genetic defect–which means I am somehow related to Angelina; so I’ve got THAT going for me….yay….??

  • matt

    Can we wait until puberty really sinks in before doing this? jeezus. My friends son used to play with dolls and was slightly effeminate up until age 11
    Now he’s star basketball player and fully heterosexual boy. On the flip side, There will.always be girls that are Tomboys but many times grow out of it. can’t we just wait a bit before rushing to this option? It amazes me how stupid we’ve become.

    • sarah mitchell

      I agree. I was a tomboy for the longest time, and at 11, wouldn’t even put on a shirt! But after puberty set in, I was happy to become a woman. So Jolie should STOP this nonsense, and wait until she is 18, and then let HER pay for it if she wants it. ALL those kids have money. Just give her TIME to get to know herself! No, 11 is too young, and YES, it’s child abuse. Sicko.

  • Christian Thomas


  • Steph

    This is SICK child abuse!
    This is like a story out of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. And you know what happened in that story.

  • lokainne

    she is crazy

  • Nimble Saint

    This is a clear case of child abuse. I’m certain the courts would stop the inhumane process of giving a child hormones before they reach adulthood. This needs to travel through the courts even if it goes as high as the Supreme court.

  • Timothy Adams

    To prevent normal physical development of a child is abuse. The long term effects are life threatening. An 11yr old can’t even consent to adult behaviors why should the be allowed to self mutilate?

  • Sunshine

    SICKO!!!!!! 11 years old…..Shame on jolie!

  • AmandaTrebiano

    She’s a talented actress but she’s batshit crazy for allowing this. Pitt should go for full custody–this is insanity.

  • Diatom

    Maleficent #knowhatimsayin’

  • Sam Miller

    Good Grief! Please Dear O’RIGHTEOUS GOD step in & intervene. May those who are not saved become saved and for those who turn their back on YOU May Your Righteous Wrath come upon them as they ignore you for the do not have the eyes to see nor the ears to hear. They are caught up in their own perverse fantasy lives & have become lovers of them selves. Do not let this child be condemned because of her mother’s actions. Guard her by placing YOUR hedge of protection around. In Jesus Christ, Amen!

  • Jo Ralston

    A girl like that has every possibility of turning into a beautiful woman but instead of which her mother will thrust her into the range of all sexual predators –

  • Sally Wilson

    Personally I don’t have much time for this. I think that this young girl’s mother has influenced this child to become as she now is. Typical victim of brainwashing.

  • Delitest

    Puberty IS the hormonal treatment. Why are they manipulating what her body WILL determine through puberty.
    Time and time again little tomboy girls metamorphicize into perfect little women through the natural hormonal treatment of PUBERTY!
    Likewise with boys. Why are they interfering with the process and even more importantly, why is this not considered child abuse?!?!?!
    I don’t even recognize the world anymore. Fact and logic has gone out the window.

  • Kelly Baker

    Wrong, totally wrong for Jolie to go forward in any decision making without Brad full-on board in the loop with knowing where Shiloh is at emotionally, mentally, physically, hormonally, spiritually. Isn’t it just like Jolie to go full force, full throttle into something radical keeping the wheel greased in full momentum leaping from chaos to chaos so no one can keep up with her manic life style. Always hype, never a resting moment. What child at 11, 12, 13 or 16 years of age or older can possibly make a life long decision such as transing into another gender. It takes literally years before an individual becomes into “their own” under the best of situations, and with Shiloh having transgender decisions to make, her/his parents going through an unfortunate divorce, Jolie having isolated their children from their father, all relationships in that family have been on the butcher block. Jo lie has manipulated all the children, deprived each of their relationships, and twisted things up, but one day the children will figure it out and they will see and understand, the constant, travel, hiding out, constant streaming in of new projects to keep things busy and Brad and the kids “distracted enough” with each other to where they cannot catch up with each other; the devils shovel she’s been packing, is going to turn around and turn right back on her, And she is going to deserve it! All the devils will weep, but all the angels will sing hallelujah!!!