Brexit Is A Leak In New World Order’s Dam – Former US Senate Candidate

Brexit Is A Leak In New World Order's Dam - Former US Senate Candidate

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union could be considered as “the beginning of a leak in the dam” of the New World Order, according to former US Senate candidate Mark Dankof.

He told Press TV that Brexit needs to be followed by several other phenomena.

He was commenting on US President Barack Obama’s assurance of the EU and the UK earlier following Brexit.

Obama said Brexit was just a “pause button” pushed by the Britons, fed-up with the European Union bureaucracy.

“The basic core values of Europe, the tenets of liberal, market-based democracies, those aren’t changing,” Obama said.

Britons shocked the world Thursday as some 52 percent opted for Brexit and roughly 48 percent voted to remain an EU member.

Brexit outcomes, however, are not as reassuring as President Obama wants to portray them, Dankof indicated.

“He may be right on that; on the other hand, he may not be,” Dankof said, outlining what post-Brexit phenomena could lead to a revolt against the New World Order.

“The first thing is that the United State and all of these other countries that have been a part in this global order need to get their national sovereignties and autonomy back over every sector of their national and individual way of life,” said the political commentator.

Dankof further suggested economic changes, including a shutdown of the Federal Reserve, the US central banking system.

“We need to end the existence of the Federal Reserve board. We need to get monitory policy back into the hands of the United States Congress, where the constitution of this country places it,” said the San Antonio-based analyst.

Dankof also suggested an end to several global treaties and organizations, namely the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

“This would be a great thing if we thought that Brexit was just the beginning of a leak in the dam that would produce this.”

Inside the US, Dankof noted, so much more needs to be done rahter than merely recovering national sovereignty.

“We also need to get rid of all this police state measures that have taken place in the United States since 9/11,” he said. “We need to cease using the American military as a janissary force for these bankers and multi-national corporations in Israel.”

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    Hats off!! Study @

  • John in Brum

    They haven’t given in yet, the left have mobilised the youth selling them the BS that their future has been stolen from them. Little do they know that the future that has been taken is one of slavery. They will thank us when they grow up.

  • IdPnSD

    “We need to get monitory policy back into the hands of the United States Congress,”- No, that will not solve the problem, The board does not have any power. Money supply and its interest rate are not fixed by board. It is controlled by the private owners of the Fed. Take a look at some of the graphs of the economy for last 30 years in

    The real solution will be to get rid of money, as Milton Friedman suggested – get rid of the Fed. There is no need for money, to run an economy. After all money is not an object of nature, therefore money is false, free, and abundant at its source, which is the central bank. How can you create anything that is true using something false like money.

    Money is the root cause of all problems, including Brexit and NWO. Poverty is spreading all over the world. This will create more unrest everywhere. All wars are for money and money power. Create money-less economy (MLE). Take a look at the MLE chapter in the above book.