Brexit Negotiations Break Down As EU Bullies Storm Out Of Talks

Brexit negotiations between EU and UK break down

EU bureaucrats have stormed out of Brexit talks with the British government in a move designed to stop the UK from leaving the European Union. 

The cancelling of talks comes in response to British negotiators requesting that the talks be “sped up” so that an agreement could be reached sooner rather than later. reports: However, this was refused by the European Commission, who has persistently insisted that Britain should “clarify” its Brexit position.

So much so, Brussels has even “cancelled” the latest round of talks, due to take place on February 19 and 20.

Senior UK officials told the EU is “refusing” to speed up Brexit talks despite the nation wanting to “move at pace”.

One said the UK was seeking “continuous” talks and are “ready to negotiate”.

They added: “It seems the Commission are refusing to do so.”

Another said: “We’re ready to work at pace across all issues, implementation period, separation issues and future, but it seems this is not being reciprocated at the moment.”

The news comes as the EU’s chief Michel Barnier today threatened the EU may reject a transitional deal over “substantial” disagreements.

Mr Barnier said that three “substantial” disagreements remain with the UK over plans for a transition period after Brexit, adding: “If these disagreements persist the transition is not a given.”

Despite UK hopes of being able to gradually break free from Brussels during the transition period, Mr Barnier said that Britain must accept all EU rules and obligations “until the end of the transition” in order to secure an agreement, adding: “Time is short and we haven’t a moment to lose if we want to succeed.”

He said “time was short” and he wanted to discuss Britain’s future relationship with the EU as “soon as possible”.

Mr Barnier has just finished talks with David Davis to discuss Phase Two of Brexit as both sides try to determine the nature of the future UK-EU relationship.

The Eurocrat this week told the Government “the time has come to make a choice” as he issued a major warning about “unavoidable” trade barriers if the UK quits the customs union.

  • mary

    this is a deliberate act to stall the negotiations ,as they know once the precedent has been set by Britain and all the formalities done with a landslide of EU. countries are going to do the same Britain has just made it so much easier for all the other countries to get out GET OUT NOWm

  • Roger Nightingale

    Walk away…..we do not need these assholes….

  • John Bramham

    We do NOT need any ‘transition period’ and we will NOT be paying any ransom money to the EU, either now or after March 2019.
    The terms of the referendum couldn’t be more clear as detailed in Cameron’s address when he announced it – no more EU, no more ECJ, no more Single Market (a misnomer if ever there was one), no more “customs union” and NO MORE MONEY.
    I just wish the remainiacs would come to terms with the fact that THEY LOST, and stop griping.

    • Caroline

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  • Jollyjacktar

    Leave now negotiate later!