Brit Gets Kicked Out Of Canada For Filling Cracks On Wall

A British tourist was booted out of Canada after helping his girlfriend decorate her flat while on a visit to Alberta.

filling cracks

The British man visiting Canada was given eight days to leave the country after immigration officials found that he had helped to decorate his girlfriend’s flat by filling some cracks on her walls.

Photos were seen of him filling cracks while doing some DIY at his girlfriend’s flat in Edmonton, Alberta.
He was given eight days to leave Canada after being accused by immigration officials of stealing jobs in Canada.
Tom Rolfe thought he was being helpful by doing a bit of decorating for his girlfriend Sam Edwards, by filling the cracks of the walls of her flat.
Canadian immigration officials felt he was ‘doing a Canadian out of a job’ after coming across the photos at a an immigration checkpoint.

Yahoo News reports:

Tom, 24, from Abergavenny, said: ‘It is ridiculous, I was just helping Sam to tidy up her flat before she sold it so we could get a place together. I was treated like a criminal and told I have eight days to get out of the country – it has wrecked our plans.’

And Tom’s helpful nature doesn’t end there either – he had planned to open a dog rescue centre in his girlfriend’s home city of Edmonton, Alberta.

He applied for a resident’s permit in order to do so, and had to leave Canada in order to get his new passport stamped at immigration control.

But when the couple returned, they were locked in separate rooms for three hours while immigration officials searched their belongings and car.

‘They found photos on my camera of me helping Sam fill cracks in her walls’, Tom said.

‘They said that by doing that I was denying a Canadian person a job. I was completely staggered when they said I had eight days to get out of the country.’

Yesterday, Tom was preparing to return to the UK, and while his girlfriend will follow in a few months with their dogs, he has no immediate plans to return to Canada.

‘I’m done with Canada now. I thought they were part of the Commonwealth so I’m surprised to be treated like this’, he said.

In a statement, the Canadian Border Services Agency said: ‘We do not provide any specific information on any traveller’s entry or status in Canada due to Canadian privacy laws.’

Edmondo Burr

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  • Mike Kelley

    in uhmurka, we’d have sent him to guantanamo

  • Anti

    Amazing how the ‘authorities’ hide behind the convenient ‘privacy laws’ so as not to have to explain themselves, particularly as we ordinary folk know Heir Harper has got his cronies spying on us all, so in actual fact we have no privacy laws…

  • taskmaster

    lol thats stupid. Fuck you Canada, you just lost a tourist.

  • ukenagash56

    Good to protect but this is so stupid. What if i do some DIY in my house?

  • bunnyswanson

    I love to do the dishes when I visit friends for dinner. I guess I should stop that.

  • Dr. Hannibal Moot

    Well this is definitely a one sided story skewed by Tom because I’m in Canada and we have the exact opposite problem. We have an influx of Temporary Foreign Workers that the government has allowed to come and take Canadian jobs. And they’ve made the process easier and easier. This guy obviously did something like bring tools or something to give immigration the impression that he was planning on staying permanently on a visa for a short vacation, or something along that line. I guarantee they would not have thrown him out just for patching cracks. If he brought tools and was charging to patch other peoples walls, then yes. I call BS on this story.