Britain’s Labour Party Accuses Government Of Killing Children In Yemen

Labour's leader demanded Britain stop selling weapons to the Saudi's as its Crown Prince arrived in Britain to see the Queen

The UK’s Labour Party has accused the British government of being responsible for the deaths and injuries of many children as a result of Saudi Arabia’s deadly war on Yemen.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn grilled British Prime Minister Theresa May during the latest Prime Minister’s Question (PMQ) at the House of Commons on Wednesday, saying her administration was “colluding” in war crimes against the people of Yemen

He demanded that Britain stop selling weapons to the Saudi’s to halt a “humanitarian disaster” in Yemen and also declared that”British military advisors are directing the war.”

Press TV reports: The stark criticism coincided with the arrival of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for a three-day trip that experts say was aimed at boosting military ties between London and Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies launched a war on Yemen in March 2015 to reinstall its former Riyadh-allied government. The military aggression has so far killed thousands of Yemenis.

Leading the war is bin Salman, who is also Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister. The Saudi military has enjoyed strong logistic and intelligence support by the US and the UK over the course of the deadly war.

“This Government is responsible for the decisions that are being taken to support this military campaign and support this aerial bombing campaign of Yemen, and has directed British military personnel to take part in advising the targeting of aerial operations in Yemen,” Corbyn’s Spokesman said after the debate.

“The consequence of that has been significant and extensive of targeting of civilian infrastructure and very large numbers of civilian casualties, including very large numbers of children,” he added.

Over 5,000 children have been killed by Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen since it began in March 2015, according to a report by the UN children’s agency UNICEF that was published in January.

The report added that at least two million Yemeni children were out of school, and that 400,000 were facing malnourishment.

Although May noted during the PMQ that she would raise humanitarian concerns about Yemen in his meeting with bin Salman, she underlined her government’s support for the Saudi-led war.

  • Red Pill

    Arms sales to Saudi Arabia is the best news I’ve heard all day. Muslims killing each other, what is there to complain about?

    • Moh Moss

      Barbarism, genocide and hypocrisy is British government’s middle name: Empire built on enslavement genocide, and robbery of poor countries resources that can’t fight back.

      • Red Pill

        Moh Moss. I take it you are a Muslim. You act like you are morally superior and yet your people have committed untold atrocities throughout the years. Just look at the Ottoman Empire which ruled for around 800 years and enslaved and murdered millions. Even now your people commit acts of barbarism such as stoning adulterers to death and throwing homosexuals off buildings. So really who are the barbarians?

        • RYBACK

          To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.

          • Red Pill

            I am fully aware of what the Jews think of us so-called goy. And I despise them equally as much as I despise anybody who believes in Islam. Both religions are equally vile and comparable to devil worshipping.

        • Moh Moss

          Who slaughtered 20 million aboriginals and stole their land??? who starved 10 million Indians in India to death, who Holocausted more than a million innocent civilian Iraqis based on a lie, who slaughtered 150 million native Americans, who was involved in the slavery trade that was the cause of the killing of 180 million Africans by diseases and starvation during shipments , who destroyed Libya, who invented AL QAEDA, “DAESH”, who’s supporting illegal terrorist Israhell, Your barbarism and genocide never ends, your governments is owned by Zionists that are after Christians and Muslims , I am a Muslim but i don’t feel superior, I am against injustice and colonialism and slavery not like you a supporter of genocide and you are proud of your criminal list against poor countries that can’t fight back ,cowards. What you want to white wash you criminal passed and present history.

          • Red Pill

            Most scholars believe the native population of America pre-Columbus was around 10 million. So where did you get 150 million from. And the majority of the deaths that did occur were as a result of disease not warfare. And as regards to Iraq, how many people did the Iraqis murder in Kuwait. I admit there is a great deal of blood on the hands of the native Europeans. Yet we gave the world medicine and technology. How many lives have been saved as a result of this? So you can persecute us all you like, but the truth is we have done more good than harm. And we strive to better ourselves. Can you say the same?

          • Moh Moss

            Your answer is a lie ,and can’t cover up your crimes, you see what British and american weapons and training of the terrorist Saudis, that is slaughtering Yemeni babies and women, as i told you the crime list is so long that western fake civilization can cover it up. But you forget to mention if it wasn’t of the real Islamic state, of more than 1000 years ago, a Muslim Mathematician and physicist scientist named “AL KHAWARIZMI” that invented Algebra and algorithm, you wouldn’t have a computer to write your bile comments, Muslims did shape the western civilization, when Muslims use to do studies on the eclipse your backward ancestors use to run away and hide they thought the eclipse was the devil, Muslims were advanced in, architecture, Medicine, surgery, opticians, poets, music, art, you name it, till you created your boys DAESH = ISIS, to weaken, divide,and invade the middle east for greater ISRAHELL. Don’t you think that the world doesn’t know about the west crimes against humanity.

          • Red Pill

            Have you been watching the news lately? Another Muslim rape gang. This time the worst in British history. Your people targeted children in care. They raped thousands over a 40 year period. Many of the children were sold into prostitution. Some children were as young as 10. And you say your people are enlightened, educated and the founder of civilisation. Your people are barbarians and evil to the core. As it says in the Bible, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I hope your people in the Middle East truly suffer.

          • Moh Moss

            You hypocrite you forget to mention ,pedophiles in westminster in the heart of your government that Theresa May , lost their files, to cover up for them one of them you made him a prime minister ; “Edward heath” or pedophiles in sports centers for youths,and children homes, “Jimmy Savile” was he your friend?? even the BBC covered up for him, or the pope who cover up on priests when they commit pedophilia in a country he send them to another, and you forget to mention the Zionists Talmud “book of Satan” that allows adults to rape 3 years old or over boy or girl. Hypocrite scab you are.

          • Red Pill

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          • Moh Moss

            You wrong again, don’t be brainwashed by the ZIO owned media,I love Jesus because i am a Muslim, i don’t hate you either , i have too many Christian friends, I also have real peace loving Jews, that are against the existence of the illegal terrorist state of IsraHell, given illegally by the UK. I’ll pray for you to stop the hate in you towards me and Muslims, Hate is against my principals and religion, is Just the Zionists that are after Muslims and Christians together to weaken and divide them, they helped your government to send your boys to kill innocent civilians in Iraq more than 1 million, ISRAHell will fight till last American and NATO soldier.Maybe it will be too late for the sheeple to wake up. MAY ALLAH PROTECT AND BLESS YOU TO FIND THE TRUTH.

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