British Prime Minister: Paedophiles Could Be Allowed To Adopt

British Prime Minister Theresa May says paedophiles should be allowed to adopt

Newly appointed British Prime Minister Theresa May ordered a review on whether paedophiles should be allowed to adopt children in order to “not breach their human rights”.

Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, spurred the then Home Secretary to relax the rules which bans sex offenders from caring for children. reports:

In an article in the respected Child and Family Law Quarterly, Miss Reece suggested that reoffending rates were not high among sex criminals, adding: “despite growing public concern over paedophilia, the numbers of child sex murders are very low.”

A review is currently ongoing into the Vetting and Barring Scheme, introduced following the 2002 Soham murders, amid concerns by ministers that it is too heavy handed.

As well as banning certain offenders, the law currently requires adults coming into regular contact with children other than their own to be screened.

Mrs May ordered the review amid concerns about the vetting of ordinary volunteers such as parents who drive children to football practice and church flower arrangers.

In her article, Miss Reece suggested that the review should also introduce an assumption that sex offenders including child abusers posed no threat once they had served their sentence.

She said: “There is no reason why all sex offenders should not be considered as potentially suitable to adopt or foster children, or work with them.

“The Vetting and Barring Scheme and other legislative measures single out sex offenders for unfair special treatment and they destroy the principle that a prisoner pays his or her debt by serving their sentence before re-entering society on equal terms.”

Individuals are placed on the “Barred List” and banned from working with youngsters or vulnerable adults if they are convicted of a sexual or violent offence, or one involving the mistreatment of a child.

Miss Reece criticised the rules for leading all sex offenders to be “tarred with the same brush,” saying that while “careful screening” was “important,” the issuing of a “blanket ban” violated the rights of criminals who wanted to adopt or work with young people.

She highlighted the case of a grandfather with a conviction for having sex with a 15-year-old dating back to when he was 29, who was refused permission to adopt his own grandchildren.

The ban could contravene the principle of non-discrimination enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, and may leave the Government open to legal challenge, Miss Reece warned.

Comparing sex offenders to cohabiting couples, she suggested that if blanket bans on the former were allowed, it would make sense to bar those who were not married from adopting because parents who were wed were less likely to separate with harmful consequences for the child.

She also highlighted the case of four nurses who recently won a High Court challenge after being barred for having convictions. One of the nurses was banned over a police caution for leaving her own children alone in their home.

“Rather than presuming that everyone is a potential risk to children and must therefore be vetted, any vetting or barring should be based on very strong evidence that they are a risk,” the academic said.

“This would represent a victory not only for human rights but for protecting the best interests of children.”

Miss Reece has been at the LSE since September 2009, having previously worked at the University of London, University College London and Birkbeck College.

A trained barrister, she has an MSc in logic and scientific method, and was awarded the Socio-Legal Studies Association Book Prize in 2004 for a monograph called “Divorcing Responsibly.

She has also argued that rape victims should no longer be granted anonymity.

A Home Office spokesman said: “It is safe to say that the vetting review will not be considering allowing paedophiles to adopt. It wouldn’t exactly go down well with the public.

“The review is very much focused on seeing whether the rules have gone too far in stopping normal volunteering with children, while continuing to carry out criminal records checks on people in sensitive posts, such as in the NHS.”

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    You are one sick,twisted piece of work, resign already.

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    What a sick woman. Referring to the Human Rights of sex offender, what then about the Human Rights of the children she will be exposing to these sex offender.

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    You are a fuck wit.. You have no idea what a victim of sexual abuse goes through… You arrogant low life piece of shit..
    ” What about the Human Rights of a child” ? The is no help for Paedophile’s once a Paedophile always a Paedophile.. I work in this area of helping adults deal with their sexual abuse… After almost 30 years I’ve never , ever witnessed a remorseful, changed Paedophile… You are protecting a whole cesspit of scum politicians whose sexual orientation is Paedophilia

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    This is the Enlightenment at work……

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    “A trained barrister, she has an MSc in logic and scientific method” From where, Trump University?

  • BornVillain

    Obviously the folks commenting didn’t even read the article. The headline is a total fabrication and goes directly against what the spokesman said- “will not be considering allowing pedophiles to adopt”.
    I have no dog in this fight, I’m from the US, but I really dislike sensational, emotional clickbait.
    All they are saying is some sex offenders are people who in their distant past had consenual sex with a 17 year old when they where 19, and they should be able to adopt. Makes perfect sense.

    • M Dog

      The case of a 19 year old having sex with a 17 year old does make sense and that is why there is a 4 year buffer in the law. However, A person having sex with a 15-year-old when they were 29 years old is very different from a 19 year old having sex with a 17 year old.

      The article stated that any vetting or barring should be based on very strong evidence that they are a risk. The fact that they have been convicted as a sex offender is pretty strong evidence that they could be a risk to a child. Statistics have found that 84% of males who had been violated when they were young became violators in their adult years. The recidivism rate in this sort of crime is extremely high as well. And we should consider putting children at risk by allowing convicted sex offenders to be considered as possible adoptive parents? The risk is too high to allow them the chance to re-offend.

      This would not be a victory for human rights or for protecting the best interests of children. The best interest of a child is to not place them in a position where there is a high possibility they could be at risk of becoming a victim. We aren’t talking about people who were sexually violated as children being a possible risk here. We are talking about convicted sex offenders who have stepped over that line and committed a sexual offense upon a young child.

      And what happens if someone is screened and they are given a pass and they violate their adoptive child? What are you going to say to that child? We’re sorry we didn’t think they were going to be a risk to you? A lot of good that is going to be to that child!

      • Boro Boy Bluey

        “Statistics have found that 84% of males who had been violated when they were young became violators in their adult years.” Unless you can show some kind of proof to your statement I would suggest that you are a fool. Its people like you, making statements like this that prevent Violated Males coming forward earlier. I wonder, How many females children you suggest turn into violating adults?……

        • M Dog

          Boro Boy Bluey:

          Apparently, my statistics are out dated because when I went to find the sources for the 84%, I found that the number of studies increased significantly and the numbers had changed. I apologize for my out dated information. I did not take into account that there may have been some advances in the psychology of sex offenders.

          One of the reason’s for the change in numbers is due to the fact that it’s more complicated these days with many more factors to consider such as there are different types of sex offenders. There was a statistic I found on “Statistics on Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse”: 40-80% of juvenile sex offenders have themselves been victims of sexual abuse (Advances in Clinical Child Psychology, page 19).

          I didn’t reference that percentage to demonize any male who has been sexually abused as a child or for it to mean that they are predestined to become a sex offender as an adult. I believe that there is a level that females will never understand about male rape because we are not male. Males socialize different than females do. There are more factors that males consider when they consider reporting that they were sexually assaulted than there are for females. Additionally if males don’t know the facts about male rape and believe some of the myths to be true, that alone can twist a males perception and thinking of what they went through.

          Example: If a male achieves an erection while he is being raped, some males might believe that they liked what was happening to them. The facts are an erection was achieved due to the stimulation and it had nothing to do with him liking what was being done to him. A male thinking that he somehow enjoyed being raped could lead him to think that maybe he could be gay and if the family is religious and believes that being gay is a sin, that’s just more for a male to have to struggle with in his mind.

          I believe that we need to educate males at a young age about the facts of male rape. By educating young males about the facts of male rape, they won’t have to go through that mind struggle if they should ever be sexually assaulted and hopefully make others more sensitive to the emotional state of a male victim that comes forward to report what happened to them.

          Even though my numbers are outdated, one thing people tend to overlook when hearing a statistic of 84% is the 16% of the males who didn’t become sex offenders. The point I’m trying to make is that 16% should be studied instead of overlooked, to find some insight and understanding why this group didn’t become sex offenders. Knowing what the differences are in this group compared to the other group could help in how we help male victims so that we can bring the number of sex offenders down in the future. The 16% I’m guessing that it probably has to do with knowing the facts about male rape, having a supportive family, were allowed to talk about what happened to them, and received some sort of counseling to help them process what they had been through.

          A Few statistics

          1) In February 2001, approximately 386,000 individuals nationwide were listed on sex offender registries.

          *Devon Adams, Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Summary of State Sex Offender Registries, 2001,” March 1, 2002,

          2) By 2011, there were 747,408 registered sex offenders in the country.

          *“Number of Registered Sex Offender in the US Nears Three-Quarters of a Million,” National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) press release, January 23, 2012. NCMEC is a 501(c)

          3) A 2007 study by University of California, Berkeley law professor Franklin Zimring found that youth sex offenders have “a low volume of sexual recidivism during their juvenile careers, and an even lower propensity for sexual offenses during young adulthood.”

          *Franklin E. Zimring et al., “The Predictive Power of Juvenile Sex Offending: Evidence from the Second Philadelphia Birth Cohort Study,” June 21, 2007,

          4) Another professor Franklin Zimring study found that when youth sex offenders are re-arrested, it is “far more likely to be for nonsexual crimes such as property or drug offenses than for sex crimes.

          *David Finkelhor, Richard Ormrod, and Mark Chaffin, “Juveniles Who Commit Sex Offenses Against Minors,” p.3 (citing Alexander, 1999; Caldwell, 2002; Reitzel and Carbonell, 2007).

          5) One of Zimring’s studies found that youths with five or more arrests for offenses other than sex offenses pose twice the risk of being arrested in adulthood for a sex offense than do youth sex offenders with fewer than five arrests.

          *Franklin Zimring, “The Wages of Ignorance,” University of California, Berkeley School of Law, July 30, 2009, p. 12.

          6) Given the low rates of recidivism among youth sex offenders, Zimring points out that if the goal of sex offender registration is to compile a list of names of possible future sex offenders, it would be more effective to register youth offenders with five or more contacts with law enforcement for non-sexual offenses as potential future sex offenders than to register youth sex offenders.

          *Raised on the Registry in the chapter of Recidivism of Youth Sex Offenders.

          7) 40-80% of juvenile sex offenders have themselves been victims of sexual abuse.

          *Advances in Clinical Child Psychology, page 19.

          8) With respect to affect, child sexual abusers assault to alleviate anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Rapists typically assault as a result of anger, hostility, and vindictiveness.

          *Polaschek, Ward, & Hudson, 1997.

          9) The most important distinction among child sexual abusers is whether they are pedophilic or nonpedophilic, because pedophilia is a strong predictor of sexual recidivism.

          *Hanson & Bussiere, 1998.

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    • M Dog

      Yes they do really think we are that stupid and that we will just go along with anything that they say as a fact. Does the world really believe that 9/11 was committed by terrorists from Afghanistan or Iraq? I doubt it. But they have many Americans believing that is the truth and if they can pass that off as truth, even with scientific proof that their version is a lie, to that many people, then they believe they can pass this off as being true as well. They are just that arrogant and believe that they have dumbed down the human population to the point that they can make us believe anything they tell us. The more important question is what are we going to do about it? They haven’t been stopped as of yet, so why shouldn’t they push the envelope even further?

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