British Tabloids Go Into WW3 Hysteria Over Unconfirmed Report

British Tabloids Go Into WW3 Hysteria Over Unconfirmed Report

An unconfirmed report from a regional Russian news website has driven some British tabloids into a world war three frenzy.

It managed to send some media outlets into overdrive using scaremongering narrative and images about the seriously aggressive Russia and how ‘Big Bad Vlad’ secretly wanted to nuke them.

The allegations were based on a claim that Russian officials had been ordered to leave the West their families.

RT reports:

Based on anonymous sources, it has since been denied by the Kremlin. Still some British media outlets jumped at a chance for a little Russia-bashing exercise.


“Russia ‘urgently recalls officials’ families living abroad’ as WW3 threat looms,” said the headline of the Daily Star, which apparently was the first British newspaper to report the story.

The publication has a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin glancing angrily with an explosion in the background. Another picture shows Putin and a map of Europe, with Russia painted red with the sickle and hammer symbol of the Soviet Union apparently bombarding European nations with nuclear missiles.


The newspaper cites Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky as saying that the alleged evacuation of family members is part of Russia preparing for a big war with the West. The report ties the move with resent civil defense training in Russia, which drew unexpected attention in Britain despite being annual and not out of the ordinary.

The Daily Mail reported the story in equally apocalyptic words, mentioning Russia’s suspension of a deal with the US on how to dispose of excessive weapons-grade material. The move doesn’t affect Russia’s nuclear deterrence and was meant to express Moscow’s rebuke towards Washington for not sticking to the terms of the pact.

The claim of a looming exodus of Russians was initially published by, a news website based in Yekaterinburg in the Urals. It cited five unanimous officials, who said they had been “unofficially recommended” by the Kremlin to bring home their relatives living abroad.

Students studying in foreign universities should ask for transfer to Russian universities to continue their education, the report said. Elderly relatives would have to spend their retirement in Russia rather than in the West, it added. The punishment for not following the alleged recommendation would be a stall in career.

When asked about the report, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it was the first time he had heard about the alleged pull-out of officials’ family members.


  • Mira

    The Daily Star is one of the worst papers to be quoted from, but hey they too need to make a living right? Yet more anti-Putin anti Russia propaganda.

  • Some One

    This really does annoy me how western media portrays Russia. Putin was invited by the Syrian government to help remove the terrorist threat in and surrounding Syria. This is clearly affecting the US and their allies plans to allow terrorists to infiltrate the western world to destroy it within.
    There are now to many cooks spooling the broth on this subject with the US sticking their noses in where it is not welcome yet again! Sadly there are always casualties in wars, but blaming the Russians for everything that happens is a disgrace. If the west really wanted to help destroy terrorism they should send their own officials to sit with the Russians and monitor their attempts at halting the ever growing threat of terrorists. That way there can be no blame because it is all monitored by different countries at the same time. I am almost certain that mr Putin and Assad would welcome this idea and there would be no need for anyone else to have any physical military involvement.
    Russia gets funded by the other countries to use their military to completely remove any threat from terrorism whilst under the watch of everyone else. There would then therefore be no way for any other country to unnecessarily blame Russia.
    It is time to stop this blaming game. And western media should be ashamed of themselves. I am ashamed of my country (UK) and I most certainly am not the only one thinking that.

  • SpidermanVitamin

    “What’s he planning?”
    Haha good one.
    More than likely he caught wind of something the west is planning.