California Gov. Jerry Brown To Release 10,000 Pedophiles, Rapists From Prison

Over 10,000 pedophiles and rapists are set to be released to the streets thanks to Gov. Jerry Brown and the ruling of a Superior Court Judge.

Over 10,000 sex offenders including convicted pedophiles and rapists are set to be released to the streets in the near future thanks to Governor Jerry Brown and the ruling of a Superior Court Judge in Sacramento who say crimes such as “intimately touching an unlawfully restrained person” or “raping a drugged or unconscious victim” are not violent crimes.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Sacramento Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner issued a preliminary order on Friday to California state prison officials which ordered them to rewrite their regulations stemming from Prop. 57.

The ruling means individuals convicted of offenses such as incest, pimping minors into prostitution and possession of child pornography will soon be free to walk among the public again.

In a bid to reduce overcrowding in state prisons, California voters in 2016 approved a ballot measure known as Proposition 57 which allows for the early parole release of supposedly “non-violent offenders“.

The measure passed, in part, based on a statement from Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown which promised that individuals convicted of non-violent sexual offenses would be excluded from consideration for early release, according to The Daily Caller.

The state argued that language within Prop. 57 gave officials “broad discretion” to include any class of offenders for consideration for early parole, but Judge Sumner disagreed and argued that voters want to see pedophiles and rapists released from prison early.

If the voters had intended to exclude all registered sex offenders from early parole consideration under Proposition 57, they presumably would have said so,” Judge Sumner stated.

He stated further that the Corrections Department could only exclude violent sex offenders from early parole, and ordered the department to more accurately define what constituted a violent sexual offense. In Judge Sumner’s opinion, pimping a minor or restraining and sexually assaulting a victim are not violent enough to constitute a violent sexual offense.

On top of that, he also stated that sexual offenders who had already served time for their crimes — even violent ones — but were in prison on an unrelated non-violent offense “must be included in the early parole consideration process” and let out of prison early.

Conservative Tribune reports that the Judge’s ruling was praised by the president of the advocate group “California Reform Sex Offender Laws”, Janice Belluci, who estimated the change could allow for the release of roughly half of the state’s more than 20,000 sex offenders serving time in prison.

She argued that anyone convicted of a sex crime who was not included on the state’s narrow list of 23 violent offenses — things like murder, kidnapping and rape — must be considered released from prison early like other non-violent convicts.

Until they figure something else out, they have to consider anybody convicted of a nonviolent offense even if it was a sex offense,” Bellucci told reporters outside the courtroom. “We believe we’ve won a battle, but the war continues.”

What is the California Reform Sex Offender Laws group fighting a war against? Justice?

It is worth noting that in addition to those convicted of incest, pimping a minor or possessing child pornography, the state of California will now be required to consider early release for those individuals convicted of offenses like indecent exposure, intimately touching an unlawfully restrained person or even raping a drugged or unconscious victim, which is now inconceivably no longer considered a violent crime by the liberal state.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • TR3B

    I hope that all Jerry Brown’s family gets raped by the ones he releases

    • sandy daniels

      put brown in a cell with a half dozen of those rapists and see how he likes it.

      • Caroline

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      • Linda Thompson

        He probably would

      • Sueatt

        brown did not say what the headline said;. good lord, read it. the headline is bogus

    • Beef McWin

      Actually I hope no one is harmed, even the rotten filth that is Jerry Brown though it would be true ‘Social Justice’.

    • Colleen

      and Jerry too, may they rip him a great big new one

  • Katos

    WELL?? Let’s face it folks! California has been looking THE other way for decades as satanists, PEDOPHILES, CHILD predators, and sexual perverts have preyed on babies and minor in Jollyweird! These people care nothing about sexual debauchery, in fact they applaud ans practice it??

    • Cali65

      Wrong…. don’t include the many people who are against this. The liberals/democrats have been pushing this for a long time. Even democrats don’t totally agree. We are just outnumbered, but I have faith that the silent majority will once again speak in November and start cleaning out the swamp the democratic party is making of our state. It won’t be easy since they are giving illegals and felons the right to vote. Brown does not want a wall. He believes in The New World Order, just like Newsom does. Our only hope is to get Travis Allen in there to overturn the ridiculous new laws that they have put into action. The release of 10,000 criminals in a sanctuary state is like a horror movie coming into reality. We will fight this.

      • fourdog

        No illegals do not get the right to vote. And felons ONLY get that right if they have done their time. Perhaps you should do some research before you keep spreading untruths. Show me some proof of the illegals getting to vote.

        • Ron Ald

          Brown has given driver’s licences to illegals. Now they are going to send ballots to all people who have a drivers license.

          • Sueatt

            those drivers licenses are different and not used for voting purposes. look it up instead of just jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon.

          • randy marsh

            You’re the typical liberal. Deny facts and cy . You’re a sheep. I bet you hate guns to haha.

        • Linda Thompson

          You need to check your facts. Illegals said it was discrimination for their licenses to be any different so they are being issued new licenses and will automatically registered to vote. I live there and I think all California votes should be thrown out in any federal election.

          • Sueatt

            not true

          • Eleanor Cummings

            Check it out by doing some research before you deny the veracity of a statement. Sorry to buzz what brain you may have, but it IS true.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            I think so too!!

        • Eleanor Cummings

          Buffalo biscuits!! When next you go o the polls yo vote PAY ATTENTION TO WHO’S VOTING!! Plus the zombies, peope who are bussed in, bought votes, Verdes votes, intimidation at the polls, Doris igged voting achiness, stuffed ballots, military ballots ”lost” — and many more ways you democrats cheat in elections. Go online and see where it has been documented!!

  • sandy daniels

    So let me get this straight…… brown wants to release these rapists and so on because of prison overcrowding? At the same time he will find that the morgues overcrowded by the victims of these evil bastards. That makes no sense at all unless you WANT more crime.

    • Beef McWin

      Jerry and the Dems and Soros and the Rothschilds ALL want MORE crime, MORE violence and MORE power…and you are right they are not sensible or good people, at all.

      • scottish Girl “AYE”

        California voters have a huge role to play in all of this….they aren’t paying attention….and those of us who are are baffled by the process….

        • Eleanor Cummings

          Californian LEGAL voters are out numbered by Jerry Brown’s ILLEGAL aliens and criminals that he gave the vote to. And guess how these released prisoners will vote. Yep, democrat.

          • NYCTim

            LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Eleanor, you don’t really believe the stupidity and LIES you posted, do you? If so, bless your heart.

          • Joseph Mentor Nichols

            Read it again.

            Brown stated that he wanted individuals convicted of non-violent sexual offenses to be excluded from consideration for early release. Judge Sumner is the one who challenged that statement and overruled it.

          • ylcalif

            Open borders . . . invasion . . . globalists NWO project.
            Calif. fought this for DECADES while you were sleeping. The courts ruled in favor of non-citizens to invade and plunder citizens.
            “The ruling declared that “California is powerless to enact its own legislative scheme to regulate immigration. It is likewise powerless to enact its own legislative scheme to regulate alien access to public benefits. It can do what [PRWORA] permits, and nothing more.”

    • scottish Girl “AYE”


      • sandy daniels

        better get a gun girl common sense has left the country

        • scottish Girl “AYE”

          President Trump is on Fox right now with a round table and he is so spot on…even called out California regarding the management team being a failure…..I live in a rural area….guns are part of the territory…..

        • Eleanor Cummings

          Locked, loaded — and alert.

      • Carrol Brooks

        Let us see what happens when fear of just raising your hands above your waist or shaking hands is now interpreted as an attempt at Physical Assault. Now that we know our Government doesn’t care, just to save a buck.Then when the bodies start showing up at the Morgue, who are they going to blame for “Violent Crime”?

      • Sueatt

        according to the judge. brown never said that.

        • scottish Girl “AYE”

          Well I chose to believe he has….what Judge claims that…

    • Michelle
    • Michelle
    • Sueatt

      read the article. brown wanted to give non violent criminals early relesase. no way did he say that it should be rapists, etc. that was the superior court judge

    • NYCTim

      No, Stormy. That is not reality. The moron who wrote this article doesn’t have a clue of what he is writing about.

  • Kane

    Yes its like the Bastille had only a few prisoners inside at the revolution too.Most criminals or terrorists were on the streets or wearing silks.

  • Whitey Ward

    Legalize prostitution!

    • Susan Sucholbiak Bahr

      People use prostitutes all the time. Sex is not what rape is about. Geez

  • Beef McWin

    Jesuits. We all know who they are and what they want, and praising the lord is down the list.
    Jerry Brown is a garden variety communist, and Jesuit.
    California will survive this bleak period in time, and we will bury the Peds, Lucifer and all the idiots who subscribe to the BS, including Jerry Brown.

  • bubba2001

    “California, The Retard State.”

  • ed girouard

    make them all live in his neighborhood

  • scottish Girl “AYE”

    This man and the Judge should be removed from office….all of the things Brown is doing without the voters input is sending California a once great state into a Socialist/Communist behavior pattern….read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and see what the Democrat party has become….why people vote party lines is beyond me… electing the same liberals time after time insures that all of these things will continue to degrade this state…..WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

    • Mary Romero

      It’s right here with me! Unfortunately this state is being run by the Berserkleys, the LaLa Libs, the Silly-Con Valley idiots and the Sanfagsisco morons. I live inland, where most of us still have a brain, but we are outvoted due to gerrymandering voting districts.

    • TheLaurenBlaine

      scottish Girl “AYE” – I guess it’s in the same place that the outrage for the Muslim takeover is in Sweden.

    • Sueatt

      brown never said what the article headline claims. in fact, if you read the article, you will see it is the judge who thought rapists should be included in non violent crimes. good lord,

  • Daryl L. Hunter

    Hear that criminals, California is the place for you. Even if you get caught, you soon have a get out of jail free card.

    • Lloyd

      Let the games begin. Hunting season is open.

  • Rosco1776

    To be let loose in CA? Ok then, a little karma for the Californians that voted moonbat back into office!

  • Donna Henry Beard

    There wood be plenty of room if they would deport the illegals being held in our prisons.

  • Mary Romero

    Does this include molesting an autistic 6 year old girl? Would that be considered a “drugged or unconscious person?” These damned judges are so stupid, it’s a wonder they can put their pants on one leg at a time!!!! I hate this damned state, we’re getting out and leaving it to the loony-toons. Good luck, California, you’re a lost cause.

  • Twosticky Drummindog

    Jerry Brown has never made real sensible, reasonable choices for California. But this is absolutely and brutally insulting to the citizens of California. Not to mention, degrading to women and children whom these criminals have violated. This is just one more radically careless, thoughtless and heartless choice Mr. Brown makes, adding to his list of blunders, which will not necessarily effect his life, though it will certainly effect the lives of many. Beginning, of course, with those whom these offenders have perpetrated criminal acts against. By making this decision, Brown also makes the statement, all be it subliminal, that these inmates’ crimes are not so violent”

    • Colleen

      hope they rape him

  • Austinniceguy

    Wow, just when I believed they couldn’t sweeten the pot any more to entice people to move there. Not only are they a sanctuary state for illegals as well as home to the filthiest tent cities for more and more welfare leeches, now they will release all those felons to roam the streets searching for their next prey. How unbelievably delightful!!!!

  • Ec

    This needs to be stopped. These are his buddies , comrades , the sicko . Retaliation for the new administration shutting down the child sex rings .

  • Barbara Sherman

    Pray to God they keep them in California!! The rest of the country doesn’t need them loose and doesn’t want them here.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Jerry Brown is Jesuit confessor. Therefore, he is a Roman Catholic pedophile just like poope frank.

  • Pat Mock

    I wonder when people/voters will have enough of this idiot ruining their state. Commifornia is a mess in every area,

  • JHogwin

    How about the DOJ stepping in for the law abiding citizens of California and reining in these loons?
    Or just block off the state to keep the loons & criminals in California.

  • GraffitiForensics

    Democrats like Jerry Brown are doing a fine job of eroding the security and safety of the state’s citizens. Fine job. Hands down, Jerry is one of the most talented, yet untrustworthy, subversives California has ever re-elected. Who knows how badly the election was rigged …. likely pretty badly given what we know now about the Democrats.

  • Janet L. Hester

    I think these judges and politicians should be housed with these 10,00 sexual predators.

    • Colleen


  • Truth

    Jerry Brown has lost what little mind he had left. California Voters wake up as this insane rotten man must be arrested. He allows illegals to flow into California and aids and abets them. He unlawfully provides protection from the Law, which is a Felony. They provide our taxation money to provide for them and give them our Social Security money to boot. These illegals are not immigrants they are invaders. No more money given, as the well has gone dry. Stop this insanity and abide by the Law, which states anyone harboring criminals are committing a Felony and will be liable for any harm or damage they perpetrate. They with intent broke the Law by coming here and hid out for years. Now this idiot Jerry Brown, the Clown wants to release more criminals to do harm and more crime and violence. Voters have no say so as usual , as they continue to do there dirty work. Enough with this Miscarriage of Justice. Follow the Law and do your job in Washington instead of trying to take down our President . This game of King of the Mountain these Demo-Rats are playing better be stopped, as we are fed up to our necks. Jerry Brown the turd must go down and all his co-conspirators, who obstruct the rule of Law.

    • Colleen

      he must be flushed

  • Norm Harvey

    I don’t see what’s the problem here……look at it this way…..They’re more than 1.000.000 already living amongst us in our so called Society…..

  • BobbiM

    Don’t wait for CA to seceede: THROW THEM OUT OF THE UNION!.

  • Janet Canary

    Now i see why california is burning to the has gov jerry brown and a sicko judge.both are pathetic appauling sickos to release these kind of animals back onto the streets to rape and assult women and children.only a horrid demon would do such a thing.

  • Pedro Baltazar

    First becoming a sanctuary state, then this shit? This fucking state is being govern by tyranny… I’m all for the new California independence measure issued in the start of this year.. Jerry brown is a joke

  • Linda Connors

    find me a reliable source, I cannot find any

  • Tim Graham

    Restraining requires physical force, so how is that not violent? restraining someone, against their will, is in fact a form of violence! Seriously folks…. think about that!

  • Rennelle Mosher

    Nice to have 10,000 sex offenders walking your streets and it said it passed largely from Brown’s statement. That judge also needed to be kicked off the bench. I’ll bet he changes his tune if one of those released gets someone he loves.

  • Chris DjSlimmaybe Bernard

    Hey…..give the guy a break……the Democraps need the votes…..whats he supposed to do??????


  • Marisa Rindner

    I starting to feel like there is a population control scam going on…

  • Rendrag Tangleroot

    The title is really misleading.. it’s not Jerry Brown who’s doing this.. he stated.. when Prop 57 passed that it EXCLUDES sex offenders.. the person who should actually be named in the title is Sacramento Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner.. but then that doesn’t look as.. SENSATIONAL as Governor Jerry Brown did this.. does it?

  • Jim Domino Burwell

    Has he done bumped his friggin head

  • Steve Azbill

    Satanic judges are being appointed all over California. Many were appointed by Schwarzenegger.

  • Cheri Aristo-Frey

    Disgusting!!!! CA is truly becoming one big pot of yuk thanks to the Brown and his cesspool of idiots! WTH.. Since when is it a Non violent crime to force a child or woman/man to be raped, held against will and abused buy a sexual predator??? These judges need their heads examined and maybe if their families had been victim of such NON VIOLENT crimes…would think differently. Just makes me completely sick!

  • NYCTim

    This article is complete BS. It is designed to whip the Dumbest of the Dumb (you people) into a frenzy of faux outrage. Look at the following paragraph…

    “Conservative Tribune reports that the Judge’s ruling was praised by the president of the advocate group “California Reform Sex Offender Laws”, Janice Belluci, who estimated the change could allow for the release of roughly half of the state’s more than 20,000 sex offenders serving time in prison.”

    First off, it’s not even this moron’s own reporting. Second, note the words COULD ALLOW. That means the moron has no real clue about what he’s writing. This is the moron’s own doomsday scenario. Again, it is designed to whip the Dumbest of the Dumb (you people) into a frenzy of faux outrage. You know what else this COULD ALLOW? The release of ZERO inmates.

    Please don’t be duped by this FAKE NEWS. I know you right-wing extremist lunatics LOVE to scream “FAKE NEWS!!!” but you are READING IT ON THIS WEBSITE. Please stop being stupid and ignorant. Thanks.

  • Melody Tina Mangum

    All.those people joined together, for a stupid ass SuperBowl but can’t join together to stop these mfs getting rights to people that hurt and kill our kids.

  • Catherine E. Morrison-Graham


  • Harry_the_Horrible

    California really is going crazy.
    We are going to need a longer wall.