California Gas Leak Is Nuclear: Radioactivity Puts Millions At Risk

California gas leak has turned nuclear, with millions of lives at risk due to radioactive waste

The California methane gas leak in Porter Ranch is now emitting radioactive waste into the atmosphere, affecting the health of millions of residents across California as they breathe in radon dust, get exposed to radiation damage, and their food and water supply are at risk of being contaminated with deadly toxins – a new report suggests. 

According to the video report below, officials in California dumped nuclear waste from a local nuclear power plant into a nearby lake in 2015, the contents of which is now being pumped into the atmosphere. reports:

Please take 11 minutes to watch this video report:

Take note of 6:20 minutes to the end on the timeline. Readers will learn how officials disposed of that dangerous radioactive waste: After dropping a 50 gallon waste-containing-barrel into the middle of a lake, they would then fire a shot into the barrel, causing an explosion and aerosolized particulates! No kidding. Incredibly toxic materials had been allowed to be dispersed into the atmosphere and environment in the “Golden State.”

That once beautiful state that people flocked to apparently is not faring very well.

Seemingly everyone, including pets and animals, are being affected negatively: losing health, property values and probably homes to live in.

Another pointed question that has to be asked is: “How is all that toxic material affecting the food and produce grown in California?” Combine that radioactivity, methane, plus Fukushima fallout with all the chemtrail chemicals, heavy metals, and biologicals being sprayed, there’s a toxic soup and waste dump evolving.

USDA, FDA and California state officials should be called on the carpet to explain what’s happening to our food supply.

Are U.S. food-buying consumers eating radioactive, genetically-modified U.S. California-grown food?

  • Maximillian Wallace

    Fukushima fallout…? Your not informed at all, are you Sean? What…you don’t research the truth before you write and post? Your credibility is now zero Sean. At least three reactors at Fukushima are still in a state of meltdown. Every second of every day for the next 50 to 100 years, three nuclear bombs are detonating…every second, every day. The researchers that are reporting the facts are experts in the field. If you or anyone is interested, look up the info on YouTube. If you have even a half of a brain, you will find all info there. Best Wishes.

  • gapaul

    This is hard to follow, and the written description could have more helpfully hit the high points. There is a gas leak. And there is nuclear waste pollution. How are these related? How was the nuclear dump “allowed.”

  • Simon Turner

    A very inadequate article. Hard to take it seriously, so I won’t. And I won’t bother reading any other articles here either.

  • Lentz

    1) Radiation in General on the West Coast:

    The West Coast has been peppered with radiation from numerous sources, including weapons testing, nuclear accidents, nuclear medicine, etc. That radiation will be with us for centuries. The most current source of radiation on the West Coast is the ongoing reactor spew from Fukushima. There are three failed, uncontained reactors which provide us a continuous supply of radiation through both the oceans and the air. The fallout in the Pacific is not a one-time event, it is ongoing. Now that the Pacific-borne radiation has reached the West Coast, it will continue indefinitely — likely, forever. 
Similarly, the atmosphere is bringing us daily doses, which are not uniformly dispersed, yet which form concentrated plumes. Conveniently, the EPA has shut down most of the radiation detection network, so the public is not informed. But there are many people with their own geiger counters, reporting regularly on hot spots and the routine heavier “background” doses that spike with each rain event.

    2) Radon Gas from Porter Ranch:

    The Porter Ranch gas leak has radon gas in it, naturally. It’s almost unavoidable as that is the nature of the natural gas beast. They don’t tell us about that. All so called, “clean natural gas” includes radon since it comes from underground. Storing gas (pumped from elsewhere) underground is likely to increase the radiation load. The radiation may not be limited to just radon.
3) Other Nuclear Radiation Dispersed by Porter Ranch Gas Leak:

    Specific to the Porter Ranch site is near-by Santa Susana, which can best be described as a Nuclear Waste Field. Recently, NBC called it the worst nuclear accident you’ve never heard about — denied in the 50’s by the NRC & effectively kept secret until only recently. It was never cleaned up. Consequently, it is likely that some of that radiation could have made its way underground, only to be lofted up with this gas leak. It is, however, certain, that the radiation from Santa Susana remains in the environment North of LA & will continue to be dispersed every-which-way for many many thousands of years. When it rains, it is inevitable that the Bell watershed carries some of that radiation from Santa Susana out to the ocean via the Los Angeles River.

  • bobbeecher

    The author doesn’t know the difference between “affect” and “effect” in the first sentence…..wait until you finish school before writing stuff other people can read.

  • Laurel Kaskurs

    The radiation has been here on my coast for several years now. Even before Fukushima we had the San Onofre nuclear steam leaks that were happening since 2001 at least but never talked about. I’m lucky my children only have one head. FukushiFukus
    FukushiFukush FukushiFukushima