California To Make Intentional HIV Infection Legal

California makes it legal to intentionally infect another person with the HIV virus

California lawmakers have passed a bill that will make it legal for a person to intentionally infect somebody with the HIV virus. 

The state Senate voted on Wednesday to send SB239 to Assembly. The bill will make the punishment for someone deliberately infecting another person with HIV a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

KXTV reports:

Under current law, if a person who knows they have HIV has unprotected sex without telling their partner about the disease they can be convicted of a felony and face years in jail.

Democratic Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco who authored the bill says the current law is a relic of the decades-old AIDS scare and unfairly punishes HIV-positive people based on outdated science.

It is a misdemeanor to intentionally transmit any other communicable disease including potentially deadly diseases like hepatitis.

  • Ron Wheeler

    So does this open the door of biological warfare that includes contaminating thousands with HIV is a misdemeanor in California? Why is a Jew the author of such a bill? Why are all mandatory vaccines laws created by Jews?

  • Joshua Seeley

    This bill is absurd..California is full of psychopaths

    • D’Andre

      I love YNW – it’s so funny. I actually read the bill.

  • Fingal Carson

    Don’t get laid in Cali without some good discernment. Or, get them tested. I’m sure these whackjobs will compensate with 5-minute test clinics. Now instead of a date, you’ll get a receipt. Open 24/7 I’d bet. Can’t say you weren’t warned or didn’t know!!

    • JzzE1 .

      It isn’t just about unprotected sex, there have been cases of people trying to infect others by sticking them with a syringe containing contaminated blood, throwing body fluids in someone’s face and doing nasty things to their food. This is a proverbial can of deadly worms.