California Makes It Illegal For Parents To Make Medical Decisions

New bill bans parents from making medical decisions for their kids in California

A new Orwellian bill is being proposed in California that will make it illegal for parents to make medical decisions for their own children. 

The new SB-18 bill will allow the State to seize children away from their parents and their homes if parents make medical decisions that the State deems not to be in the child’s best interests.

Dr. Richard Pan, the man behind the current mandatory vaccination law (SB-277) is behind this new bill which will takes away yet more power from parents. reports:

This bill is in its early stages, and it’s not expected to be enacted — if passed — until 2022.

But the language of the bill, critics insist, is a matter of concern.

Dr. Pan’s seven-point list of rights declares that “all children and youth” have a right to have “parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest” and to “form healthy attachments with adults responsible for their care and well-being.” It also stipulates that the child is to “live in a safe and healthy environment” and benefit from having “social and emotional well-being,” and to have “opportunities to attain optimal cognitive, physical, and social development.” The child should also have the “appropriate, quality education and life skills leading to self-sufficiency in adulthood;” and to have “appropriate, quality health care.” However, critics claim, this sets a dangerous precedent that spells the end of parental rights whenever a government official or agency declares it so.

Further, the Legislature’s intent — to “establish a comprehensive framework that governs the rights of all children and youth in California; outlines the research-based essential needs of California’s children; and establishes standards relating to the health, safety, well-being, early childhood and educational opportunities, and familial supports necessary for all children to succeed” — critics add, essentially makes the state the primary caretaker and caregiver of children, over the rights of parents.

Shannan Martinez, Dr. Pan’s spokeswoman, told Snopes critics of SB-18 “oppose an effort to empower parents and ensure children and families get the support they need to succeed.” But JD Heyes, contributing writer to Natural News, notes:

“This measure isn’t about ensuring basic rights for kids; it’s about giving California lawmakers and big government nanny-state bureaucrats the power to decide what is and is not “equitable” for the state’s kids. And it won’t matter a bit what their parents think…or want.

“[Senator Richard Pan] He’s tyrannical, in that he believes that only he and the state know what is best for kids — not their parents. He doesn’t trust parents to do the right things for their kids. And he doesn’t believe parents should have a “bill of rights” giving them, and not a faceless, all-powerful bureaucracy the power to make decisions for their own children.”

What’s truly dangerous about SB18 is its vagueness, observes Modern Alternative Health:

“It’s extremely problematic to allow a very small group of people to decide what constitutes “best” for an entire group of millions of families.  Why do these people get to be the ones to decide?  What if they don’t know or understand (or want to understand) those families’ perspective and needs?

“The biggest problem with this proposed law is its utter vagueness.  It actually doesn’t do anything at all, in and of itself.  What it does is allow them to create lots of other new laws, programs, taxes, or whatever they want…and enforce it. We won’t know exactly what they’re going to come up with or to what extent they’ll enforce them until after this law is passed.”

But Jon Rappoport, the Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist, warns:

“Let’s go to the money. In SB-18, a group is referred to: the Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council. The Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council is composed of the San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools, the County Board of Supervisors and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The Silicon Valley Community Foundation is a non-profit that has assets of $7.3 BILLION. Here are some of its corporate partners: Alexza Pharmaceuticals. Microsoft. PepsiCo Foundation. Cisco. Hewlett Packard. Dell. Symantec. Unilever. You can bet these corporate partners will reap profits.

“Beyond that, this is their version of a MASSIVE social engineering program. And that program is part of a technocratic movement to plan, format, and run the lives of the population from cradle to grave, because… the hi-tech scientists and engineers know best. They should rule the future because they can plot and chart it out, based on their version (you weren’t consulted) of “greatest good for the greatest number”.

“The best place to start? THE CHILDREN. This is TECHNOCRACY INC. at work. This is the big picture, and it’s bigger than any election or political party. It’s THE PLANNED SOCIETY. It absolutely ignores your freedom or independent choice.”

  • John P

    And this is what the 2nd amendment is for.

    • Nonsheep

      They will need more than 2 amendments for this balls up. Why do doctors think they know what is best for health, most of the time they are obsessed with disease management. They are deranged lunatics. It is like having the Catholic church run the show or being told you have to cut the end of a baby boys bits off to join the club and claim there is a medical reason for it!

  • Dan Jones

    Coming to all of America soon…

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark

  • freeman

    what a crack head state, they must drink a lot of gas there. when you roll into the ocean you now you deserve it.

    • Nonsheep

      Sure. Population control is starting in California, nice to see the doctors are in charge again – infant mortality in the US will go even higher with this one.

  • anonymous4u4me

    Now remember as parents, you are no different then the lion, tiger, elephant, whale, or any other parent when their young are being taken or you are not allowed to parent. None of the above would allow this why will you? If you act like them when this happens to you and yours, they will not come for many when a few of them have died.

  • Nonsheep

    This is why the infant mortality rate in the US is so bad, over medicalisation is guilty of killing more children. What on earth do doctors know about child health, most of them don’t even know what a healthy diet is, look at the fat rate of US people, this is the result of industry led nutrition and over medic interest.

  • JoeB

    People will get the tyranny they’re willing to put up with.

  • Lonny Sterling

    It’s a Liberal state and Liberals love more Government and Government interference…….oh right, only when it applies to others and their opinions Liberals happen to not agree with.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    That’s not going to work well for STATE OF CALIFORNIA inc.
    They (muni-corp agents) will eventually pick the wrong dwelling without actually knowing it ahead of time.

  • Neo

    Why is this Pan guy still around?

  • scott

    Oh hell no!!! Most parents have the best interests of their children in mind, and with that said most parents would die for the lives of their children!!! Please please, let me use some common sense logic. In the 1800s , ( we the people ), meant that, (we), looked after the needs of our families, neighbors, friends , but . most importantly our own Families!, WE know what is b est for our own families, and WE know our immediate families needs, and WE know the values that each other places on each other. What is Vital is that we dont allow our power too be taken away from us!!! That is the power too judge our own families needs, and not allow a government agency too dictate what is best for our families when they dont know their butts from a hole in the ground!!! I never thought id ever say this but, i honestly have too say that if Californians allow this too be passed then they truly need too leave the union!!!! WE as human beings have never allowed our children too be taken away from us without a fight!!! This IS the line in the sand!! If we allow the freaking state too mandate the best care for children , when truthfully anyone who knows that every child is different, and needs ,(Individualized care), based on their learning abilities, then all is lost!! Remember the song,( I believe the Children are our future,), then we all better Re-listen too the lyrics because the minute this goes through then the children are lost!! Lost too phedophiles, in a so called foster care system that is full of them!!!, lost in the fact that they will be either pimped out, or not given proper learning abilites, because quite frankly the State doesnt have the recources too afford proper individualized care that a Loving mother, or a loving father can give, knowing their child since they was born. Lastly but most importantly , the state wont truly care about the care of the children, and children will suffer!! Oh and not too mention protection!! Children Need too be protected from human predators , along with animal ones. I am a dad of 2 sons who needed me way back when they were born, and who Still need me for guidance!! Can your freaking state run government do this!? I will never come back too california with my m oney or anything because its starting too sound like california is taken over by pedophiles everywhere !!! They have lost what form of morality their is, so i will never return their!! BTW i am only speaking of the so-called law makers doing these th ings and not the people of California. Dont let these animals take your children away too the hands of Freddy Kruger!! I am a Navy veteran and i am speaking out for the children all over GB