California Governor Jerry Brown To Allow HIV Positive People To Donate Blood

California governor Jerry Brown wants to taint blood banks with HIV infected blood

California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to give a green light to a bill allowing HIV positive people to knowingly expose their blood to others. 

The bill, SB 239, will reduce the penalties for knowingly exposing someone to HIV without telling them, allowing HIV positive people to donate their blood to others. Lawmakers claim the current felony charge for the crime is ‘discriminatory.’ reports: State Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat who introduced the bill, said the current law discriminates against people with HIV because people who expose others with different viruses get only a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

“Right now HIV is singled out for uniquely harsh treatment as a felony,” Wiener said during the floor debate, according to the L.A. Times. He added that modern drugs allow someone with HIV to be noninfectious to others, while the felony charge may discourage some from getting tested.

“These laws do not prevent HIV infections. All they do is stigmatize people living with HIV and reduce access to testing and care.”

“These laws do not prevent HIV infections. All they do is stigmatize people living with HIV and reduce access to testing and care.”

– State Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat

The bill – if passed – would also apply to people who donated semen or blood without disclosing they have HIV or AIDS.

All Republicans came out against the bill, claiming a reduction in penalties for exposing someone to HIV puts the public at risk.

“I’m of the mind that if you purposefully inflict another with a disease that alters their lifestyle the rest of their life, puts them on a regiment of medications to maintain any kind of normalcy, it should be a felony,” state Sen. Joel Anderson, of San Diego, said, the L.A. Times reported.

“It’s absolutely crazy to me that we should go light on this,” he added, suggesting tougher penalties should be applicable to those with other diseases.

“It’s absolutely crazy to me that we should go light on this.”

– State Sen. Joel Anderson, San Diego

Jeff Stone, a Republican senator and former pharmacist from Murrieta, said the law should remain unchanged as someone exposing their partner to HIV would “condemn one to probably $1 million in drug therapy for the rest of their lives.”

  • EpiHope

    “Right now HIV is singled out for uniquely harsh treatment as a felony,” – Wiener
    Harsh treatment? So people who knowingly give unsuspecting individuals HIV positive blood aren’t giving harsh treatment to others? They’re possibly giving innocent people a Death Sentence! They should be charged with premeditated murder or attempted murder!

    This coming from the state that legalized underage prostitution!

  • Duke LaCrosse

    If ever there were a walking talking target to be wacked…

    Go ahead and delete disqus

  • Randall Stevens

    Hopefully governor Brown gets AIDS.

  • deadmanwalking

    The people running California’s government are absolutely insane. They need to be purged from the system, and in this particular case the people supporting this should be arrested and charged with endangering the public. What madness!

    • stevor

      give them all HIV blood and that might help solve the problem (but that’d actually take too long)

      • Ed Jett

        … and cost too much money.

    • Watson
      • Chad Rogers

        I read your link… it confirms what the article says and is not #fakenews

        • Watson

          Nope…If you read the first passage, you will find that they test all blood donations for HIV in the first place. HIV can take two years to surface, so making it a felony to donate tainted blood is not necessarily justice.

          • Jill Hodges

            I always try to look for some logic or something positive as to why things like this can happen. First of all, with new and advanced testing, you can get a result within 1 hour, but it only takes up to 4 weeks for a definite test result to develop. You might have HIV for 2 years without knowing it, if you don’t get tested. With all donated blood being tested, those that know they have HIV won’t be donating blood, but those that have HIV and don’t know WON’T BE CRIMINALIZED. By doing this they are hoping more people will be encouraged to donate blood that otherwise would not, and actually get tested for HIV and put on the appropriate treatment if they show a positive result.

          • kiannafleur

            When I donate at the Red Cross I have to sign a statement declaring that I understand and accept that they won’t notify me of test results. Is the Red Cross in California obligated to inform donors of findings? Or did I misunderstand you? Are you saying that they’re hoping people will be encouraged to seek testing through normal channels so that they can donate blood? If that’s what you’re saying, I have to ask if the desire to donate blood is really so great that people avoid being tested for HIV rather than have to forego being a blood donor. I mean, I know the Red Cross offers rewards for donating, but the “prizes” are just things like milestone stickers or whatever. It’s cute, but I can’t imagine any mature, psychologically balanced person choosing that over being tested for HIV if they are at risk. That’s another thing the Red Cross does (I’ve donated blood in a couple different states, both required this) — prior to donating, a trained interviewer asks the donor about lifestyle and sexual practices. If someone actively engages in practices that carry a higher risk of contracting HIV but doesn’t report it, then lowering the penalty isn’t going to encourage them to stop those practices or start admitting them to the Red Cross interviewer. They’ll still be motivated to avoid punishment. But like I said, nobody who is psychologically balanced will avoid testing rather than not be able to donate blood, and I’ll add that nobody who is psychologically balanced will knowingly donate infected blood. A person who does so is either mentally ill or sociopathic. The mentally ill can’t be held responsible, but sociopaths definitely can.

          • Jill Hodges

            Thank-you for your response. First of all, I live in Australia and don’t know the law in California. If the blood donor tests positive for HIV, I believe here in Australia the health organization is notified and they get in touch with the donor who assists them with the appropriate clinic for treatment. It would be absolutely outrageous and wreckless to not advise the HIV donor.

          • Jill Hodges

            I also think this news-wire spreads fake news articles.

          • LIVE FREE OR DIE

            this is a way to increase the voting population of HIV(+); they want to contaminate the nations blood supply. ALL for a stiff dick.

          • LIVE FREE OR DIE

            Why not? just because it takes two years to find out you’re going to spend the rest of your life on expensive med’s (not without side effects themselves)? Maybe we should let those infected with malaria and Hep C donate too. WTF.

    • TJWo8

      I absolutely agree with you

  • Oya Shango

    This bill sanctions mass spread of infectious diseases. Betcha big pharma is celebrating and might even be a major contributor to Brown’s campaigns.

    • Nurse Chelsea

      He’s still got at $20million war chest and he can’t even run for governor again. At age 79 I don’t think he will be running for anything again.

      • dodgergirl88

        He’s run for everything else. This POS has never had a private sector job. Governor, Mayor of Oakland, AG, Governor. Thankfully, his age may come into play. God Help Us.

  • stevor

    as a show of faith, moonbeam, you be the first one to get an HIV positive blood transfusion. Even better, all dumbocraps who are for this ought to line up to get their blood tranfusions, too!

  • Steven Lewis

    Go figure Wiener is openly gay.[63][64] He is Jewish. [65]

    • dodgergirl88

      He is? Gee what a surprise. What a Scumbag.

  • James George

    America has gone full retard this is true.

    • Debra remmers

      My dad was born in Calif. And lived his whole life there..All my relatives lived in Calif..but not anymore..Its real sad!

      • dodgergirl88

        We’re all natives. If my mom and dad were still alive, they would be appalled. They loved California, but they would absolutely hate the politics now. They were very conservative.

        • nochickenlady

          Native Californians like myself really hate how the state has gone. We really used to be the “golden state” not so much anymore.

  • jcmarlton

    What a absolute disgrace that anyone in their right mind would allow this. Are they trying to infect everyone with HIV……………this cannot happen and someone needs to remove this pos jerry brown from office he is insane.

  • Debra remmers

    See why I moved out of Calif..crazy crap like this..He Jas completely ruined Calif.!

    • Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls

      Me too. Fourth gen here. Gonna get my mom outta there in a few months time as well!

      • Deborah Anne Barnes

        Sixth generation here! This is beyond many horrible things done recently! If it was not moonbeam I’d say this is fake news!

    • Brett Jerome

      This is what liberalism does, it infects cities and states and spreads like cancer.
      It shoud be treated like cancer.

  • Gary Seymour

    Shouldn’t law makers lead by example? So let them be the first to let the HIV positive blood be used for themselves, their children and grandchildren first with a 1 year waiting period after receiving the HIV positive blood, then vote on whether or not you want to make that bill to become a law. That sounds reasonable to me and this can start with the author of the bill State Sen. Scott Wiener who should be the first to try it out on his own family.

  • Joe

    The politicians in sacramental who approve this bill should be impeached for stupidity far beyond the minds of normal men. Let’s just feed a fire with more gas. Flaming assholes up there. Discrimination WTF you have the right to infect hundreds or thousands of people because you feel your right to donate had been violated? Brown needs to be removed from office period immediately as I question his sanity

    • Debra remmers

      Sure give everyone a horrific sickness to protect your rights..what about the rights of the people that will be infected? Calif is never on the side of the average person now..who cares if their feelings are hurt if they can’t donate..I wouldn’t expect to be a donor if I had it!

  • Cali Cathy


  • BobCat

    Governor Brown is purposely trying to kill off the population which is part of the NWO agenda. Just like the flu vaccine that has bioterrorism agenda for 2016-2017 flu season.

    • dodgergirl88

      I bet he’ll make an exception for illegal Mexican aliens if they could ever figure out who get what.

  • Evelyn Matzke

    I call that Attempted Murder. If the recipient dies, it’s then Murder 1. And it’s ALL on the idiot insane Governor Jerry Brown.

  • Erniel G. Pamintuan

    California is out of their mind!

  • dodgergirl88

    This is insanity!!! What is wrong with this man and all the idiot Dims? Moonbeam should be impeached for this, the state senator and anyone else who votes for this should be impeached or voted out of office in a landslide. People will die because of this. My state has gone crazy. I have a love-hate relationship with California. The Dims control everything, there is nothing left for us conservatives in this once lovely state.

    Make California RED AGAIN!

  • hmbval

    As soon as Moonbeam signs the bill, he and all the idiots who voted for the law should be arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.

  • James Graham

    Pump Jerry up with hiv tainted blood. Him first.

  • surfchick51

    I vote that Jerry Brown get the first transfusion of HIV infected blood.

  • Brett Jerome

    Enough of this insane socialist crap, this once great and productive conservative state has been infected with liberal ass clowns, who does this crap, also, who lets 67% of the state prison system out onto the streets? Theses assholes days are numbered!

  • Hector Gamez

    Build a fence around California so that they don’t infect the rest of the country.

  • Vicki Campbell

    Donating blood with HIV or infecting others knowingly should be treated as attempted murder.

  • NotEinstein

    Hahahahahaha! Oh, California, just when I thought you could not get any more fucked up!
    But hey, let’s not allow unvaccinated children to attend school. Lolololol!

  • Kevin Wirth

    “These laws do not prevent HIV infections. All they do is stigmatize people living with HIV and reduce access to testing and care.”

    – State Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat

    Wrong Scott, that’s not all they do! The existing law protects other people from becoming infected with HIV, a known and deadly disease. Protecting the public is part of your job description ding dong. Get a clue!

  • Bois123

    Yay! This should mean HIV-positive people can spit into people’s faces again and not get into trouble anymore!

  • JabbaTheCatt

    If there’s a disparity between knowingly exposing innocents to one killer disease versus another, then I’d prefer making them all uniformly felonious, rather than making them all uniformly okay.

  • Ern49er

    This whole State is going to hell in a hand basket. Because of “Political Correctness” this state has lost it’s mind. Who in there right mind is going to donate HIV Positive Blood to anyone??? What has happened to Common Sense?

    Things are going to have to change, sooner rather then later.

  • Roxanna

    What’s the problem. Just go on a drug regimen to keep AIDS at bay. What’s that you say? You can’t afford the drug regimen. Now, gee, that could be a problem. Look for Big Pharma to now raise the price of the drugs.

  • Jim

    Is Jerry Brown willing to take a pint of HIV blood? If not, why put everyone else at risk?

  • AmazedHuman

    Then I would suggest lawyers line up to prosecute him for attempted murder as he will be putting people in harm’s way on purpose.

  • Ellyn George

    I sincerely hope that if a blood bank outside of CA runs low on blood (disaster for example) they will not accept any from CA.

  • Kim Bruce

    The patients are running the asylum.

  • Loner47

    I’ve watched clown brown wreck California since his days as a fake ‘activist’. How this crook is not in prison is a testimony to the vast corruption in my doomed state.

  • Watson

    Wrong. I suggest y’all read the damn Bill and not rely on these hacks.

  • Joan Farrell

    Blood that people donate gets tested for HIV and other diseases. Many people could donate blood and not even know they have it. That is why all the blood is tested. People got HIV from blood transfusions, before they started testing the blood. This story does not ring true on many points.

  • Michael Mager

    This article is dead wrong and misleading….. which means it is…PROPAGANDA!!! Don’t drink the kool ade y’all…..

  • Rodney McKay

    Not suprised at this. Democrats do everything that’s opposite. Pay mudererers millions if they promise not to murder people. But give nothing to law abiding citizens. Give priority education and medical care to illegals. But not veterans. Provide safe zones for criminals. And now, let people infect others with a fatal disease without any consequences.

    You even have democrats saying they would rather have Kim Jong as their leader than Donald Trump. That shows right there they want to rule and be ruled than actually have real freedom. That’s why you can’t have a gun because people like Madonna make speeches about how dangerous they are. Meanwhile her armed guards shoot and seriously injured a person who climbed over her wall to her mansion. Oh but i thought people like her don’t believe in walls? That’s the thing. Democrats believe in all the things conservatives believe in. The only difference is liberals want those things for themselves only. But not you. And their followers lap up their hypocrisy like lost sheep.

  • Lori

    And what are we suppose to do with this blood?

  • prtyfdup
    • prtyfdup

      He is “decriminalizing” those who give blood that is tainted even if they know it. A lot of drug addicts do it for the money. Jerry Brown is a very mentally ill liberal and a criminal. He is continually doing things against us rather than for us. He is a fool and whoever voted for him is just as sick as he is.

  • Ken Boyd

    Does Senator Scott Wiener have hiv or is it in his family? If it is signed by Brown both Brown as well as Weiner should be held accountable as well as the State of Ca. I think they bith should be forced to under go a mental exam in my opinion.

  • VeggyZ

    It’s “discriminatory” for a REASON you degenerate idiots – it’s “discriminatory” because it is a death sentence. Even HIV positive people who are DECENT HUMAN BEINGS should understand the reasoning – this is absurd.

  • James Spruyt

    Liberal nut job. Let’s give innocent people HIV that will cost $1,000,000 per person to treat because gay perverts feel bad.

    Liberal nut job #2. Why don’t we have affordable health care???? It’s Trump’s fault!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    Who voted for this idiot to be the governor. He should be removed from office immediately. He is too old to think straight. This is too mess up for Californian people.

  • Joe

    It’s crazy to you legislator because it is crazy. The Left continues to astound with their sheer lunacy. The Democrats are truly nuts and people are leaving it in droves. As bad as the GOP is the Dems are exponentially worse