California Governor Jerry Brown To Allow HIV Positive People To Donate Blood

California governor Jerry Brown wants to taint blood banks with HIV infected blood

California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to give a green light to a bill allowing HIV positive people to knowingly expose their blood to others. 

The bill, SB 239, will reduce the penalties for knowingly exposing someone to HIV without telling them, allowing HIV positive people to donate their blood to others. Lawmakers claim the current felony charge for the crime is ‘discriminatory.’ reports: State Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat who introduced the bill, said the current law discriminates against people with HIV because people who expose others with different viruses get only a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

“Right now HIV is singled out for uniquely harsh treatment as a felony,” Wiener said during the floor debate, according to the L.A. Times. He added that modern drugs allow someone with HIV to be noninfectious to others, while the felony charge may discourage some from getting tested.

“These laws do not prevent HIV infections. All they do is stigmatize people living with HIV and reduce access to testing and care.”

“These laws do not prevent HIV infections. All they do is stigmatize people living with HIV and reduce access to testing and care.”

– State Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat

The bill – if passed – would also apply to people who donated semen or blood without disclosing they have HIV or AIDS.

All Republicans came out against the bill, claiming a reduction in penalties for exposing someone to HIV puts the public at risk.

“I’m of the mind that if you purposefully inflict another with a disease that alters their lifestyle the rest of their life, puts them on a regiment of medications to maintain any kind of normalcy, it should be a felony,” state Sen. Joel Anderson, of San Diego, said, the L.A. Times reported.

“It’s absolutely crazy to me that we should go light on this,” he added, suggesting tougher penalties should be applicable to those with other diseases.

“It’s absolutely crazy to me that we should go light on this.”

– State Sen. Joel Anderson, San Diego

Jeff Stone, a Republican senator and former pharmacist from Murrieta, said the law should remain unchanged as someone exposing their partner to HIV would “condemn one to probably $1 million in drug therapy for the rest of their lives.”

  • EpiHope

    “Right now HIV is singled out for uniquely harsh treatment as a felony,” – Wiener
    Harsh treatment? So people who knowingly give unsuspecting individuals HIV positive blood aren’t giving harsh treatment to others? They’re possibly giving innocent people a Death Sentence! They should be charged with premeditated murder or attempted murder!

    This coming from the state that legalized underage prostitution!

    • Trixieroselee

      Yep. Kill them. They are all for moving into a new more “progressive” world. Instant cyanide for all who violate the norms that protect society. Since they all seem to adore Marxist-Socialist-Communist governments, Slaughterall who threaten the new order. Just Kill them. Simple, expedient, clean!

      • Trixieroselee

        Follow the leaders; Mao, Pol-pot, Stalin, Hitler. One for all, all for one!

  • Duke LaCrosse

    If ever there were a walking talking target to be wacked…

    Go ahead and delete disqus

  • Randall Stevens

    Hopefully governor Brown gets AIDS.

  • deadmanwalking

    The people running California’s government are absolutely insane. They need to be purged from the system, and in this particular case the people supporting this should be arrested and charged with endangering the public. What madness!

    • stevor

      give them all HIV blood and that might help solve the problem (but that’d actually take too long)

      • Ed Jett

        … and cost too much money.

    • Watson
      • Chad Rogers

        I read your link… it confirms what the article says and is not #fakenews

        • Watson

          Nope…If you read the first passage, you will find that they test all blood donations for HIV in the first place. HIV can take two years to surface, so making it a felony to donate tainted blood is not necessarily justice.

          • Jill Hodges

            I always try to look for some logic or something positive as to why things like this can happen. First of all, with new and advanced testing, you can get a result within 1 hour, but it only takes up to 4 weeks for a definite test result to develop. You might have HIV for 2 years without knowing it, if you don’t get tested. With all donated blood being tested, those that know they have HIV won’t be donating blood, but those that have HIV and don’t know WON’T BE CRIMINALIZED. By doing this they are hoping more people will be encouraged to donate blood that otherwise would not, and actually get tested for HIV and put on the appropriate treatment if they show a positive result.

          • kiannafleur

            When I donate at the Red Cross I have to sign a statement declaring that I understand and accept that they won’t notify me of test results. Is the Red Cross in California obligated to inform donors of findings? Or did I misunderstand you? Are you saying that they’re hoping people will be encouraged to seek testing through normal channels so that they can donate blood? If that’s what you’re saying, I have to ask if the desire to donate blood is really so great that people avoid being tested for HIV rather than have to forego being a blood donor. I mean, I know the Red Cross offers rewards for donating, but the “prizes” are just things like milestone stickers or whatever. It’s cute, but I can’t imagine any mature, psychologically balanced person choosing that over being tested for HIV if they are at risk. That’s another thing the Red Cross does (I’ve donated blood in a couple different states, both required this) — prior to donating, a trained interviewer asks the donor about lifestyle and sexual practices. If someone actively engages in practices that carry a higher risk of contracting HIV but doesn’t report it, then lowering the penalty isn’t going to encourage them to stop those practices or start admitting them to the Red Cross interviewer. They’ll still be motivated to avoid punishment. But like I said, nobody who is psychologically balanced will avoid testing rather than not be able to donate blood, and I’ll add that nobody who is psychologically balanced will knowingly donate infected blood. A person who does so is either mentally ill or sociopathic. The mentally ill can’t be held responsible, but sociopaths definitely can.

          • Jill Hodges

            Thank-you for your response. First of all, I live in Australia and don’t know the law in California. If the blood donor tests positive for HIV, I believe here in Australia the health organization is notified and they get in touch with the donor who assists them with the appropriate clinic for treatment. It would be absolutely outrageous and wreckless to not advise the HIV donor.

          • Trixieroselee

            No, it would be outrageous to allow that donor’s blood into the blood supply.

          • Jill Hodges

            I also think this news-wire spreads fake news articles.

          • VeggyZ

            Regardless of the possible consequences people are reading into it – it doesn’t really change the point of the article – that this bill makes donating HIV positive blood a misdemeanor.

            What the article says is still true – can’t blame infowars for people’s assumptions / predictions. None of it changes that this bill would change the offense to a slap on the wrist. This would imply that it’s not fake news – as what is said in the article reflects what is written in the bill…

            I for one think it’s a terrible idea – because without the risk looming over their heads, there are lots of people who would do this, some with no potential reward. I’d put money on every last one of us knowing at least one person who would do it just to do it. It’s nice to assume human nature is good – but that’s really not the case with a lot of people, and taking away the risk of such things that should be harshly punished is not going to do anyone any good … except the people who shouldn’t be donating their blood in the first place.

          • Trixieroselee

            Oh, go stick your head in the sand of Australia. You sound about as logical as the Governor of California.

          • ssaaaaa

            I learned I had hep c from donating blood to the red cross-it was for myself for surgery

          • Trixieroselee

            I agree with you. One slight difference. The mentally ill can still be held responsible. There abounds many examples currently teaching in our Universities, and serving in California politics!

          • Dominic Lacerenza

            Well that’s the problem. You’re assuming these people are mature and psychologically balanced.

          • kiannafleur

            Nah, I don’t assume any such thing, just like I don’t assume that you’re mature or psychologically balanced.

          • Dominic Lacerenza

            LMAO I wasn’t insulting you but you’ve just shown your own maturity, nice job.

          • kiannafleur

            I wasn’t insulting you, either…..

          • Rudy

            You were acting snotty and now grovel. Low character !

          • kiannafleur

            The voice in your head told you to assign the lowest character — either your own choice, or you’re listening to the demons who like to stir it up.

          • Rudy

            Not a coherent sentence !

          • Rudy

            Yah, in order for the logic to would the reasonableness of parties involved would have to be assumed by necessity. It’s not always all about just you.

          • kiannafleur

            Your grammar is unintelligible.

          • Rudy

            Duck, deke, dodge !

          • LIVE FREE OR DIE

            They are supposed to notify those who have CONFIRMED POSITIVE HIV tests.

          • LIVE FREE OR DIE

            this is a way to increase the voting population of HIV(+); they want to contaminate the nations blood supply. ALL for a stiff dick.

          • Trixieroselee

            I agree. These people are just plain crazy. Jerry brown is trying to go out in a blaze of glory for his fellow Sods!

          • Deborah Anne Barnes

            Females also transmit….

          • LIVE FREE OR DIE

            I’m aware… but I was aiming my attention at contaminating the blood supply (e.g.: blood banks across the country).

          • Trixieroselee

            Here’s an old fashioned idea. Don’t allow ANY gays to donate blood. Period! And kill them if they do! Ok, that is how DONE most of the people in the Country are. It seems like they go from one totally nuts idea to the next even worse. We are just totally done!
            California seems to have mire educated morons than even NY, and the rest of the East coast combined.
            I hope to leave this State before N. Korea wipes it off the map. Then, I can at least Little Rocket Man did something worthwhile!

          • Trixieroselee

            Oh, right! Like everything Government ever gets its tentacles into always works perfectly! This waters down the law designed to protect the innocent from, those who just might deliberately try to infect others, or who totally disregard the safety of others! If people who engage in the life choices that put them at risk, and they choose to donate blood, they are reckless and should be treated as criminals.

            So, in the land of my birth, adults elected to represent ALL of the people have decided that it is in the publics best interest to encourage those who very well could be infected to go ahead and give blood, that way if they are, the blood will be tested and they will know for sure, plus, their bad-blood will be destroyed.

            Any woman who has ever received a false-positive PAP test, or had to be retested for some unusual reason, i.e., smear was lost, blood contaminated, or any hundreds of things that can go wrong knows, this is no more than a high stakes game of Russian Roulette.

            Are you living in the bubble of Progressive insanity??

          • Rudy

            A pre test should be mandatory. No one deserves to be infected by some maniac engaged in a high risk lifestyle. These programs are a burden on decent people.

          • LIVE FREE OR DIE

            Why not? just because it takes two years to find out you’re going to spend the rest of your life on expensive med’s (not without side effects themselves)? Maybe we should let those infected with malaria and Hep C donate too. WTF.

          • ahatfl

            Knowingly is a crime—-done deal

          • Rudy

            There is no excuse not to get tested of engaged in an unhealthy high risk lifestyle.

          • ssaaaaa

            and your fav pet is a gerbil I assume

          • Watson

            I am actually a woman and my favorite pet is presumptuous men with Napoleon syndrome

          • Trixieroselee

            Pity your proclivities are so debased. MI bet most of the men you meet are flawed, right?

          • Watson

            They now test all donations. What about that are you not getting? It is cheaper and faster now. The law is moot. This is just another article designed to stir hate. WAY too easy!

          • Trixieroselee

            And, you are so positive those Labs never make mistakes? That tribe you belong to, will luckily be extinct! “Life is hard, it’s even harder if you’re stupid…..”

          • Watson

            OMG……….No shit,man. No shit. Forehead smack.

          • Rudy

            Cheaper for WHO ? Also, any acknowledgement of certain protected classes of peoples irresponsibility is hate.

          • jamakl

            But if the person KNOWS that he is HIV POSITIVE, and gives blood,YES IT SHOULD BE A FELONY.

          • Trixieroselee

            And the penalty, no public assistance for meds, or any treatment. A bullet might be the best, and cheapest solution!

          • ChiefThundermoon

            YEA right,tell that to Kate!

          • Trixieroselee

            I meant any HIV positive scumbag who would give blood knowing they would be sentencing other people to this death sentence, should just be dispatched quickly! And if not, don’t give them a dime for drugs or medical care! Let them die in agony.

          • Roman238

            Spoken like a true ‘Muikkkan.

          • David Rodden

            Hell it’s not…

          • Trixieroselee

            Ask any woman over the age of 40 if they ever received a false positive PAP test. Or, had to be retested due to a lab screw-up.

            Addicts/promiscuous/gays who engage in risky behavior also lie about it. That means you must suspend total logic in order to have full confidence that all Labs will always screen out tainted blood?

            If you do, then you are living in a world that only exists in your head. Some call that mental illness.

          • Zeno Haw

            Maybe you good thoroughly explain the last part of your paragraph about justice. Knowingly donating HIV/AIDS blood should still be a felony. Should be biological warfare, knowingly means intent.

          • Rudy

            It is absolutely justice. Your lot jumped the shark long ago…

    • TJWo8

      I absolutely agree with you

    • jamakl

      I agree, yes they are insane. I live in Ca. Looking to sell and get the hell out of there, let the sickos have it!

      • ChiefThundermoon

        They won’t make me run!! Fight them till the last bean on my plate!

      • EttaMae Williams Svider

        I was born and raised in Los Angeles Co., left in 1999 & never looked back. I would NEVER move back there if I was offered a million dollars. Good luck in selling your house.

    • VeggyZ

      Maybe we could give them what they want so badly and purge them from the United States, since so many of them hate it here anyway. I would feel bad for the people stuck living there who are actually patriots, but I’d name Cali as the most rotten place in the country, aside from DC of course…

      • Roman238

        Purges are what dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and Melosevic did…now my fellow Americans are advocating the same thing. Sad.

    • Roman238

      There goes that word “purge” again. The last ones to conduct purges in recent memory…Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Melosevic, and now…T-Rump. That’s the real madness!

      • Rudy

        Who is Trump purging ? You’re propaganized mind is sick and sad.

  • Oya Shango

    This bill sanctions mass spread of infectious diseases. Betcha big pharma is celebrating and might even be a major contributor to Brown’s campaigns.

    • Nurse Chelsea

      He’s still got at $20million war chest and he can’t even run for governor again. At age 79 I don’t think he will be running for anything again.

      • dodgergirl88

        He’s run for everything else. This POS has never had a private sector job. Governor, Mayor of Oakland, AG, Governor. Thankfully, his age may come into play. God Help Us.

        • Trixieroselee

          All the better to troll those jolly and gay streets of San Francisco!

        • Trixieroselee

          Which is another good reason to NEVER visit SF. If you must, NEVER eat in a restaurant!

  • stevor

    as a show of faith, moonbeam, you be the first one to get an HIV positive blood transfusion. Even better, all dumbocraps who are for this ought to line up to get their blood tranfusions, too!

  • Steven Lewis

    Go figure Wiener is openly gay.[63][64] He is Jewish. [65]

    • dodgergirl88

      He is? Gee what a surprise. What a Scumbag.

  • James George

    America has gone full retard this is true.

    • Debra remmers

      My dad was born in Calif. And lived his whole life there..All my relatives lived in Calif..but not anymore..Its real sad!

      • dodgergirl88

        We’re all natives. If my mom and dad were still alive, they would be appalled. They loved California, but they would absolutely hate the politics now. They were very conservative.

        • nochickenlady

          Native Californians like myself really hate how the state has gone. We really used to be the “golden state” not so much anymore.

  • jcmarlton

    What a absolute disgrace that anyone in their right mind would allow this. Are they trying to infect everyone with HIV……………this cannot happen and someone needs to remove this pos jerry brown from office he is insane.

    • shirley doughty

      just another way to depopulate this country

      • Rudy


  • Debra remmers

    See why I moved out of Calif..crazy crap like this..He Jas completely ruined Calif.!

    • Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls

      Me too. Fourth gen here. Gonna get my mom outta there in a few months time as well!

      • Deborah Anne Barnes

        Sixth generation here! This is beyond many horrible things done recently! If it was not moonbeam I’d say this is fake news!

        • Trixieroselee

          Our Grandsons are the 6th generation of California born, all lived here our entire lives. We are seriously looking for a better place. Texas/Arkansas very appealing. We live in a beautiful rural part of Cali, which has been flooded with spoilers! We know how these other places worry about an invasion of Californians will change them….and not for the better!

        • Rudy

          Why fake news ? Are you so propagandized that you can’t believe how crazy liberalism/progressivism (whatever it need to be called to avoid any accountability) is or what a nightmare it is when unleashed on a population ?

          • Deborah Anne Barnes

            Rudy Buddy… do you not understand English. Did you actually read my comment. ”If it was not moonbeam…”
            I did NOT say this is fake news. It was indeed the atrocity of Gov. Moonbeam. I do, as a matter of FACT believe how insane liberalism/progressivism is, and what a nightmare it is now unleashed in our world. I am a red blooded conservative and a medical professional. Before you insult someone next time, read and comprehend what you are commenting on, or lose your credibility. Bless your heart.

    • Brett Jerome

      This is what liberalism does, it infects cities and states and spreads like cancer.
      It shoud be treated like cancer.

  • Gary Seymour

    Shouldn’t law makers lead by example? So let them be the first to let the HIV positive blood be used for themselves, their children and grandchildren first with a 1 year waiting period after receiving the HIV positive blood, then vote on whether or not you want to make that bill to become a law. That sounds reasonable to me and this can start with the author of the bill State Sen. Scott Wiener who should be the first to try it out on his own family.

  • Joe

    The politicians in sacramental who approve this bill should be impeached for stupidity far beyond the minds of normal men. Let’s just feed a fire with more gas. Flaming assholes up there. Discrimination WTF you have the right to infect hundreds or thousands of people because you feel your right to donate had been violated? Brown needs to be removed from office period immediately as I question his sanity

    • Debra remmers

      Sure give everyone a horrific sickness to protect your rights..what about the rights of the people that will be infected? Calif is never on the side of the average person now..who cares if their feelings are hurt if they can’t donate..I wouldn’t expect to be a donor if I had it!

  • Cali Cathy


  • BobCat

    Governor Brown is purposely trying to kill off the population which is part of the NWO agenda. Just like the flu vaccine that has bioterrorism agenda for 2016-2017 flu season.

    • dodgergirl88

      I bet he’ll make an exception for illegal Mexican aliens if they could ever figure out who get what.

  • Evelyn Matzke

    I call that Attempted Murder. If the recipient dies, it’s then Murder 1. And it’s ALL on the idiot insane Governor Jerry Brown.

  • Erniel G. Pamintuan

    California is out of their mind!

  • dodgergirl88

    This is insanity!!! What is wrong with this man and all the idiot Dims? Moonbeam should be impeached for this, the state senator and anyone else who votes for this should be impeached or voted out of office in a landslide. People will die because of this. My state has gone crazy. I have a love-hate relationship with California. The Dims control everything, there is nothing left for us conservatives in this once lovely state.

    Make California RED AGAIN!

  • hmbval

    As soon as Moonbeam signs the bill, he and all the idiots who voted for the law should be arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.

  • James Graham

    Pump Jerry up with hiv tainted blood. Him first.

  • surfchick51

    I vote that Jerry Brown get the first transfusion of HIV infected blood.

  • Brett Jerome

    Enough of this insane socialist crap, this once great and productive conservative state has been infected with liberal ass clowns, who does this crap, also, who lets 67% of the state prison system out onto the streets? Theses assholes days are numbered!

  • Hector Gamez

    Build a fence around California so that they don’t infect the rest of the country.

  • Vicki Campbell

    Donating blood with HIV or infecting others knowingly should be treated as attempted murder.

  • NotEinstein

    Hahahahahaha! Oh, California, just when I thought you could not get any more fucked up!
    But hey, let’s not allow unvaccinated children to attend school. Lolololol!

  • Kevin Wirth

    “These laws do not prevent HIV infections. All they do is stigmatize people living with HIV and reduce access to testing and care.”

    – State Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat

    Wrong Scott, that’s not all they do! The existing law protects other people from becoming infected with HIV, a known and deadly disease. Protecting the public is part of your job description ding dong. Get a clue!

  • Bois123

    Yay! This should mean HIV-positive people can spit into people’s faces again and not get into trouble anymore!

  • JabbaTheCatt

    If there’s a disparity between knowingly exposing innocents to one killer disease versus another, then I’d prefer making them all uniformly felonious, rather than making them all uniformly okay.

  • Ern49er

    This whole State is going to hell in a hand basket. Because of “Political Correctness” this state has lost it’s mind. Who in there right mind is going to donate HIV Positive Blood to anyone??? What has happened to Common Sense?

    Things are going to have to change, sooner rather then later.

  • Roxanna

    What’s the problem. Just go on a drug regimen to keep AIDS at bay. What’s that you say? You can’t afford the drug regimen. Now, gee, that could be a problem. Look for Big Pharma to now raise the price of the drugs.

  • Jim

    Is Jerry Brown willing to take a pint of HIV blood? If not, why put everyone else at risk?

  • AmazedHuman

    Then I would suggest lawyers line up to prosecute him for attempted murder as he will be putting people in harm’s way on purpose.

  • Ellyn George

    I sincerely hope that if a blood bank outside of CA runs low on blood (disaster for example) they will not accept any from CA.

  • Kim Bruce

    The patients are running the asylum.

  • Loner47

    I’ve watched clown brown wreck California since his days as a fake ‘activist’. How this crook is not in prison is a testimony to the vast corruption in my doomed state.

  • Watson

    Wrong. I suggest y’all read the damn Bill and not rely on these hacks.

  • Joan Farrell

    Blood that people donate gets tested for HIV and other diseases. Many people could donate blood and not even know they have it. That is why all the blood is tested. People got HIV from blood transfusions, before they started testing the blood. This story does not ring true on many points.

  • Michael Mager

    This article is dead wrong and misleading….. which means it is…PROPAGANDA!!! Don’t drink the kool ade y’all…..

  • Rodney McKay

    Not suprised at this. Democrats do everything that’s opposite. Pay mudererers millions if they promise not to murder people. But give nothing to law abiding citizens. Give priority education and medical care to illegals. But not veterans. Provide safe zones for criminals. And now, let people infect others with a fatal disease without any consequences.

    You even have democrats saying they would rather have Kim Jong as their leader than Donald Trump. That shows right there they want to rule and be ruled than actually have real freedom. That’s why you can’t have a gun because people like Madonna make speeches about how dangerous they are. Meanwhile her armed guards shoot and seriously injured a person who climbed over her wall to her mansion. Oh but i thought people like her don’t believe in walls? That’s the thing. Democrats believe in all the things conservatives believe in. The only difference is liberals want those things for themselves only. But not you. And their followers lap up their hypocrisy like lost sheep.

  • Lori

    And what are we suppose to do with this blood?

  • prtyfdup
    • prtyfdup

      He is “decriminalizing” those who give blood that is tainted even if they know it. A lot of drug addicts do it for the money. Jerry Brown is a very mentally ill liberal and a criminal. He is continually doing things against us rather than for us. He is a fool and whoever voted for him is just as sick as he is.

  • Ken Boyd

    Does Senator Scott Wiener have hiv or is it in his family? If it is signed by Brown both Brown as well as Weiner should be held accountable as well as the State of Ca. I think they bith should be forced to under go a mental exam in my opinion.

  • VeggyZ

    It’s “discriminatory” for a REASON you degenerate idiots – it’s “discriminatory” because it is a death sentence. Even HIV positive people who are DECENT HUMAN BEINGS should understand the reasoning – this is absurd.

  • James Spruyt

    Liberal nut job. Let’s give innocent people HIV that will cost $1,000,000 per person to treat because gay perverts feel bad.

    Liberal nut job #2. Why don’t we have affordable health care???? It’s Trump’s fault!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    Who voted for this idiot to be the governor. He should be removed from office immediately. He is too old to think straight. This is too mess up for Californian people.

  • Joe

    It’s crazy to you legislator because it is crazy. The Left continues to astound with their sheer lunacy. The Democrats are truly nuts and people are leaving it in droves. As bad as the GOP is the Dems are exponentially worse

  • Kevin Kerwin

    And some people think liberals are not insane. America has had it with these moron. Brown is totally mental.

  • Kevin Kerwin

    No blood should be donated in California We can’t trust liberals to get it right. They just keep getting it wrong with Morons like Moonbean Brown.. Come Mother Nature we need a huge earthquake on the left coast…

  • IGnatius T Foobar ✔ᴀᴅᴍɪɴ

    Holy crap. KKKalifornia demoKKKrats are literally a sworn enemy of the United States of America. They need to be fully purged and replaced with Americans

  • Trthseeker

    I want him to be the first recipient of tainted blood so he can prove that the virus is not transferable.

  • jp


  • Trthseeker

    This is not fake news, I have read this before in another news article

  • Lucia826

    This is why good citizens are leaving the state and the riffraff enter. This plus the Idiot decision in the Steinle murder case are a great argument to leave. (Plus overwhelming taxes and fee—the gas tax is a killer)

  • kornholio kollections

    Jews oyi vey

  • TraderJo

    Attention Blood Banks! Preserve all HIV donated blood only for use on Taxifornia Governor and Legtislators!

  • BarrysConspiracyWorld

    The HIV test is a total fraud, at least according to the makers of the test.
    HIV does not cause AIDS.
    HIV or AIDS has been proven to be noncommuncable. (Transmission rates zero, long term study of 175 couples with one HIV+ partner, NOT one transfered virus).
    Numerous have died of AIDS while being HIV negative.
    The test gives false positives for over 2 dozen diseases. They have to dilute the blood 400 times so that everyone does not test positive.
    HIV never isolated.
    99% of AIDS patients in Botswana were cured by taking selenium. “Full blown” AIDS easily treated as long as you stay away from big pharma.

    HIV/AIDS is one of the most despicable, murderous scams ever.

    Read my blog post “The Fraudulent Science of HIV”

  • Sanctity

    I have cancelled my move to America for work. As a Paramedic, to allow such a disease to be so “openly” transferred by an official is sickening. Do you have ANY idea the consequences to patients this will cause? Let alone other medical staff?

    You are intentionally allowing spreading HIV because you are “worried” feelings will be hurt, when the spread of the disease through transfusion means it will infect kids, family members?


    You are openly allowing a pandemic scale of HIV throughout America.

    God help you all.

  • Abu Nudnik

    ALL laws are discriminatory by DESIGN, by INTENTION, and by NATURE. The crime against murder discriminates against murderers in favor of would-be murder victims.

  • Craig King

    For as long as HIV is treated as a political issue rather than a public health issue it will be impossible to manage and eradicate.

    When AIDS was identified as a predominantly gay disease it became political. Even after it was seen as a heterosexual issue as well the homosexual lobby was active and very powerful.

    AIDS is a public health issue that is not treated as such. It never will be. Poor show.

  • Maria gianna

    All the little children fighting cancer think this is awesome….not.

  • JohnnyFreakinSunshine

    Couldn’t the FDA get involved here, especially if any of this blood is shipped to other states?

  • Kent Brady

    The government knowingly allowing people to be infected with a potentially deadly disease is highly irresponsible. Will those lawmakers take a blood transfusion from a known HIV infected donor? To allow such irresponsibility is a death sentence for some.

  • Davd Williams

    Maybe they Mayor and governor should help calm us be accepting transfusions themselves a few times first.

    Just saying put your live on the line. Then we might believe you.

  • jewels

    Hey Jerry Brown, do you have any children or grandchildren? Boy I hope none of them come down with a debilitating disease, because of allowing someone with a debilitating disease working in a fast food chain that your children or grandchildren, like to go to, Maybe your favorite DQ, or hamburger stand, maybe you don’t eat out much, so think about the butcher who cuts your meat, with a very sharp knife. You really should think things out before you open your ignorant mouth.

  • David White

    WE the people need to do something about California and the federal government needs to step in. this place is a shit hole and every one in it is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ern49er

      Dear David, we are NOT ALL IDIOTS!!! I must admit that a great percentage of them are. But your net is being cast to far…

    • Ern49er

      Dear David, we are NOT ALL IDIOTS you cast a wide net and you don’t need to include ALL !

  • James Johnson

    The Golden State is now a Dead Zone.

  • 99airforce

    i cant donate blood because i was stationed in europe, but these indualivils are donate thats insane

  • Andy Johnson

    Is Gov. Brown really this dumb???? Does he really hate his people of Calf. this much…./????? I for one hold him responsible for this young ladies life being taken by a person he protected in his state… Out of all the crimes Dem’s and Rep. have done .. Gov. Brown has done the biggest crime to his people and the people of America… He should be in a court right now and put in jail for life… Can you imagine if this was your daughter killed in front of you by a Gov. that let him on the streets 4 to 5 times… You watched your daughter die in you arms as she said help me dad… Then to find out it turned out like this.. I am a father of a daughter, if this was my little girl and I have one the same age….. …… Lucky you, it was not, still pisses me off… Semper fi Andy

  • Timothy Francis

    Sacramento and San Francisco leaders are insane. I honestly thought this was a joke, maybe like the Onion or something, but this is a real bill. How crazy can people be?

  • Lorrie McCarty

    WTG is up with California, first an illegal gets away with murder and now the douchbag governor is going to kill you all.

  • dorothy ashlock

    California Governor Jerry Brown, you are one crazy man,

  • Wesmo

    This is horrid. Why would a governor be involved in reducing penalties for a crime that would ruin the lives of others? He looks and acts like someone being black mailed. He is ruining California, and helping to destroy the U.S. I agree with Deadmanwalking.

  • kat747

    To the People of California – Refuse all blood transfusions and blood product transfusions. End of problem. Any hospital that accepts untested blood or blood products should notify your malpractice insurance carrier immediately because the lawsuits will be UNBELIEVABLE.

  • George W. George

    This lunatic has completely lost his mind he is committing murder legally this has to stop now

  • cslagenhop

    Please people of the USA, allow California to go. You will be saving our country. Cut them off.

  • Me

    Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!! If I get HIV from blood I receive during some surgery I would be sueing anyone and everyone! What is wrong with California? Have they all lost their minds?

  • zvkk2p

    Nope. #FakeNews

  • Nancy Silverman

    It seems that Gov. Jerry Brown has lost his mind. That the people of California would allow such a thing to happen is incomprehensible. He should be removed from office NOW ~ he has crossed-over into the Very Dangerous Person Category. This is so outrageous that it is difficult to believe. Please let us know that we are being punked?

  • AmandaTrebiano

    These people in California are just simply BAT$HlT crazy. Of course, when they all get AIDS we will be rid of them, so there is a silver lining here. I’ll continue my life plan of NEVER setting foot in California or spending any money to benefit these guanoLOCO morons who elect people that think it’s a GOOD IDEA to contaminate the blood supply with a deadly disease. Where does this blood go? All over the USA? Or does it stay in California? One thing is for sure–if I need elective surgery, I’ll be using autologous blood donations and then family and friends if more is needed–who KNOWS what could be in it with this insanity.

  • Brenda Oakley Lumpp

    Donating without disclosing is just a waste because all specimens/blood is tested and will be thrown away thus wasting millions of dollars.

  • Anthony Mxyzptlk

    I wonder what the federal Food & Drug Administration would think of this. I’m not sure whether selling tainted blood comes within their jurisdiction or not, but they probably have an opinion about it.
    After all, some of the HIV sufferers are likely to be selling rather than donating. They might have escaped San Quentin only to wind up in Leavenworth!

  • Jim Wallace

    Is there one sane person left in Californica ? Keep your politics, keep your hollyweeders, keep your state, keep your thoughts, keep your screwballs and keep your blood. May none of these ever leave your contagious State, EVER!

    • Lin

      Our blood system is NATIONAL. If there is a tragedy, such as an earthquake, where many will need blood, it comes from the National supply.
      If there is another 9/11 – that supply is stretched already. No, the onus will be on us, as a legal release. This cannot be permitted for anything but someone already dying of aides or last-stage disease. It must be handled and kept separate if so. Do I trust this will happen without a hitch. Nope, I wouldn’t bet a nickel on that – let alone my life or the life of loved ones or innocents.

  • Lin

    Blood has to be tested, and unless it’s by direct transfusion, it does not go untouched from one body to another, Law or not, the healthcare industry cannot be the middleman in transferring blood that is unsafe to someone else. THIS is a death sentence. SO they will make you sign all manner of legal releases to even get blood products. This law needs to be struck down regardless of the OPINION of people in power. If one has aids, and their loved one who needs the transfusion has aids, then perhaps that should be something legally permitted. They would need, as most need now, a medical waiver similar to a DNR. That’s all the law should allow for instead of putting this virus into the national system of blood supply. We should not put this blood into someone who is not already infected. A child in a car accident should not have THEIR choice taken away because someone too liberal and hung-up on dictatorial decisions cannot see into the many bad aspects of this. Law needs to go before supreme court – as it is harmful to others.

  • Monika Lynch

    is stupidity counted as a disease ?????? does it pay more ??????? sure looks like it.

  • JET_CA

    So make it a felony for the other diseases that are only a misdemeanor now. I wouldn’t want any of that other crap either. Raise the bar not lower it.

  • Timmy Miller

    Are you fking kidding me?? Can you say ridiculously stupid? I don’t see a HIV positive person donating unless they want to seek revenge!

  • ThunderDan

    Liberal logic: Donating blood from a confirmed HIV positive person is now OK, but exercising an informed consent right to opt out from receiving vaccinations puts the community at risk? OK, got it.

  • Trixieroselee

    It has always been the not so secret around Sacramento that Jerry Brown is a flaming fairy-fag! First his Dad’s mafia protected him when he was caught doing the nasty with the poor boys in the Capitol rest rooms. Now,he has that hag who was supposed to fool all of the saps in the mid-west into believing that he was just a regular guy.
    This, folks, is exactly what these “progressives” think is good public policy. Let HIV infected blood into the National blood supply.
    Nevermind that it could be a death sentence for anyone with allergies, or any other auto-immune disease.


  • Jacob Bagnell

    Brown is a fu__ing insane!!!

  • rubiws

    My God is there no end to Sacramento’s lunacy? Every single one of them should be injected with HIV, then debate bill.
    As a person needing transfusions, I don’t like these insane a********* playing with my life! ENOUGH WITH YOUR WORSHIP OF SPECIAL INTERESTS! Time to take care of the rest of citizens and Americans who can get HIV from potential ones that get HIV from infected blood. Destruction of America..liberal agenda!

  • anotherworriedmom

    Wow. Avoid California at all costs. If you have an emergency requiring blood and go to the hospital you may come away HIV positive. It’s not worth the risk.

  • CaMaven

    Would Obamacare cover the involuntary AIDS infection treatment and compensatory damages? Who pays for that?

  • Sandy Nida

    I don’t understand how they can get away with these insane bills…they must spend every day sitting back and discussing just how they can not only upset a person, but make a person want to blow their brains out….or even better, theirs….how much longer before we can TRY to vote those idiots out of office? Not soon enough…as they are bound and determined to not only break our State financially, but in every other way possible before they leave office….if that is possible at all….Seems like all the sane people are leaving the State….

  • soljerblue

    It’s clear the inmates in CA are now running the asylum. Hey, Moonbeam — you gonna get a transfusion with that infected juice? Moron!

  • Terrence tran

    Californian people should run away as far as possible. Texas is one of the best place to raise a family.

  • jewels

    May every one of these bastards who ok’d this bill, have children or grandchildren who needs to get a blood transfusion, make sure they have to take blood off the shelf just like others do. We have elected officials who are waging war against the working American, citizens because they favor cheap labor for their business. May the scum, rot in hell. Smart people better vote these anti American POS out of office.

  • BDC

    I hope this is satire, but if it is not, Jerry Brown can have all the HIV-tainted blood he wants. In fact, give him the first several transfusions. Just keep the tainted blood away from the general population. Jerry Brown must be aiming for the world idiot award.

  • Michael Murphy

    They prove it more every day, “You can’t fix stupid”. The disturbing part ? They choose to be that way. The derogatory nickname , libtard, seems to be a goal to live up to for them.

  • sheltomlee

    This is fake news.

    Is California Governor Jerry Brown Allowing HIV-Positive People
    Claim: California’s governor is allowing people who are HIV-positive donate blood
    Claimed by: YourNewsWire
    Fact check by FALSE

  • sheltomlee

    This is FALSE. Debunked by every fact-checking website there is.

  • ChiefThundermoon

    Aperently he’s gonna need it..His life ain’t worth spit and he knows it!

  • ChiefThundermoon

    Sancturary state,in the case of Kate Stienly isn’t that obstruction of justice?????

  • ChiefThundermoon


  • Jean

    These people are out of their minds. When are we going to put these genie ba k in the bottle?

  • Joshua Jaiyesimi

    Republicans have to take over California politics now! Introduce candidates, fight to take this state from the evil and from the deceived, now!

  • marshwill

    More insanity from the land of the fruits and nuts!! He should be imprisoned on a wrongful death charge for every person who dies after contracting HIV if that law goes into effect and the “legislator” introducing the bill should be his cellmate!!

  • chevyll

    Maybe moonbeam will take the first dose. One can only hope

  • Kc Smith


  • Iceman1956

    I served in the military in the early 80s and I was stationed in Turkey. During that time, something called ‘Mad Cow Disease’ surfaced. Since my return to the States, I have not been allowed to donate my blood for fear of ‘Mad Cow Disease’. Now, I don’t know what MCD is exactly, but I do know what HIV is. Anybody who knows he or she has HIV should never be allowed to donate their blood. It is, and always will be, a part of them. To knowingly give contaminated (and deadly) blood to others should always be a felony. Only in highly radicalized Liberal California could this bill possibly pass.

  • Sam Lane

    This fool and his minions are the scourge of the earth. Does this alone not tell you what kind of special idiot he is?

  • sunshinegirl

    Jerry Brown is a royal Jackass. He should be arrested and put in jail. The donation centers should NOT be allowed to take their blood and subject innocent people. I would be very angry if this happened to me and I would sue the Blood Donation Center as well as Jerry Brown. What a jerk.

  • TheWild Webster

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

  • Roman238

    The rabid stupidity of the right wing is on full display here…

  • TheTruth

    this is all just fake news. don’t believe it. if you want real health news, visit the World Health Organization, at, stop lying to people “your news wire”.

  • Rudy

    By all means, enjoy your liberalism and the destruction of quality of life.