California Student To Perform DIY ‘Sex Change’ If Trump Builds Wall

California student threatens 'DIY sex change' if Trump builds his wall

A University of California student has vowed to publicly remove his sexual organ in a bizarre DIY ‘sex change’ if Donald Trump begins work on building a US-Mexican border wall. 

In an extreme form of protest, freshman Seth Greenberg promised to cut off his penis the minute Trump begins work on the wall.

I’m so confident that Trump is full of sh*t, that I will cut my d*ck off, publicly if he adds even a mile of new wall” Greenberg said in an interview. reports:

“I will really do this,” Greenberg reaffirmed.

“I feel that if he does actually build any of the wall, me removing my penis publicly will bring worldwide attention to the injustice being inflicted against the Mexican people.”

Greenberg did not specify how a wall being erected (pun intended) to reinforce the border that the United States and Mexico have agreed upon for over a century is such a grievous attack on the people of Mexico, especially when illegal immigration has caused plenty of problems stateside.

Recently, Trump was attacked by critics for indicating that he would use taxpayer funds to build the wall, but the president-elect later clarified that the Mexican government would reimburse wall-related expenditures under his vision.

  • mike

    there goes the self pride – another stupid “student” – what kind of idiots live in the west coast ?

  • ricck lineheart

    hahaaaa…hahahaaaa..Please go ahead !….hahaaaa..

  • Jimmy

    Enjoy being a kid.Who really gives a Sh–.

  • Jimmy

    Do not think that your actions or opinion mean squat.
    Do not take yourself so seriously.
    You do not have a clue about whats going on and nether does anyone else.Go have a beer.
    Your part in this world is microscopic,turn inward be happy and enjoy yourself,”were all just dust in the wind”
    Get it;Go have a drink.

  • Dave

    Moron that might be in charge of something important one day, let hope NOT. It’s these millennial retards that have me scared that world only gonna get worse before it get better. God help us all!

  • alwaysright21

    That faggot chewed off its Willie
    years ago, what a queerbait.


    dont wait for the wall do it NOW!
    Dweeps and leftist snow flakes like the ilk of your kind need NOT procreate more of the same anyway!
    TRUMP & PENCE, now that is CHANGE I can believe in!

  • Siovhan
  • Al Hanson

    please do dipshit. then you can be a poster child for playing stupid games.

  • jerry bouchet

    He has balls – for right now lol

  • Jim

    He better start doing it now then because the wall has already been started.

  • Lois Cox Kratzner

    You go for it, pimple face. Who really cares?

  • Wayne

    Obviously he hasn’t learned that he would have to live with that decision even when trump is gone,People were born ignorant ,U have to work hard to be that stupid,everyone has to learn one way or another

  • robert

    prove it that you will,could we watch,we won,t get in the way and then we could see for ourselfs that your a man ophs a women ophs.i,m not sure what your going to be,but we want to make sure you keep your word.then we can call you of california must have really changed there curriculum to cock-rriculum. go trump

  • Glitz_Glass

    What about the injustice to the AMERICAN PEOPLE? You live in America right?