Calls For Urgent Investigation Into Death Of Antonin Scalia

Calls For Urgent Investigation Into Death Of Antonin Scalia

The news which drew seemingly quick conclusions that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had died of “natural causes” this weekend, has prompted calls for an autopsy and toxicological reports.

The president of the Americans for Legal Immigration political action committee William Gheen, noted the media’s “rush” to proclaim Scalia’s death in a rented room in a resort in Texas as either “natural causes” or heart attack just hours after the discovery of his body.

Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara, who pronounced Scalia dead, said no autopsy was necessary.

It has also been reported that President Barack Obama was informed about Scalia’s death hours before it was announced publicly.


Inforwars reports:

The website DC Whispers, which routinely publishes controversial reports based on inside sources, asserts that Obama knew about Scalia’s death well before it became public knowledge.

“Word reached the White House hours before formal media announcements were made regarding longtime Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia having been found dead while vacationing at a Texas resort. First the speechwriters were summoned to provide the appropriate tone for Barack Obama’s remarks,” states the report.

“During that same time, Obama and Valerie Jarrett were already initiating a long-standing plan for what they viewed as a prime opportunity to make Mr. Obama relevant once again and an opportunity that the President was said to be thrilled to have before him.”

If accurate, the report will feed suspicions that foul play may have been involved in Scalia’s death.

Scalia died while staying at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a 30,000 acre luxury resort owned by Texas businessman and Democratic Party donor John Poindexter.

Confusion and contradiction surrounds the circumstances behind Scalia’s death, with Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara pronouncing the Supreme Court Justice dead of natural causes having not seen the body.

When Guevara talked to law enforcement officers on the scene, she was told “there were no signs of foul play,” but it subsequently emerged that Scalia was found with a pillow over his head.

Other officials questioned why there were no plans for an autopsy to be performed and why Scalia’s body had been quickly embalmed, a process that would destroy toxicology evidence, after being escorted to Sunset Funeral Home in El Paso by a procession of 20 police officers.

“If it had been me, I would want to know,” Juanita Bishop, a justice of the peace in Presidio, Tex., told the Washington Post.

Guevara also reversed a statement she initially made to the media claiming that Scalia had died of a heart attack, insisting that he had in fact died of “natural causes”.

In a related development, William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration political action committee, is calling for an immediate and comprehensive investigation into Scalia’s death to determine if foul play was involved.

“Anytime a head of state, member of Congress, or the most conservative member of the U.S. Supreme Court is found dead, an extensive autopsy and toxicology examination should be both immediate and mandatory,” said Gheen. “The horrid reaction and comments about his death expressed by many liberals online illustrate that Scalia was hated by many people. His death hands the power of the Supreme Court to the modern left for the first time in American history.”

“The court can now vote, even without a replacement of Scalia, to radically change the United States of America. Scalia’s death means the Supreme Court is now very likely to rubber stamp Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty orders, tear down Republican drawn districts in many states including North Carolina, and take deep left turns on abortion, gun rights, or anything the liberals have ever dreamed of. Scalia was a solid vote against Obama’s immigration orders to be decided by April of this year. We do not contend there is a conspiracy, we contend that there should be no doubts, and the way authorities and the media are rushing conclusions will leave major doubts and legitimate concerns about a death that could lead to a radical political transformation of America to the left.”

  • twinkiedooter

    Maybe this is what BHO means when he says he wants to leave a memorable legacy. He wants to take our guns away and trash this country with more and more illegals. He had this planned for months and months. Apparently talking to bill and hillbilly about Arkancide and how to do it and get away with it. Well, he got away with it… far……

    • SNCC

      Any active official that is this high ranking and dies a sudden death- Arafat, JFK, Scalia, McFadden etc MUST be autopsied or face legit concerns they were assassinated. Family can not rule it out, because this entity is now public property in a sense and that decision
      cant be made subjectively.

      • twinkiedooter

        Yes, but tell that to the State of Crookedness a/k/a Texas. Everyone involved will happily take their satchel of money and run…….. I hope this comes to the light of day as this is a REAL COVERUP at the highest level starting with the head asshole himself……

    • Leon Wolfeson

      Your personalities guns? Well, hm, there is concern about mentally ill people and guns.
      Tell me, what do you consider illegal? Not being a Republican?

  • h5mind

    I fail to understand how a local judge would be even remotely qualified to declare Scalia’s cause of death. Did they run out of coroners, doctors and EMT’s in Arkansas? Are they truly that dimwitted, or do they hope we are?

  • Tom

    The judge did not make the “no autopsy” determination on her own — she talked to the US Marshals who had already seen the extraordinarily suspicious death scene, and they made the call. THAT MEANS THE US MARSHALS ARE ACCESSORIES AFTER THE FACT. This smacks of the famous footage of the Secret Service agents who were supposed to ride the bumper of the JFK limo on 11/22/63 being ordered to stand down by their supervisor, proving that the SS knew of the plot and facilitated its successful completion.

  • Ben Russell-Gough

    I always say that people that high up the food chain very rarely ‘just die’, especially when doing so is politically convenient.