‘Cannabis Forest’ Discovered Growing In South West London


Police were alerted when a member of the public discovered a forest of cannabis plants on an area of wasteland in Kingston, South West London

Officers found more than 150 plants, some over  5 feet tall,  growing near Lower Marsh Lane on disused land “the size of a football pitch”

Describing the scene, PC Sarah Henderson said

“The area these plants were growing on was the size of a football pitch, it looked like a small forest of Christmas trees and was complete with a gazebo.

There have been no arrests and enquires continue, to find those responsible for cultivating the plants

Officers said the “small forest” of cannabis plants covered an area the size of a football pitch and was complete with a gazebo

“Whoever set this up used a really remote spot; the only way to get there was a 20 minute walk through wasteland. But all their time, trouble and gardening skills will go unrewarded, as the whole lot will now be destroyed by police.” the police said

  • Deborah Cann

    Sure it will be destroyed. Lmao. Like anyone is going to throw away that amount of money. And I’ve already witnessed years ago what police do with pot or booze that they find and it does NOT get destroyed.