Castro Slams US & Israel For ‘Creating ISIS’, Compares NATO To Nazi SS


The former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has claimed that Israel and the United States are behind the creation of the ISIS

In an article written for official Cuban state media, Castro accuses Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, and US Senator John McCain of conspiring to create the Islamic state terrorist group.

RT reports: Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro compared NATO’s recent statements to that of Nazi SS and accused US and its allies of igniting conflicts abroad. Castro slammed John McCain for backing Israel and accused both of being involved in the creation of ISIS.

Apparently referring to the pressure the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been trying to exert on Moscow in connection with the Ukrainian crisis, which coincides with calls for theramping up of military budgets of NATO member countries, Cuba’s iconic leader accused Western politicians of hypocrisy and aggression.

“Many people are astonished when they hear the statements made by some European spokesmen for NATO when they speak with the style and face of the Nazi SS,” Castro wrote in a column published in Cuban state media.

“Adolf Hitler’s greed-based empire went down in history with no more glory than the encouragement provided to NATO’s aggressive and bourgeois governments, which makes them the laughing stock of Europe and the world.”

Castro, 88, also attacked US Senator John McCain over his policies in the Middle East, describing him as “Israel’s most unconditional ally.

He accused McCain of supporting Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency as well as participating “together with that service in the creation of the Islamic State, which today controls a considerable and vital portion of Iraq and reportedly one-third of Syria as well.”

Castro attacked the West for its “cynicism” and said that it became “a symbol of imperialist policy.”

“The world has seen no respite in recent years, particularly since the European Economic Community, under the strict and unconditional leadership of the United States, decided the time had come to settle scores with what was left of two great nations (Russia and China) that… had carried out the heroic deed of putting an end to the imperialist colonial order imposed on the world by Europe and the United States,” Castro said.

Instead of promoting conflicts, the governments should “introduce more food, build hospitals and schools for the billions of human beings who desperately need them,” the Cuban leader believes.

Castro stressed that Cuba will continue to resist the US, despite the costs to the Cuban economy due to the US embargo, saying that “there is no worse price than capitulating before an enemy who attacks you without any right to do so.”

“When the USSR disintegrated and disappeared from the socialist landscape, we continued resisting and together, the state and the revolutionary people, we’re continuing our independent march,” said Castro.

Castro praised the Soviet Union for “gathering its resources and sharing its technology with a large number of weak and less developed nations, the inevitable victims of colonial exploitation” at the time the union existed.



  • illib1

    This is what I think and believe! This doesn’t sound like a crazed dictator bent on starvation, and enslavment as I’ve been taught by my govt propaganda news source my whole life. I now know this is what the US does to every nation on earth at some time or other. ” Either comply or else ” is the choice they offer. Thank you for this article.

    • Jeff Putterman

      Well said, and correct. Once you learn you’ve been brainwashed, waves of anger and sadness sweep over you, but there is a big difference between our leaders — who kill for fun — and our people. Luckily Cubans understand that.

  • Milestogo

    Well said illib1. We were also led to believe in Australia that these communist countries and their leaders were evil. But I know now that many American politicians are psychopathic scumbags and not to be trusted. The names of Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney come to mind.

    • Jeff Putterman

      Start with Nixon, who ordered over 2 million killed in Indonesia.

  • kk singh

    Salute Castro! On this occasion, I take this opportunity to remember my favourite hero, revolutionary, Che!
    USA is the worst entity that ever existed in our world, it has left Nazis way behind! Fighting it and its puppet NATO head on is neither possible nor a good strategy! Working class must organise on Marxist Leninist ideology & wage a relentless war on imperialist capitalism. Not in bits & pieces but with a strength that is capable of winning and capable of sustaining the victory; in a country!
    If weak, must resist capitalism, propagate against “finance capital” and unite to attack the class enemy in due course! But the aim must be insight and intact, that is, capture the power, dispossess the bourgeois class, socialise all the means of production, end wage slavery, create socialist society!