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Is the Steven Sotloff Beheading Video Fake?

September 3, 2014 Niamh Harris 0

Given its similarity to the James Foley beheading video, which British experts concluded was likely “staged,” is the Steven Sotloff video also fake? Video by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars and Prison Planet.

Middle East

Oil and Erbil

August 23, 2014 Niamh Harris 0

‘To the defense of Erbil: this was the main cause that drew President Obama back to combat in Iraq last week, two and a half years after he fulfilled a campaign pledge and pulled the […]

Middle East

Kurdish oil tanker spotted off Israel

August 22, 2014 Niamh Harris 0

‘A tanker carrying crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan reappeared unladen on 19 August nearly 30 km from the coast of Israel, Reuters Live AIS ship tracking system showed. Al-Quds newspaper reported that this is the […]