Senior Catholic Priest Calls For ‘Complete Ban Of Christmas’

Senior Catholic official calls for complete ban of Christmas

A senior Catholic Priest has called for a complete and total ban on Christmas, claiming that the Holiday has become too commercialised. 

Fr. Desmond Desmond O’Donnell, a parish priest in Cleenish in Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, claims Christians have lost the true meaning of Christmas. reports: “We’ve lost Christmas, just like we lost Easter, and should abandon the word completely,” he sadly told the Belfast Telegraph.

“We need to let it go, it’s already been hijacked and we just need to recognise and accept that.”

He denied he was being a scrooge or a Christmas killjoy and added he wasn’t against atheists and agnostics celebrated the birth of Christ in their own way but he wanted a separate word with more religious connotations.

“I’m just trying to rescue the reality of Christmas for believers by giving up ‘Christmas’ and replacing it with another word.”

As an alternative he suggested the word ‘Christmas’ could be substituted for ‘Nativity’ and ‘Easter’ for ‘Resurrection’.

Such changes he concluded were necessary as Ireland was undergoing the rapid secularization that so many other countries in the western world had already experienced.

  • AshJonson

    The demons are screeching under the Holy water. The kabalists think that if they talk and mention things enough, it will start to become true.

  • monica

    Why ? Does he prefer to celebrate Ramadan ?
    Bunch of unholy idiot – defrock him

  • Itsmecm

    BAN??? That one word is disturbing. Would that mean as individuals if we continued to celebrate,we may be punished for doing it??

    • youareonthewaytohelldude

      you will be punished for celebrating Christmas….. it is the Birthday of Tamuz.. yes you will definitely be punished for it…… actually you will be going to hell for celebrating it.. cmon…you cant be that frikkin stupid surely.. do you always celebrate things you have no idea of?…. yep..i bet you surely do….

  • SkyELO MR Blue Sky

    this dude calling him self pope is one evil dude, evil infiltrated Vatican and churches, Joel Olesteen is just on of 1000s

    • Ron Wheeler

      You need to read the article again and stop calling a senior Catholic priest a pope.

  • Ron Wheeler

    I agree with the senior Catholic Priest, Christmas has been seriously hijacked by corporations, bank cards underwriters, with ads and the value of purchasing shows your love for someone. The more the dollar value the gift has, the more you love the person.

    Christmas is really a pagan holiday, Christ was not born in a manger nor even during winter. Many, so called Christians, are not practicing Christians. Practicing as being Christ like in their way of living. I know Muslims who do not believe in Christ nor celebrate Christmas, but however expect a gift, only after Christmas day or later. What about that? There are Jews who do not believe in Christ and celebrate Christmas in a big way.

  • Steve S

    They want to ban Christmas so catholic’s will have more money to donate to the pedophile church. Great job guys, heres a toast to you….Bottoms Up!

  • Gigi H.Y

    As an alternative he suggested the word ‘Christmas’ could be substituted for ‘Nativity’ and ‘Easter’ for ‘Resurrection’
    who is behind all this mess just would like to create Chaos

  • Rivkah Rubinstein

    Most people believe that Christianity tolerates a smattering of paganism in order to spice things up. In actuality, everything important to Christianity is pagan, now mistakenly viewed as secular. Christmas and Easter were merrily celebrated centuries before the Messianic age. Note that Christmas is a very important feature of the Harry Potter stories, whose witch-world the author, J.K. Rowlings, worked hard to make authentic. The word Easter itself is an ancient hussy goddess. Return unto pagans what belongs to pagans, unless that is what satisfies you…